Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I'm having the time of my life.

Apologises for the total lack of blogging recently. I've been so busy!
First things first, welcome to my new followers :) I really appreciate every new follow and every comment!

A quick update of Palefaceredlipstick guy. By now you and half of Wales know about my horrific date, it seems it's a story that keeps on being told by people haha! But he did in fact ask me out again, goodness knows why, I thought he'd have gotten the picture when I ran away! And I was stuck for something to say, I didn't want to be horrible and say no, or to lead him on and say 'I'm busy right now'..so I did all I could think of doing, ignored it. That didn't go well, he text me the next day asking how he'd offended me, and he didn't know he was such a bad date (obviously doesn't realise quite how much he talked about rectal thermometers)
From the advice from one of my best friends (who happened to be a male) I lied to him. How awful, I didn't want to. But I told him that I'd gotten out of a bad relationship with a persistent ex and 'couldn't get into a relationship. He believed me and was fine with it, but replied with a very creepy message "if I ever want to mix it up, I'd love to make pancakes with you ;)" ewww!
But I'm free from that one.

Last week was my CU's missions week, it went so well. We ran an Open Mic Night, a film night, 4 lunchbars, and 4 evening talks. On the 4th evening I performed the drama I'd been rehearsing for, and it's safe to say all the stress and practising was worth it :) It was filmed so will post a link to the video once I have a copy! 
In the drama we used a flower as a prop.Strange story no2 coming up.
I was waiting for my friends to rehearse on Thursday before the performance, and who should appear? Parker Pen and Sprinkles guy! He began literally interrogating me about everything, and the noticed I had a flower "....you like flowers?" I explained why I had a flower, and what I was using it for, and ended up inviting him to see the drama because I couldn't explain it anymore! So he went on his way...10 minutes later, he appeared again! And what did he have in his hands? Well it was only 2 bunches of flowers wasn't it...

Yes, they're beautiful. But it's incredibly bizarre.
Whyyyyy do I attract weirdos?! I can't seem to go a week without something like this happening.

So this weekend I went away with the future exec's of the CU. As I've mentioned I've become the new Treasurer, and this weekend away was a chance to be equipped and trained for the role as well as bonding with my team :)
It was such a fab weekend! We spent a lot of time with eachother and got to know some of the other execs from around Wales. I had a total of about 5 hours sleep though, and I'm definitely paying for it now! We went on a walk on Saturday in the sun and managed to get trapped in a field of sheep, cue climbing over fences to get out.. it was hilarious :)
We had a massssive bonfire on Saturday evening, we toasted marshmallows, drank hot chocolate and sang. Was perfection <3

So that's been my manic few weeks!
I will be doing my outfits for going out this week soon, counting on the fact I do go out, right now I have a horrible cold! But I'm sure I will :)


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The palefaceandredlipstick date.

My blogging skills have been awful recently. I'm going to try hard to catch up on blogs, but I've got so much on lately, I just haven't had time to think! I've had this afternoon off so have done some work, and cleaning and can finally sit down and blog!

The past week I've told you about palefaceandredlipstick guy. If you don't have a clue what I'm on about, read about it here. The date alone deserves it's own blog post- it was that bad haha.
You'd think the warning bells would have gone off with the whole 'I told my friend about the girl with the pale face and red lipstick' thing, but I let that slip, turns out - it was just a little glimpse of the guy he was.

He was the most awkward arranger ever. It took him 2 days to reply or send a text, making plans very difficult. He text me on Monday asking whether I wanted Chinese or Italian, fair enough. So I replied, it took him until 3pm on Tuesday to say is half 8 okay and should we walk there together, so I replied saying sure, where I lived. And then nothing. 
I waited until 8pm, and was very much doubting I was gonna end up going out, until he rang me saying he'd meet me in ten minutes round the corner. 

So I left and was walking to the meeting place, and I saw this guy. 
And at that moment I prayed that it wasn't him (I couldn't even remember what he looked like!)
Unfortunately, it was. And he was wearing this:
I wish I was joking.

So we met, he said I looked lovely and we walked.
Within 2 minutes of meeting him, he started talking about rectal thermometers! yep, rectal thermometers.
The date followed suit.
We walked and we talked, he made very inappropriate comments about gay people and rectal thermometers. And that is all he spoke about allllllllll the way to the restaurant.

