Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ice cream and frog legs.

How is it March and this warm? I know there's global warming and all that...but March, really? 
From the past 4 days out in the sunshine I've gained more tan lines that I think I did in most summer holidays in England. 
Alas, they're not the sexy bikini tan lines which guys fantasise about, they are the tan lines that girls know in reality.
They're the 'oops my bra strap wasn't quite under my top - now I have one more stupid stripe across my shoulder' and the 'my top wasn't quite straight round my I have a wiggly line'
Attractive right?

As I mentioned in my last post - I now have an iPhone! Yay! The state my blackberry was in doesn't bare thinking about, so I was overdue a new one. Now Cam (phone holder haha) has a nice new shiny toy for it :)
Has anyone got any suggestions for apps? The past few weeks at uni I've just stolen my friends iPhone and have constantly been playing 'Draw Something' on it, yes now I am officially an addict!
My drawing skills are shocking, and me drawing bagpipes? Well, let's just say he needed a bit of help with guessing that one.. haha.
I've joined instagram too! So if anyone else is on it, my name's : lizinadream :)

Today, I went to the park with some of my old sixth form friends, it was lovely. And I had my first ice cream of the summer! Bliss. It wasn't some fake ice cream either (you know the type...the fake type) it was a proper ice cream with proper flakes in it. Literally made my day.

Here's what I wore:

Change of location due to being at home! :)

Skirt: Primark - was only a £1 in the January Sales!
Top: More a dress tucked in... I bought it to be an angel for fancy dress when I was about 12, but it's faaaaar to seethrough to wear as a dress, if I wore it with leggings I'd look like a bat in a veil..well not really, just a very dark thing trying to hide the fact that it's black by very thin material..
That was a far to irrelevant ramble about the top/dress!

I braved my legs- I've no idea why, I just looked so pale next to everyone! Hopefully they picked up some colour too (and didn't go striped tanned) and people wont be blinded by my paleness!

A couple photos of the day :)
 This is Cat, she was my best friend in sixth form <3

I'm aware my leg looks like a frog, and I look like a weirdo. What's new?

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Sun sun sun :)

Unless you've been locked away or in a cave, I'm sure you've noticed the gorgeous summery weather outside. If not, look outside right this second and enjoy :)

Thats my garden, its rubbish quality aha. Has anyone else got foursquare? (this was my picture from my check wasn't a completely random comment aha)

Anyways, it's such beautiful weather, it's such a shame to waste it!
On Saturday we had the delights of a landscaper coming at 8:30am, to clear out our garden/soil/rubbish (with our help) for a shed. I'm not gonna lie, I know I've not been home since Christmas, but I didn't think we had so much stuff in our garden. The landscaper continued to dig a very large hole which he'll later fill up with concrete, whilst we went to and from the skip with the soil and all the other rubbish.
I must admit I was a little cheeky and decided I deserved to sleep as I travelled the day before so didn't actually emerge from my room till 10... 
I began to feel as if I was their waitress, apparently once I'd cleared what I was clearing, I was 'too little' to do what they were doing (tbf, I was - I just didn't want to be told it!) so I decided to go ahead and sieve all the soil.
I realise how odd that must sound, but my mum was really obsessed in getting a garden sieve last summer, and it is quite therapeutic.. just getting all the stone out of the ground. It's crazy.
I literally sat in my garden for hours sieving the soil and my reward? Getting a sun burnt right upper arm.. nothing else, but just that patch. Attractive.

Sunday? Literally, that's what it was. There was plenty of sun..but someone took the heat outta it!
It was freeeeeezing. 
On a brighter note, after church my parents took me and my brother to the harvester as a reunion meal :) It was so lovely, it's sort of a tradition to go to the harvester now whenever we're celebrating or something. And the connotations of it are fab cause of all the memories :)
My flatmates think its really weird how I can eat raw a lot. Obviously I don't just grab an onion and bite into it - that'd would be weird. But because the harvester has the salad bar with raw onion in it, and I only ever used to eat raw onion when I went to the harvester..I eat raw onion when I'm cooking/making salad (normal situations haha) to remind me of those times.
Anyone else have those things? Or am I truly a weirdo?

