Monday, 1 October 2012

Freshers #2

So last week was a killer.
It was Freshers week which meant only one thing...going out.
As part of the CU I had lots of things to organise during the week on top of living, which definitely became tough towards the end of the week!
I had to get up at 7am every morning as well as going out every night; so on average 3 hours sleep a night. Yeah, I don't know how I'm still alive.
We had my housemates 21st which meant absolute chaos. 6 of his friends came to stay in our house which meant a week long game of 'musical beds'. If you weren't quick enough in your bed, someone would beat you to it! Crazy.

So this is a week long OOTD post, I managed to miss out 3 days from either being a rush or a little too intoxicated (oops)

Dress: New Look childrens section

Dress: Topshop
Belt: Vintage

Dress: New Look Childrens

Belt: Primark

You can't see what I was
But its the only picture of my outfit!
Top: H&M
Shorts: Jeans I transformed
Belt: Primark
Shirt: Borrowed from Zara :)
The shorts Zara is wearing are mine too!

Freshers was manic, absolutely crazy.
Especially Friday night- we had a houseparty with UV paint. As you can imagine, our house is covered in patches of UV paint!
We all had "I <3...." on our faces. Mine said Dan if you can't tell haha ;)
It was a Paint VS Foam party, but thankfully I managed to avoid all that jazz and have a good night without looking like a multicoloured drowned rat afterwards (although my face paint did look a little crazy!)

I am definitely paying the price for such a crazy week though, I had the dreaded Freshers Flu :( 
I spent 9 hours in the same position on my bed yesterday watching TV being looked after very well being fed tea and chocolate! I have the best housemates!
Lecture's started today, and I felt like death warmed up sitting in the lecture theatre, no joke.

Here's to a more relaxing week ;)

Love, Elizabeth xx

PS: My camera wasn't focuing properly :( I'm trying to figure out waht's wrong to get better photos!

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