We got to the restaurant, which was actually really nice, I was impressed. It was authentic Italian (apart from the welsh waitress aha) too. We sat down and they asked what I wanted to drink, see I'm trying to cut out unhealthy things for Lent, so I said water. Then he ordered water... He then called me a 'crazy cat'. Yes, he called me a crazy cat. -Insert nervous laughter here-
We spent most of dinner talking about tea, yeaaaah tea.
We found a mutual appreciation of biscuits and tea, but he took this to mean that I was obsessed with it, and he proceeded to name every single type of tea he knew to see a) whether I'd tried it and b) whether I think you'd need milk for it. Safe to say I was stuck for things to say.

However, he was hot. And there was a point where I forgot about the coat, what he was saying and just looked at him and thought; 'If I was really really shallow and didn't listen to him ever, make him burn the coat...this could work'. Of course he started talking about rectal thermometers again so that thought went straight out the window.

Once we'd finished dinner, we walked outside and it was pouring with rain - not just rain. It was like a hurricane. For some reason every so often we get 'Hurricaine Bangor' where you can't even walk in a straight line because the wind and rain is so strong. So yeah, that's what we were walking back in.
I really wanted to go home, to my pj's, and to my best friend so I was focusing on walking up the hill that I didn't really turn to him to talk. I just walked and talked. But at one point I did turn- and what sight greeted me? Well, he had his hood up (obviously) but the little button bit done up under his chin too, which made only his eyebrows to his mouth visible. But because it was raining- it was dripping.
I have no words to describe that sight.

He walked me back to my flat which was very nice of him, but as it was raining I had a good reason to go in quickly and avoid having to kiss him. It was awkward but painless. I'm ashamed I probably ran inside.

That was my date: it was not good. He was crazy.

Here's what I wore:

The pictures are awful- I'm not really sure what happened haha.
Dress: New Look childrens range
Denim shirt: River Island
Belt: Came with a skirt
Necklace: Internacionale
Of course I had red nails and red lips to make sure he recognised me haha!

I'm giving up Biscuits for Lent- it's day one and I'm already struggling!!

That was my date, anyone else got any date disaster stories?

Since I've been so busy- it's now Friday and I've only just gotten onto my laptop and I'm going away for the weekend in a few hours. So wont be blogging for the next few days.
When I return I will do an epic update of whats been happening the past few weeks and this weekend :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

A little update.

It's all go here in Bangor.
In my last post I told you about all the things coming up here, and it's so exciting :)
If you've reading a while you'll know I'm part of the Christian Union here in Bangor, and am the new Treasurer which means I'm one of the exec's! :) I did my first treasurer-y thing on Friday, all I had to do was give in a financial claim - but it made me feel important haha!

I'm also part of the Missions Team- which we've organised the Missions Week (which is this week).
We started off with The Open Mic Night which I organised! Yeah, I know- organising everything. stressful!!
But it went really well, we had lots of performers and it went really smoothly.
We had one reaaaaally drunk guy who did a very inappropriate poem, but of course I was in the corner wetting myself laughing with my friend about it- we're so mature haha.

I've been to a film night tonight (again, missions week) and then we've got lots of lunch bars/evening talks for this week which is all very exciting!
I mentioned a drama in my last post - I'm performing the one below in the final meeting on Thursday. I'm the vanity/eating disorder/modely type. It's such a powerful skit that we felt we had to perform it.
I know faith can be a taboo on blogger and the such like, so please be respectful when commenting on the video :)

I also mentioned a guy who asked me out on a date last week, the infamous 'Pale face and red lips guy'. After much insistence from a lot of people (inc him haha) I've agreed to go on a date with him this week, so will let you all know how that goes and will of course post my outfit (no idea what to wear ahhh!)

This was short and sweet-- but I'm mega busy this week, and I'm going away next weekend. But it'd been ages since I'd posted.
I'll resume normal OOTN, uni adventures soon :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pale face and red lipstick.