On Sunday afternoon I was really living up to stereotype - the males in my house were watching football, so I decided to bake haha. Go girl power! I bought my mum a recipe book holder for mothers day and I took my cupcake recipe book home so I decided to try them both out for the family to sample. I made marble cupcakes - they're yummy :)

Today the warm sun (whoever stole the heat bought it back!) was out and I went for a wander into town. Seriously, there is no primarks in Wales. I know right, shocking.
So I was let lose in Primark for the first time since Christmas, and it made me very sad that I couldn't afford anything.
For those that haven't chosen to go to university yet, I can tell you now.
Your choice is:
Either go to university, have the time of your life, meet the best people ever and end up (hopefully) getting a degree so then you can get a fulfilling job which you love. But have literally no money, and have to be depressed when you can't afford new shiny things.
Be able to go into Primark and buy things.
(Also have the time of your life doing the thing that you've chosen to do instead, and I'm sure the people there are gonna be awesome too! ...and have a good job!) 

Tough decision eh?

As it was sunny, I thought instead of turning the camera on me, I'd rather capture something with true beauty.

I also worked on my patchy sunburn, totally rocking the red patch look right now.

As I mentioned before, my brother's just come home from Cambodia - he spent 2 weeks there with a charity who build wells/houses/lay foundations in conjunction with churches out there to help people in need. On his travels he got to go on a bit of a touristy holiday too and went on a mini scuba diving holiday! So jealous! He bought me back this, a mobile phone holder! :)

She's called Cam (cause she's from Cambodia) and we're not entirely sure what animal she a turtle maybe?
On the subject of phones, I'm getting an iPhone tomorrow :)
My Blackberry is a mess, its rubbish. Half the buttons don't work, and the circuit is completely exposed on the top.
(the part about not getting shiny things isn't really true. Especially when you have very generous parents!) 
The delivery time is between 7:30am-5:30pm. That's right, I'm getting up at 7:30am for my iPhone, that's pure dedication. It better come tomorrow - or I shall be having words!

Anyways. This was long and rambly.
What have you lot been doing in the sunshine? Hope you're enjoying it :) xxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

Floating boys and tagging.

This is what I saw when I looked out my window yesterday. I thought they were floating..turned out they weren't haha.
Easy mistake right?

I watched them for half an hour (procrastination) they fell off a lot. It's quite funny really!

Anyway, I've been tagged by the beautiful Becca at backfortea. So instead of an embarrassing story (I can't have you thinking I'm a complete freak all the time haha!) I thought I'd do this :)
You have to answer the 11 questions that the previous blogger has written, and then tag 11 other bloggers to answer your own questions.
So here goes :)

What blog post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
Hmmmmm, oh I have two! I'm just gonna go ahead use my creative license to name them both ;)
First is The Palefaceandredlipstick date. I chose this one because, quite frankly, the date which it was written about was hilarious. There are no other words, it involved hideous coats, rectal thermometers and endless amounts of tea. If you ever want something to cheer you up- read it.
Second is Holding Memories Tight. because it was about one of the greatest experiences of my life, and being able to write about it and my experiences as well as look through all the photos was so lovely. It reminded me of all the smiles and laughs. I talk about it with any excuse usually, so writing about it was a dream.

Describe your 'go to' summer outfit.
I'd say, my denim shorts, and my multicoloured stripey top (see previous post) - make summer bright even if the weather isnt haha!- my brown sandals which I hunted shops for yeaaaaars to find the perfect pair. With my best friend necklace (zara is always with me, physically or not haha) and beach waves in my hair with my sunglasses.
...just need to find the weather now!

What is your dream job?
My dream job is easily a zoo keeper, for Red Pandas. Yes, I have got an obsession with the zoo.
I've always wanted to be a zookeeper, unfortunately I was never ever good at sciences or anything so couldn't get onto a course which would put me on track for it. But I'm happy visiting zoos and wistfully staring in jealousy at the keepers. In my local zoo, they do a 'Keeper for a day' scheme, something I would love.

What is your favourite lipstick/lipgloss? No cheating you can only chose one.
Definitely Barry M Sunset -151. Despite it's name, it's actually a really nice coral colour. One which isn't too harsh for my very pale skin haha. And is able to be worn for day to day use as it's not too in your face, or can be used in the evening for a bit of a dress up. I also use it just to tint my lips during the day by putting my lipbalm on (fav one atm is Nivea) and then using a lip brush to put on the colour. The lipbalm makes the colour not too bold, but is nice enough to be seen.