Valentines Day in a club- we were surrounded by really creepy people who wanted to drown their sorrows for being alone. Tbf, we were there too, so that doesn't make us any better. But we're not creepy haha!
I'm not gonna lie- there was a worrying amount of couples there, I would not have been impressed if I had a boyfriend and he suggested we went to a free club for the night where there are lots of creepy people!
I went with just my best friend/flatmate as our Valentine's date cause we have eachother, and that was fun. We didn't take our sprinkles and Parker Pen though (if you have no clue what I'm on about, read my previous post haha).
There were some creepy guys who wanted to dance with us, we managed to convince them we were lesbians to make them go away. I don't think they actually believed us, after we refused to kiss cause we were 'too shy to do it in public' haha. But they left us alone after that at least haha.
There was this really drunk girl and she literally ran into me and nearly knocked me over- was so rude. So this guy came up to me and was like "are you okay?! she hit you pretty hard" after making sure I was fine he went on his way. Then about an hour later we bumped into eachother again and he said "i just wanna make sure you don't have post traumatic stress after that" and I didn't see him again.
Then last night, when we were out (more on that later -awful awful night!) I bumped into him again, and he said he was talking about me to someone earlier in the day. What.
He said they'd asked whether he'd pulled the previous night, and he said (according to him) "No, but I did meet this girl who was really really pale and had bright red lipstick, it was amazing".
It's not just me- that is a really weird thing to say right!?
He wanted to take me out on a 'non-valentines day date', I'm not holding my breath on that one haha.

Anyway, this is what I wore on Tuesday:

I've no idea where I was looking!

Blazer: Charity shop find - see previous post
Top: Tesco White Vest
Skirt: Tesco school range
Tights: Peacocks flesh coloured x2
Necklace: Internacionale
Bracelet: Part of a set from New Look
Nails: 'Pink Skies' H&M

So we went out for the Traffic Light Party last night- it was horrific. You got labelled with a sticker, either "No thanks" for taken, "Maybe..." if you were seeing someone/willing to cheat/I've no idea, or "Try me" for single. It's safe to sat my 'Try Me' sticker lasted all of 2 minutes on me.
How disgusting, why would I want to be labelled like that.
So much drama over boys, I don't know why they act so stupid when they're drunk.
My friend is having major problems with a guy and we spent all night trying to work out what to do, which wasn't great. I got cornered by one of my friends who then proceeded to lick me (ewww) on my face over and over again.
I had to tell someone that I wasn't interested in him after he got the wrong end of the stick and he got very upset and was very drunk.
Then I woke up to a barrage of texts from all of his friends telling me what I horrible person I was and things. Lovely.

Anyways. Rant over.

The past few days have been manic. I've officially become the CU's treasurer so I'm learning the ropes of that as well as being on the Missions Team (for the CU) and our missions weeks is next week.
I'm orgainising and hosting an Open Mic Night tomorrow night so that's been really stressful figuring out everything. And I've also managed to volunteer to orgainise a drama to perform in a weeks time..that's an awful lot of work for a week haha. It's all very stressful!

I hope you've had productive days:)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Parker Pen and Sprinkles.

I live with 5 people, an international student, a mature student and then the best 3 friends a girl could ask for...until their respective other halves come to stay. You see, in the room next to me is the best guy ever, but sadly for him, his girlfriend lives in Austria. They see eachother about once every 1/2 months, so it isn't that bad but she's come to stay this week! Yay for him. Boo for me.
Not seeing eachother very often means that they make the most of when they do, on the other side to the wall to me. Ew. Whenever she stays I'm treated to pretty much 24hr sex next to me. It's horrific, and I find it very hard to look at my flatmate in the eye for a while.
Whenever she stays, I spend a much time in my other flatmates room possible.
Until this week, as my other flatmates boyfriend has come to stay this week, so guess what? She's treated to lots of sex too. Granted they see eachother at least 4 times a week, so it's not as bad. But we can't even escape to eachother rooms...great.

Anyway. I went out on Saturday as I hadn't for a while, and had a really fun time. 
They were doing particularly cheesy songs in between the club tracks, so we had lots of YMCA-ing, "Thats what makes you beautifuuuuuuuuuuuul-ing" and Cotton- eye joe-ing, which was definitely what I needed. On the way back I stopped off at the takeaway with my friend, and someone ran up to me and screamed "Whitney Houston's DEAD". Didn't exactly believe her as she was very drunk. But it's a great loss, and my prayers are with her family.
But what was really scary was that at the same time I was at the takeaway, in the road opposite someone was being murdered. I only found out the next day.

Here's what I wore:

Yes it's a mixture of two outfits you've seen before! 
Top: Actually a dress tucked in, H&M on sale at £7!
Shorts: Primark in the summer
Tights: Morrisons
Belt: Came with other shorts

Eyeliner: Collection 2000 Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner
Mascara: Collection 2000 Pump Up The Volume
Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection
Lipstick: Miss Sporty Perfect Colour 058 Malaga

Possibly the weirdest thing happened to me on Monday:
So I was in morrisons with my best friend/flatmate and we were casually looking at pizza. And this guy came up to us and asked about our Law Assignment. (A couple of weeks ago he'd spoken to me and asked where to hand it in), anyway it took us about 10 minutes to explain where to pick them up, and we thought he understood so we carried on shopping. But oh no, he decided to follow us.
He followed us all about Morrissons whilst asking us questions, he asked where we were from, what it was like, why we came to Bangor, how old we were, what courses we were doing, where we lived. All sorts. So I returned the favour and asked why he came to Bangor, he replied "Because the logo has 5 lions on it...and I like lions" Yeah, so this guy came all the way from Nepal to Bangor, because he likes lions. He asked about Valentines Day, and we said we were alone so we were spending it together, but he took us seriously and starting interrogating us about what we were doing, what we were going to buy each other, and whether were going on Vacation. Eventually he left us alone.
A couple hours later, we were waiting outside our lecture theatre waiting to go in and he came up to us and said "This is for you and Valentines", he handed me a brand new Parker Pen in it's packet, and handed my flatmate a tub of 'Sugar Butterfly Sprinkles'.
That's right- he bought us a pen and sprinkles for Valentines Day.

I will leave you on that note, how is everyones Valentines Day? Doing anything special?

Monday, 13 February 2012

Versitile Blog Award :)

Life is ceraaazy, and in this crazy world - you beautiful people are giving me awards!

The beautiful Tia at http://bellezzababe.blogspot.com/ awarded me the Versitile Blog Award!
Tia is gorgeous and blogs with a passion in her writing that I find really special. Go check out her blog - she's fab! :)

Rules of the award
1) Thank the person who awarded you with a link back
2) Tell 7 things about you
3) Pass this on to 10 newly discovered blogs and let them know they recieved the award.

Ohhhkay. 7 things about me.
  • I was born whilst my parents were on holiday in Shropshire. Of all the things they thought was sensible whilst due - going on holiday was one on them!

  • I find cleaning very theraputic

  • I have the weirdest fear ever- even writing that I have it makes my heart go crazy. 

  • My aim in life is to visit all the major zoos in the world

  • I have a soft spot for Louis Tomlinson in One Direction
  • One day I hope to set up a charity and change lives
  • I have developed an addiction to cheese on toast followed by chocolate digestives dipped in tea

    The 10 blogs I am awarding this to are :

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Shopping till I'm poor. Check.

I feel like I've been MIA in blogging world! In reality it's only been 4 days (my last post was scheduled as I knew I wouldn't get on here) So major apologies if you get a flurry of comments from me on your posts haha, I'm just catching up!
So my mum came to stay in Bangor for a few days, which has been lovely! I haven't felt as homesick this semester but seeing her has made me feel a lot better anyways :)
We went on a few adventures around North Wales; like going to church island in Anglesey (its an island with just a church, graveyard and a war memorial!) going to the pier and a costal walk in Bangor, and a day out in Llandudno where there are actual shops!! This is a big deal, cause the shopping in Bangor is shocking haha.

Here are a couple of pictures from our walk on church island :)
Unfortunately, we were in Wales- which meant that is was horrible weather, rainy, misty and cold on for the pier and Llandudno so wasn't able to take any pictures of where we were!
I've been in search of a gold button for one of my skirts (there are buttons all down the front, and one's missing from right in the middle, inappropriaaaaate haha), and would you believe there is no where in Bangor that sells buttons.. I have no idea what welsh people do when they need buttons!!
So my next plan was to buy something in a charity shop with a gold button which I could use, I'm not sure what my logic was- but I thought it was a good idea at the time. So me and my mum went on a gold button hunt in every charity shop there is around..and didn't find one. BUT I did find a packet of broaches which I could transform into a button for 50p..score.