If you could only wear your hair in one style for the next year, what would it be? eg straight, messy knot top, curly...etc...etc...
Gahhh, my hair is horrible haha. Whatever I do to it, it never looks half decent. However, if I had to choose, I'd have my hair curly with half my hair back, but with the curls actually staying in for the wholeeeeeee year. My hair doesn't like staying curly at all, so I don't do it often as the curls drop within an hour no matter what I do.

What is the one beauty product you regret buying the most?
Definitely the GOSH concealer- it's horrible. 
It's the palest type they have and it looks like mud on me. The consistency is like paint and it's just horrific. I bought it for £4.99 I think and I reaaaaaaally wish I hadn't bothered!

How long does it take you to get ready on an everyday basis?
Usually, it takes me about 30 minutes, but that's with me with my laptop in front of me haha. I don't take that long in the shower, although at university I've somehow managed to get a lot longer as I'm not actually paying for hot water and theres no chance of it running out haha. If I'm washing my hair then I do take forever haha, but generally 10 minutes is fine for me. Choosing what to wear is genuinely the hardest decision haha and takes the longest. I have to think about what I'm doing, where I'm going, and who I'm going to see, whether they've seen that outfit recently etc haha..I live a sad life! Doing my make up can take about 5 minutes as long as I haven't accidentally painted black all over my face (which has happened haha). My hair, as I said, is very disobedient and we don't get on. So I try to spend as little time on it as possible cause I get annoyed ha!

Bronzer or blusher?
As mentioned, I am very pale. Which I've gotten over and don't mind. However if you've even seen me in bronzer, you'd know how very awful it looks. Basically like a sheep has just rubbed mud on both of it's sides. Stupid and plain silly haha. I use blusher a lot to make myself a little more human and not quite as pale!

What is your favourite high street brand and what is your favourite high end brand?
High street brand issssss, Collection 2000/New Look depending on which category haha. Collection 2000 is cheap and cheerful, my skin isn't exactly problem skin (apart from this week blaah) so I don't wear foundation or much...everyday is just eyeliner, mascara and concealer which all come from Collection 200! New Look kids section - saviour in disguise! Some of their clothes are actually really nice, and as they're childrens - they're a lot cheaper. Especially with student discount - perfect for my budget :)

What is your favourite beauty tip or secret?
It's definitely not a secret at all, as I'm sure everyone knows it. But to exfoliate your lips to get them all smooth and lovely, dip a cotton bud in vaseline (not so its like dripping, ew, but just so its covered) and then in some sugar so its coated, use that to exfoliate your lips. Use it in small circles and soon you'll have really smooth lips! (And that taste like sugar, yum)
Also, before putting on lipstick, just run your toothbrush over your lips to get rid of any loose dead skin and plumps them a little :)

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you chose? 
I'd love to live in New Zealand or Canada, the things I've seen about those countries look so ideal. However I've never been to either, so could hate it haha! So if I had to choose somewhere I'd been, I'd choose Malta. Just because it's so beautiful, and I have such amazing memories there! But I'd have to move all my family and friends there too!!

That was the tag, thank you Becca for tagging me :)
I tag:
Amy at MarzipanStairway
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My questions for you lovely lot are:
  1. If you were an animal what one would you be?
  2. If you had to only wear one cosmetic item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  3. Would you rather never do your hair or never wear makeup?
  4. What's your favourite song?
  5. Which 4 famous people would you invite to a teaparty?
  6. Who inspires you in the bloggersphere?
  7. Why did you start your blog?
  8. Describe your perfect dress (you know the one, the one you always dream about when you're invited somewhere)
  9. What was the last piece of clothing you bought?
  10. What's your dream job (definitely stole this one from Becca!)
  11. What was the last crazy thing you did?
I'm going home today! :D
It's crazy- but I'm actually on the train home now.
I'm sitting in the carriage next to first class. First Class get's free wifi, nobody else does. However I'm in D1, so I can totally reach the wifi from here. Who wouldn't eh?
Only another 6 hours to go...
I cannot wait, my whole family will be in the same country, same county, same house for a week!! (I'm staying for 3 weeks but my brother goes to Australia next week, boo)
I'm not gonna lie - I'm so proud of my packing. I managed to fit everyone in one suitcase which closed first time without me sitting on it.
First time for everything eh?
Bloggin may either slow down as I'll be busy/nothing interesting happens or may be a lot more frequent than usual as I'm bored/so much happened! Who knows.