Anyway, whilst I was in the Charity Shop I saw a few gems, and I couldn't resist!
I bought this blazer for £4.99, it's a Tigi one and is a size 10-12. Granted it is too big for me, but with the sleeves rolled up and the buttons aren't done up, you can't even tell! I was mega pleased :)

I also saw a jumper I loved, but my mum was there and she gave me the "You're a very poor student, you shouldn't be shopping" look. So I resisted.
Until today.
Haha, I was very naughty and went shopping today (my mum had gone home). I was sat in my room watching tv and just dreaming over this jumper. It was calling me! So I bought it...oops.
It was also £4.99, from M&S and is a size 16. Again, it's far too big. But it's just on trend, an oversized chunky knit! :) It does smell like where my nan lives haha, but other than that ;)

I also went to Superdrug...well, if I was going to shop, I had to do it right.
And bought a lipstick and nail varnish. Both Miss Sporty (my budget is tight..she says as she's shopping haha).

              058, Malaga                               No idea what number it is - from the clubbing colours range!

Apologies from the awful quality of light - the flash makes everything go weird.

Whilst shopping yesterday, my mum bought me these :) They were on sale in Dorothy Perkins, £9.50 down to £1!! I was shocked and amazed :)

I also bought some books from a charity shop, 2 for £2, I was very impressed! And I finally bought my dad's birthday present (only 2 weeks late haha)

This week it worked out that I either was ill or my mum was here the nights everyone went out! So I'm making up for it tonight, it's gonna be fun :) 
I'll take a few pics of my outfit, I also cut my own hair this morning (I'm not sure what came over me haha), nothing dramatic, just a bit more of a fringe and shorter..!

How has everybodys weeks been?

Friday, 10 February 2012

Cute Blog Award

Goodness me, life doesn't get any better than this. I've won another blog award :D

This time I won the Cute Blog Award from Amy at http://marzipanstairway.blogspot.com/ :)
Amy's blog is so gorgeous - she writes about fashion and her thoughts, I really do love her blog. Once you've finished reading this, definitely go check her out!

Here are the rules of the award :

- Link back to the person who awarded you

- Answer the award questions

- Share something about yourself you haven't shared on your blog before

- Award as many blogs you think are worthy of this award

Here are the questions! :

1) What it your go-to makeup product?
Erm, I'd probably say mascara, or concealer.. Or lipbalm haha.
They're the only ones I wear everyday.

2) Favourite fashion trend of 2012?
I'm loving fairisle right now, fairisle jumpers and skirts :)

3) Favourite colour?

4) What was the last song you listened to?
It was probably Slumber by Needtobreath
My friend recommended it :)

5) Cats or dogs?
Can't say I've had either. Probably cats.

6) What's your middle name?
I don't have one!

Something you've never shared:
I save labels or reciepts for really special things which have memories attatched to them in a special box :)

I'm awarding this to:
Becca at http://backfortea.blogspot.com/

Martha at http://smarthaa.blogspot.com/

Louise at http://thebeautyoflouise.blogspot.com/

Shelby at http://sweetconfessions21.blogspot.com/

I could have picked many other blogs, but these 5 I have started to read only recently and have found them so interesting and lovely as people and as blogs!
Definitely go check them out! :)

I've also just won another award - the Versatile Blog award! (You guys make me so happy and privileged!) But will do that one in another post :)
Thank you again Amy! xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Raving to silence.

Friday bought the unique experience of a silent disco - I went to one in Freshers week but this one was so much better.
A silent disco is basically where you're given headphones on entry which allows you to switch between 2 or more stations whilst in the club and dance to that. We had one station which was 'rock anthems' and party hits - so basically well known songs like 'Mr Brightside', 'We will rock you' etc and then S club 7, Five..all the good ones :) And another station which was dubstep and drum and bass etc.
I'm sure you can guess which one I stuck too haha.
It was really entertaining though as the 2 DJ's were in constant competition as to how many people were listening to their station. So all of a sudden you'd get the DJ saying "boo to the other DJ when he comes in the booth", and of course the other couldn't hear what he was saying, so he'd just get like 70 people boo-ing at him.
Whilst we were all listening to the channels, we could easily take off the headphones and have a conversation, something that is impossible to do in a normal club situ.
Also, very amusing is that most people were on the party hits station- but the few people who weren't were like raving it up beside us whilst we were do the 5,6,7,8 dance haha!

A few photos of the night :

(You do get over how silly you look after a few minutes- as everyone looks just as silly)

We also went on to the pier last week, it's so gorgeous on it. It's completely abandoned apart from a tea shop at the end which is run by an elderly couple. It's so cute- they sell homemade cake, shortbread and actual famous  scones! If you google 'Bangor Pier scones' there are so many results saying they're the best in the world. And I agree- they're amazing!!

We have no snow in Bangor, as we're surrounded by mountains and are next to the sea. But the mountains are covered with snow and it's one of the most beautiful sights ever. In fact as you're walking towards the land from the end of the pier the whole view is mountains. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is and no picture can ever do it justice. The picture below is the view from where I live :)

My mum's coming to stay this week so I'm going to take her around to see these beautiful sights :)

Hope you're all well! xxx

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Holding memories tight.

After reading so many posts about how amazing summer will be, I thought I'd do something a little different and share some memories of one very special summer I had.
(Warning- this is a very long post!)

In 2009, after my GCSE's I was fortunate enough to go on a missions trip as part of a team with my church. There were 10 of us in total, with 6 of us going to work on the Summer Camp. I went to be a junior leader on a summer camp for disadvantaged children. And it was awesome.

Our youth team for camp

My church has been linked with and visited the church in Russia for over 10 years and each yeah my church sends a team out there to help build and restore their church. The year I went was a little different as it was the first year we went to the summer camp.
We went for 10 days, and landed in St Petersburg, the church and our host family live in Kingisepp and the summer camp was on the beach on the Finnish Gulf.

(The summer camp was somewhere along the coast, I wish I could say where exactly. But I do know that we were very close to Ukraine)

We arrived in Kingisepp and was met by our host families. These were families in the church who volunteered to have us to stay whilst we were in Kingisepp. I was staying with my friend and our host family were so lovely. They were so generous, and welcoming - giving us everything and anything we could need. The first night we were there we spent hours looking through their photo albums. (Did you know in Kingisepp/Russia a couple who have just wed must climb a tree and tie a ribbon round it whilst still wearing their dress/tux) They fed us fit to burst. Although the food certainly wasn't to my taste, they kept trying to fatten me up. I used the phrase "pulne" a lot (which I think means full, but the children taught me that so who knows haha!)
We left for the camp not knowing what was ahead, turns out- it an adventure we'd never forget.
In Russia (at least where&when I went, I don't mean to generalise!) they hold the values that men do the labour work, and women do the cooking and cleaning.
So they were our roles, me and the 2 other girls were rotered into cooking the 6 meals a day (!) and cleaning the rest of the camp. Whilst the boys chopped fire wood and collected water from the sea.
The days we worked we had to be up at 7:00am to begin cooking the camp's breakfast, which consisted of porridge, then clear up and begin making elevenses which was some chocolate spread on bread, clearing it up, then dinner, which consisted of unknown 'meat' and rice. Cleared up that, then another snack of bread, cleared that up then cooked lunch, which was another kind of meat and rice. And about 10:00pm we gave the children a jelly sort of drink and biscuits- the perfect thing to send them hyper before bed!

Between all the cooking/cleaning up and on the days that we weren't working; we were free to spend time and play with the children. This was the best thing of the whole trip. Most of the children could say the basics of English, and I couldn't speak any Russian, so we spent a lot of time developing relationships by doing things we all enjoyed, doing hand gestures, and playing games. Card games in particular were very popular. It's amazing how close you can get with people by spending time together but not necessarily talking. I made some amazing friends who I'll always hold dear.
In particular I became very close to a group of a girls, they were all between 8-10yrs old and had a good grasp of English so we were able to have proper conversations and build relationships which will last forever.
We spent at least 10+ hours a day together so we were pretty much inseparable by the end of the week.