Hope you're all well :) xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Living my life.

So it occurred to me that you get to see all these nights out of mine, all the drama and the hate for a lot of males in Bangor..but never the average me, doing my average life.

I'm very lucky to have the chance to be in the University of Bangor, studying Business Studies.
My course is hard and I have to do endless exams and assignments.
I'm surrounded by the loveliest people, and it seems each day I meet a new one who makes my life that even bit happier :) 
I live in a flat with 5 others, an international who we never see but I constantly hear on skype/playing his guitar/destroying his room as I'm next door, a mature student who's girlfriend is always round and has the most annoying voice ever - it reeeaally grates on you, a friend, and 2 of the most special people.
They make university what it is to me, without them- I probably would have gotten too homesick and be back in Essex. We sit down and watch TV with each other every day, we insult each other, we laugh together - we're like an old married threesome couple really.

This week it's Student Union Elections - and people are really desperate for votes! Like, in the general/local elections, you have TV adverts, posters, people knocking on your door. Here its worse.
People still do all that (apart from TV obviously) but they also line the streets. Our halls are about 10 minute walk from the Main University Building so on an average walk, you will get stopped at least 3 times by every campaign party...there are about 10 parties. That's a lot of stopping.
They ask "Have you voted?"/"Do you know who you're voting for?"/"Are you going to take advantage of the power you've got?". When really, all you want to do is simple walk to lectures.
I've taken to saying "I've already voted" and just continue walking..I mean I'm not gonna vote for them if they harass me am I? Although today they've gotten a new tactic: Free cake! I'd even told them I'd already voted and they still gave me one. Does that shut me up? You bet. Then another guy that I knew (who's also running) came up to me and gave me more cake. Mouth firmly shut at that point haha.
I have actually voted now haha, so I'm not lying!

Tuesday's are my busiest days, 5/6 hours of lectures straight (depending on the week, every other week I have an extra tutorial at 10) from 11-4. With no breaks, whoever's idea that was is a cruel hearted person. When am I supposed to eat? I survive on chocolate and any other snacks I can find in the little cafe outside on Tuesdays
 (which is the day I'm writing this btw, hence why I'm focusing on it!)
We start with Marketing, with a lecture who takes an hour to go through 2 slides - he pauses for at least a minute after every sentence.
Then Economics, who at least 3 times in every 2 hour lecture will stop, stare at the screen and say "...wait, scrap that, I'll start again".
Then Maths, 2 hours of maths. Whaaat. Our lecturer has the strongest African accent ever, and talks sooo quickly (marketing should take note!).

Today I was sitting next to Zara, and she'd dropped her iPod. So I got up and started to look for it. What I didn't mention is that the seats are like those in the theatre (they flip up as soon as you stand up), this didn't occur to me.. and I went to sit down...I sat down on the floor!
Words cannot tell you how hilarious this was, we were sat on the back row and everyone turned around haha.

I'm going to a play tonight, I went last night but am going again to support 2 of my best friends who are in it. It was amazing - not gonna lie.
It's the whole of Mark's gospel in 90 minutes.
When Jesus got nailed to the cross...well that was intense.

I'm going out after the play too- it's our last week in Bangor for a while so we're gonna have a good one!

This is what I wore today with a few added details :)

Top: New Look children's range
Jeans: Primark
Hoody: Christian Union clothing (see below)

As part of the CU, we have clothing; they raise awareness of the CU, and hey, who doesn't like personalised clothing?!

It's my favourite jumper/hoody/jacket at the moment!