My girls :)

The summer camp was a Christian camp, so whilst we were leaders, the children spent the week playing, learning more about God and developing their relationships.
They had exercises on the beach every morning (they had to after all that food!) Bible studies every day, a chance to pray and worship, and lots of free time to play and swim in the sea. I spent a lot of time playing 'capture the flag' on the beach with them :) Every night we had a main meeting (in Russian) where we sang worship songs with a guitar (I still know the words, but no idea what they mean!) and then our team used to perform an English song for them with movements so we could teach them. They still remember the dances, I've had many videos sent to me with them showing us :)

Us teaching a song in the evening meeting :)

The children's freetime

After a week at the camp, we left before the children did as we had to catch a flight so we had the hard task of saying goodbye. It was one of the saddest thing's I've ever had to do. One of my friends (from the English team) performed 'Goodbye', and I can still feel the tears rolling down my cheeks, I have a video of it and you can hear my crying over her singing.
I promised to be best friends forever and ever with one very special little girl, Rita. And to this day we keep in contact and she is still a massive part of my life. I still have the teddy bear she gave me the day I left.

Rita and me <3

Dancing with my girl <3

We camped on the beach, with a forest on one side I was told there were bears! And the sea on the other. We had no running water, or electricity. We only had wood, fire and the sea.
The toilets were a hole in the ground with a bin liner round them, with so many bugs around.
I ate nothing but chocolate spread and cereal bars for the week. The food really didn't agree with me!
To wash we used the sea, which is not easy I will tell you now!

We spent the 10 days using hand gestures and acting out things, it really was hilarious.

I have so many stories of going to Russia, memories to last a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane :) xxx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Happiness continued.

No night out is complete without a drink being poured over someones head..right?
Seems to be an occuring theme amongst my friends these days. Thankfully I haven't fallen victim to it yet, I just need to avoid annoying somebody with a drink in their hands haha!
Recently my posts have been about my adventures of going out, but Tuesday was pretty sedate compared to recent events. I went out with both my flatmates (minus one who was ill, boooo :( )  and a group from CU as it was one of the girls birthday. But we had fun. My flatmate nearly got into a fight after defending me and my friend against a guy, he's so protective- I love him!

Here's what I wore on Tuesday :

Top - New look vest
Shorts - Think they were a summer purchase from Primark!
Tights - Morrissons (I was as shocked as you are right now)
Heels - Regular New Look Heels
Necklace - Avon, many moons ago it broke on Wednesday eve :(

Last night we went to student night in Occy - it was toga night. I didn't take up the fancy dress haha. However lots of people did, there were 2 extremes : Girls who wore tissue paper which covered up nothing or people that went all out and looked fab in a toga- just a little bit silly.
After being out Monday and Tuesday already, I was pretty tired but was determined to have a good night. Occy has two floors, one which is most popular with chart music and general club-y ness, and another which has cheesy music, with less people and less shoving. We chose to be in the cheese music one last night, and it was so much better than usual.
We could dance and sing to 'Mysterious Girl' and S club 7 without the usual strange looks, because everyone else was doing it too!
Was so much fun! Of course the night wasn't drama free.
The guy that I mentioned before who my flatmates took revenge on was there and when his friend dragged me over to him, he was wrapped around some girl who then proceeded to say "He's my brother" yeah right. Haha, his friend said that "out of all the girls, I was his favourite". I'm not sure whether that was supposed to comfort me, seeing as I was just one of the many girls haha.
Another guy took a liking to my flatmate and followed her around everywhere, we literally went to every corner of the club and we still got followed!
When we were about to leave a guy stroked my legs...that was weird.
Anyway, this is what I wore Wednesday: (I am aware one pic is very blurry - sorry)

Top: Primark years ago
Skirt: Tesco school range - an old sixth form one
Tights: Peacocks flesh coloured x2
Heels: New Look (You're just gonna have to take that for granted, I always wear them!)

I gave blood this afternoon.
Last time I attempted I was deemed underweight and they only took half the donation due to the risk to my health. So I'm really pleased that I was able to this time!
Of course I went through about half an hour of rigorous testing, weighing, measuring to make sure I was going to be okay this time. It really is a big deal to me that I do it as I've watched my mum do it for years - and I know it really does save lives.
I can't really use my right arm too much as it's really sore. Accounting Lecture will be fun haha!
I'd fully recommend Giving Blood if you ever get the chance - you really don't know what difference you're making to someones life.

How are we all? :) xxx