And my accessories:

I bought these yesterday (naughty student).
The necklace was £4.00 in TopShop, and the rings were £2 in Republic.
I didn't wear all the rings, only the 2 on the far right (which are strapped together now) which I wear permanently to replace another I wear for personal reasons.
(and I wore my best friend necklace)

That was and is my average day.
Hope you're all well and smiling :) xxx

Sunday, 18 March 2012


We we all have those weeks when everything seems against us don't we?
When we have so much work to do, so many places to be, and people that never seem to be pleased no matter what we do.

But I'd like to invite you all to take a breather, relax and start again.
It's Sunday (at least when I'm writing this it is) and that means we can have another go at the week, and make this one a little happier :)

Today at church, one of the couples came with their newborn daughter, 12 days old. And there was such hope with this little baby. She can be whatever she dreams of, with no limitations and so much love.
I've genuinely not seen prouder parents.
But we're also like that baby, nothing in our past can dictate our future.
And nothing that we think or feel should stop us dreaming and making those dreams come true.
We should reach for the top because we all deserve just that, even when people say that we're not and might beat us down. We're gonna get over that, together.

What I was trying to convey in this post (albeit not well) is that sometimes, we need to take a step back from what we're doing, drop a few things...yeah some things can actually wait till tomorrow, and enjoy life, its hope and all the lovely people in it. We should reach for the stars and not stop until we've got there, cause we know its the place we've dreamt of :)

All you lots out there that have clicked follow on my blog have individually made my day, it's so crazy that people are willing to read about my life! You make me smile every day, and you're one my loveliest things in my life!

So when you get a moment, list all the happiness in your life, cause I bet there's loads :)

Right now, mine are:
  • I get to go home on Friday and be reunited with my family <3
  • When I'm home I get to see all my friends from home!
  • I have some amazing people here in Bangor who love me
  • I'm surrounded by beauty
  • My brother got home safe from his travelling yesterday! 
  • I'm in such a privileged position to do all that I do, and live how I live, with the people I love and the opportunities people would envy.

    All those things you've just thought of, you're so very lucky and please never forget that.

    From the deepest part of my heart, I hope you're all smiling :) xxx

Friday, 16 March 2012

Chocolate Cheese and Lion King.

I'm supposed to be doing my assignment haha, but this is more interesting :)

My life hasn't gotten any more interesting though, its been so busy! I've had 3 meeting for the CU exec this week, I'm beginning to live there haha! I'd love to say it's been sunny and warm this week, but by the sounds of really hasn't compared to everyone else! Apparently in London it's been 20 degrees, it's been warm enough not to be wearing 3 coats here haha. So not quite the same!
On Tuesday we went out, but the DJ was really awful.. we didn't know any of the songs so we left early, we're such party animals haha!
On Wednesday it was proper sunny for about 2 hours when we were handing in our assignment so we decided to go have a picnic! We went to morrisons to stock up on food and then we were going to go to the pier. Then we came across this:
Has anyone else tried this? It's chocolate flavoured Philadelphia!
I'd never had Philadelphia beforehand anyway, my only experience on squidgy cheese is the dairylea triangles (which were the bane of my childhood, I always convinced myself I liked them, and then every time I had one...disappointment just came around!) so I wasn't holding out much hope.
But we all know that anything with chocolate added into it is surely better than its plain counterpart?
So we bought some :)
When we tried wasn't that bad. I mean, it kinda tasted like really creamy chocolate spread (bear in mind the only chocolate spread I've had is in Russia) but was okay.
We left it at home for our picnic anyway, we weren't too convinced. When I got home from my meeting that evening I decided I'd try it properly as my tea..I wouldn't recommend it. Anything more than a small amount is not too pleasant. So now it's sitting in my fridge waiting for me to go through the Dairylea Triangle dilemma again, and convince myself that I like it until I try it again... to be disappointed again..and then wait until next time!
Does anyone else do that? Or is it just me? And has anyone else tried it and liked it?!

Anyway we went to the pier and Zara had her first ever hot cross bun!
I've no idea how she'd gone 20 years of her life without one! But she did, and her exact words were "it's um....erm....interesting" And then a couple hours later when we were telling our other flatmate she said "it's not something I'm going to have again...but it was erm...interesting!"
I'm not gonna lie - I don't think she liked it!

So on Wednesday night, it was a 'Popcorn Party'
Ever heard of one of those? No neither had I. Honestly, the themes get weirder and weirder.
But we were greeted by posters that said this all around the club

"Please note this club is currently operating a popcorn cannon"
Yep, you read it right, a popcorn cannon.
In the rest of the poster it said "The popcorn cannon will not harm any person or any person's clothing" "Please do not eat any popcorn off the floor or off any unsanitary places"
Which does include the whole of Occy, I'm not gonna lie.
So what happened is exactly what you'd imagine, there was popcorn fired out of cannons at us!
I didn't manage to catch any to eat, such a shame, haha but it literally covered occy, there was a 2 inch thick covering of popcorn on the floor which was so so slippy!  It was crazy.

As usual the night didn't go without any dramas, I'm honestly going to have to stop going out on a Wednesday to avoid this! Of course some guy that I liked got really drunk and started swearing at me, and was really horrible, and of course my flatmates boyfriend got really  drunk and then confessed his love, which freaked her out.
Of course we waited for an hour at the entrance of our accommodation site to wait for her boyfriend and his friends to let them sleep on our kitchen floor, and of course they didn't remember any of it and didn't have a clue where they were in the morning!
On the plus side- my friend got reaaaally drunk, and pretended to be batman all night! That was entertaining :)
This is what I wore :

Top: A dress which is too tight to wear as a dress haha, from H&M
Skirt: Tesco kids range
Tights: Flesh coloured x2
Shoes: New Look heels

I've often wondered whether you think it's very strange that I have "I want to touch your face" as my back drop. I promise it's not that weird! If you saw xfactor this year, then you would have seen a clip of Luke Lucas saying "She's so pretty mum, I want to touch her face" about Tulisa.. it just became a thing in our flat! And all the posits have the lyrics of "What Makes You Beautiful" on them. It was a present from my flatmates when I went away for the weekend and left my key haha :)

Last night I went round my friends to hang out, and we ended up watching the Lion King at like 3 in the morning, who wants to be normal eh?

What have you been doing with your week? xxxx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Babysittter to the Prime Minister's tortoise.

So this week has been manic.
But I'll start where I left off, Wednesday we went out, and it was Mexican night!
Yup, I've no idea where they get these themes from...but they do come up with some odd ones.
Unfortunately, I didn't dig out my sombrero or poncho, but lots of other people did! It's not free to get in if you're in fancy dress anymore so we don't bother. However it is hilarious to see everyone else's costumes! So many people took it so seriously, and was head to toe Mexican. It's even funnier when you know them haha, one of my friends dressed up and it was really difficult to keep a straight face whilst talking to him! 
As I mentioned in my last post, Tuesday night didn't go to plan - but even more so that someone stamped on my foot really hard. Which at the time I didn't think too much about, as I was looking after my friend. But then the next morning discovered a very cut up foot staring at me, so I dressed it appropriately and got on with it...however Wednesday bought more foot drama! As it was so packed, lots of people were being pushed about - and someone landed on my foot,  cue pain.
So I hobbled about for the rest of the night, and managed to get a piggyback off a very drunk guy (he lives in my building and is best friends with my flatmate, so not a complete stranger!) and have had a poorly foot since!
Also on Wednesday night, I got hit in the face! Yeah, I wish I knew why too. He even knew us! He was walking past, literally hit me. Zara then swore at him, he turned around - shrugged and swore back and stormed off! Charming. It didn't leave a mark and didn't hurt after a few hours. But still wasn't pleasant.
Anyway, this is what I wore:

Top: Primark? I got it for Christmas :)
Shorts: Primark
Belt: Came with other trousers
Tights: Morrisons

Thursday and Friday are more relaxing days, as I've only got a 2hr lecture on Thurs, but that meant plenty of time for assignments and revising for my exam! Yaay. It's ridiculous the amount of things they put on at the same time, in very short time scales. In fact, I should be working right now. But I've been neglecting blogging like crazy!

On Saturday I went to 'Pure'. If you've been reading a while, you'll know I'm a Christian, and it's a massive part of my life. So 'Pure' was a day about Sex and Relationships. It was actually really interesting and I learnt a lot. But that was my Saturday.
 Saturday night I worked the cloakroom for a student club, last time I did it, we made £108, so 108 coats to hang up/take money etc. Last night, we had 17. It was a quiet night!!
On the plus side, I had a drunk guy to keep me company who's planning on becoming Prime Minister and he was telling me his policies. And once I told him I didn't understand politics too well, he told me I could look after his pet tortoise whilst he was busy running the country! Demoted from being part of the cabinet to tortoise babysitter haha! ...and then he spilt his drink on me, I was sticky.

An OOTD for you :)

Dress: H&M
Cardigan: Peacocks
Tights : Generic black tights
And I curled my hair cause there was no other way to control the mess on my head!

I hope you're all well :)

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Free dominos and chocolate.

My absence on the blogging scene for the past few days means that you'll probably get comments on each of your recent blog posts today all at once, I apologise haha!
I had an awful maths exam yesterday, it was horrific, I wish I could have borrowed someone else's brain just for an hour so I could have passed. This is what the exam resulted in :

The Dominos is free all this week, unfortunately that'll result in awful skin and probably getting fat. But hey, who cares, also felt the need for chocolate. Comfort Eating for the win.
Had to do a bit of retail therapy too! These were £5 in the generation range in New Look :)

This afternoon I was supposed to be doing me assignments/ revising for my exams, but I got faar to distracted and ended up with these

Haha, this is nothing however - I did manage to do each nail a different pattern with lots of colours, which took at least an hour. But then I decided I didn't want to do my assignments/revising even more so took them all off and started that's what I call procrastination.

Anyways- I went out last night.
It's going to be one of those nights I block out of my memory I think, it wasn't great.

There was lots of being sick..not by me I might add! But I spent the night rubbing my friends back whilst she was sick in most places of the club, on the way home...and at home.
I've said it before, and I'll say it a million times. I love her to bits, and it comes with being a best friend :)
Safe to say I'm not letting her drink a lot in the near future though haha!
This is what I wore before it went all pear shaped :

Demin Shirt: River Island (features a lot I know, it didn't last too long on)
Top: H&M

Skirt: Tesco school range
Necklace: H&M, Internacionale

After writing this post, I am aware that I've worn this outfit/similar outfit a lot recently.
I am going to avoid wearing it for a while to save you from bordem!
It's usually okay for me cause I go out with different people so they don't see the outfit much!

That was short and sweet...will have a more interesting life for you soon!


Saturday, 3 March 2012

The perfect day.

You know when it's summer, and you have one of those days which you wished would never end, cause it's just so perfect?
Well I had one of March, craziness.
Yes we live in Wales, so any sun or warmth is a step up- but it actually warm! There were times when I actually only had a vest on (..and shorts and leggings haha) which is amazing.
My perfect day was a Friday, what other day eh? We had the day off from lectures, and me, my two best friends from CU and my best friend/flatmate decided we'd make the most of the sunshine and go for a walk. We didn't know it'd turn into an epic sightseeing tour of Bangor, but hey. It was perfect.
So here goes.
The plan was to walk up Bangor Mountain, yeah none of us had heard of it either, but we decided to find it. Turned out, it was up 'cardiac hill', yeah the name alone screams "you're gonna die whilst walking" and I'm not gonna lie, there was a moment when we were struggling...alot, but we made it to the top and found a golf course! Turns out Bangor mountain, is a glorified hill with a golf course on it! But was so beautiful. (a word you'll see a lot in this post)

That was the view from the top on one side, towards the mountains away from Bangor.

And that's the whole of Bangor. Bangor isn't a campus university, but you can get to any part of the university within 10 minutes walking it's so small. So it really is all of Bangor :) Beautiful eh?

When we were on the way down from the mountain, 2 dogs came running up behind us barking like crazy, now I'm not too keen on dogs, but my best friend is terrified, so you can imagine what happened. We were on a small path in a forest and these dogs cam behind us, and Zara jumped and literally lept into these bushes, weeds and thorns, and upon hearing her scream and the dogs, I proceeded to do the same aha. So we both ended up crouching in these bushes and all tangled up. Admittedly, we did laugh a lot about it afterwards, but we both ended up with cuts and bruises! I've got 2 massive cuts down my legs and Zara's arms are cut up. Oh dear haha.

From there we went to the pier! I've spoken about the pier before, it's gorgeous and so suited to Bangor! We sat on the end of the pier and watched the world go by, it was so peaceful and with the sun shining was just amazing.

Funny story to go with the above picture - we handed my friend the camera to take the picture, and he said "okay get together" so we were standing there waiting for the picture, and a young teenage chav walked past and said "eurghhhh" haha!

Behind us in the picture is the beach, and that was out next stop :)
We sat down and watched my friend skimming stones for at least an hour. we were sheltered by the forest behind us so it was really warm. We sat on the rocks and chatted, and it was bliss.

By then it was about 4pm, and we were hungry, so we decided to go back to out flat and have picnic outside on the grass. The day just got better, we had a blanket, curly fries and my best friends <3

So after out picnic, I decided to get out my cupcake cookbook and look through it (the one I won from Rachel's giveaway) and then thought the only way to make this day better was to make some cupcakes! So that's what we did :) We had chocolate cupcakes, they were yummy with melted hot chocolate in the middle.
This is what they turned out like :)

 I was very proud!

To top off an awesome day - me and Zara went to a UV Headfone party, which was basically a silent disco and some people had UV paint on their faces and we had glow sticks, not particularly UV  haha. It was so fun, we planned to match - yeah that's right, match haha.
It started out we were just going into town to buy a top which we didn't mind getting ruined in UV paint, and then it just escalated into buying the same dress so we could both match!
We didn't get too many weird looks whilst we were out either.
The night was relatively drama free, although lots of drunk boys around trying to get their own way! The silent disco is always fun, it's so funny to take off your headphones and listen to the person next to you sing their heart out really badly haha!
This is what I wore:

Dress: New Look Children's range
Belt: Peacocks
Tights: Peacocks flesh coloured x2
Necklace: H&M - See below

Me and Zara bought best friend necklaces, hers has the best on it :)

We matched :D

That was the best day in Bangor in a very long time :)
Have you been making the most of the summery days?
All pictures taken by my camera and belong to me.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Odds and Ends.

Attempting to get back in the blogger seat, whilst doing 2 assignments, revising for 3 exams and have a life..yeah it's not going great haha.

I'm very grateful for all you lot who have sympathised about my awful date last week, it was horrific and I'm glad I seem to entertain you with my dating friends seem to enjoy it too!

Anyway, I was a very fortunate winner in Rachel's ( giveaway :D
I won a cupcake cookbook and I'm so looking forward to trying out the recipes. 
hello more procrastination.
As I'm in uni halls atm, all my most goes to the security centre and then we pick it up- so when I went to check whether my cookbook had arrived, I also got another package. Not gonna lie - getting post makes my week, cause nobody ever sends me to have 2 parcels was very exciting!
I ripped them open (well, wouldn't you?!) and I found my cookbook and a parcel from my parents!
They'd sent me 'Narnia: Voyage of the dawntreader' with a note saying "Saw this and thought of you".
Day/week/month made.

(I know it says rental viewing only, they bought it 2nd hand from blockbusters)

I would also like to share a new love with you, a pair of really old denim shorts.
I bought them when I was like 13/14 to go on holiday and then never wore them afterwards and they somehow managed to get to uni with me. I've only started to wear them in the past few weeks but have discovered I love them! I do have another pair of darker ones which are just cut up jeans, and they're less comfy but share the love <3 
So a couple OOTD including them :)

I am aware I look incredibly rough in these, but they were both taken at the end of the day, and I was exhausted haha
Demin shorts- Romford market (I've bought the most random things there!)
Leggings- Tesco/H&M
Top - was in a goody bag from Varsity (the bar) and was miles too big, so I cut and sewed it into something I'd wear- the back has their drink offers on haha.
Vest- Peacocks
Cardigan- Peacocks.
Necklace - Avon

Denim Shorts- Romford Market
Leggings- Tesco/H&M
Jumper- Charity shop
Necklace - A present

Although I'm sure you all know of this fab blog already.
However if you don't, I was interviewed by the lovely Rachael of Island Girl Insights, if you'd like to take a peek and look at my answers, let me know what you think :)

On a completely different note- I was called a "Little Red Riding Hood skank" by a homeless man earlier. I was so offended!!
(I was wearing a red coat)

How are you lovely lot?