Sunday, 30 October 2011

Fancy Dress: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as you've never seen before.

I've never done Halloween before, it's just not done in my family. However, this year, being at uni and all that meant that it had to be done...and properly.

So we went as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Normal I know, I was Donatello apparently, and I've never seen so much effort go into any costume...
So firstly we had to make shells, these were baking trays that were spray painted green and brown and attached to us with string.
The masks were felt which I made into masks with measuring peoples faces and eyes (funniest thing!).
The bands were left over felt, and we were green head to toe. The girlies had green tights (Thank goodness!) which made it easier, and we covered every little showing flesh in green paint.
It was so hard to get off, even now, 24 hours since, I have green paint patches all over me and I keep on finding them!
Our flat was basically covered in green paint, and having to get into the shower at half 3 in the morning wasn't the best idea, but there was no way I was sleeping like'd probably stain my skin!

We tried to win a £100 bar tab for the best costume, but they never announced the winner :(

Now, a couple of photos of our amazing efforts.. 

We were so proud of our efforts.
Anyone else dress up? Any photos? xxx

Friday, 28 October 2011

Outfit of the Night :)

On Wednesday night we went to Occy (surprise surprise!) and this is what I wore: :

I am aware it's a dodgy photo, but I had to bend down because the heels were so high it cut off my head! 

So the outfit:
  • Top - New look, new generation range, on sale £5 (see haul here)
  • Skirt - Tesco, school uniform (aged 11-12 ha, hence the uniform) 
  • Necklace - New look, £2.50, again, see haul.
 Hair courtesy of my flatmate curling it :)

Shoes also from my lovely flatmate.

They were so high!

We had a fun night. 
Tomorrow we're dressing up as teenage mutant ninja turtles. We've made shells and masks and everything, with green body/face paint. Gone all out, I'll make sure I post a few pictures. 

Anyone else dressing up for Halloween? xxx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The longest cold ever.

So I've been at university for 6 weeks on Saturday, which means that I have had some sort of cold or flu for approximately 5 and a half weeks!
I'm not even kidding, I'm still ill!! It started off with freshers flu, which wasn't good, and then it kinda petered out until it was sniffles. But each time I go out for the night it comes back in full force in the morning! Which means an awful lot of sneezing/coughing/sniffling, attractive I know.
A guy who was sitting behind me in one of my lectures last week has even labeled me 'coughing girl' because that's all that I was doing for the hour. 

Obviously being ill is taking it's toll, so I don't feel great, lots of headaches and being unbelievably tired. For example, last night I was the most useless part of a pub quiz, I didn't have a clue haha, but me and my flatmate were so tired, we left at 9:00, and I was in bed by half past. That's definitely a record for me!

Plus I have an exam today, it's worth 20% of my whole year grade, and it's a bit of a case of I've revised everything I possibly can about 1000 times, but I still don't feel as if it's enough, so I blogged instead haha. But it's my accounting exam, and I have another next week worth the same in maths. Now, I am definitely mathematically challenged, numbers just do not work for me, I've been to every extra session I can and I still don't get half of it, but I'm persevering! It's just so hard.

On the plus side, my parents are coming to visit this weekend :D It's been 6 weeks without seeing them, and I'm so excited to see them. And then the next week I'm going home for reading week, so much excitement to see my friends again :D

How is everybody else?? xxxx

Friday, 21 October 2011

My room :)

So it occurred to me that I've been living in my room for the past month (!!) and a half, and made it all homely, but haven't posted a picture of it yet.
So here it is :)

My noticeboard is covered with photos from (surprisingly doesn't help homesickness at all!)
Each photo is really special to me <3
It's littered with quotes and Bible verses which are really important to me, such as "Be true to yourself", something my dad told me just as they were about to leave when they bought me here.
I have a few other things pinned up, like leaflets/stickers/bands from the very memorable freshers week. As well as my timeable, the list of books I've bought, and my registration for my weekend away with the CU.
Above are my shelves, obviously, which have a few more photos which are extra special (with my fam in Malta, and on holiday with my best friend), a few cuddly toys which are very special, my folders and notes, my heated rollers, heat defense spray, perfume and a lollypop from freshers haha!

Excuse the mess.
My mirror on my window ledge, awkward when doing my makeup in it and then people walk past the window thinking I'm staring at them...(on ground floor!), the photo my best friend gave me for my birthday, a few cards I've been send, textbooks, my very special red panda, Internet cable, books, and other little bits.

That's my room!

Hope you're all good :) xxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Outfit of the day!

So I'm going to try and do a few regular posts, for outfit of the day, face of the day/night (it always looks better at night haha) and things. So this is my first outfit of the day! Again, I apologise for the lighting/mirror/standing on chair, I'll have to figure out an easier way of doing it, plus the lighting is rubbish.

So from head to toe,
  • Hair, au naturel.. my hair's natually straight, although tempremental in Wales. I have had a hat on most of the day, because it's freezing, so I haven't done much with it today.
  •  Pale pink vest top - Topshop, approx £4 I think, I got it last year.
  • Navy blue cardigan - H&M, got it for my birthday, however they do still sell it.
  • Demin Skirt - Peacocks, I got it for £3 in the sale a couple of years ago.
  • Grey cable tights - I love these ones! They're from tesco, and picked them up when it was double clubcard points off clothing, so got them for 50p, score!
  • Belt- Peacocks, got it as a set of 3, brown, black, and this purple flowery one £4, 2 weeks ago.
  • The Slippers - M&S, as a gift 2 christmases ago, they're so warm and fluffy.
  • Necklace- New Look, was a gift approximately 4/5 years ago from my best friend, but still a lovely necklace :)

Gone for bare essentials today, very bare :
  • Miss Sporty Eye Pencil - 001
  • Collection 2000 SuperSize Fat Lash Mascara - 1 Black.
Like I said, bare essentials. I got up for an 8am maths lecture, I couldn't be bothered.
That was today :)

Did you enjoy this post? Would you want me to do these as a regular thing or just stick to the life stuff?
Toodles xxx

Saturday, 15 October 2011

My retail therapy haul :)

Considering I am a poor student, I spent more than I should have.
But Bangor is pretty small, with not too many mainstream shops (we don't even have a primark!), so I didn't go overboard.
Firstly, I bought a top from New Look, I've been looking for one similar for quite a while and then when I saw this one and it was on sale, I just had to get it! Thankfully, I still fit into children's sizes, so this one is a size 14-15yrs top. They did have the exact same top but in a women's size 6, but it was a pound dearer, so I went for the children's one.

This was £11.99 down to £5, so was very chuffed at my bargain :)

I then went to the sale rails of the women's, and found this dress. I wore it today and didn't take a picture of it before I put it on, so this is it being modelled haha.

This was £9.99 down to £5, and below is how I fashioned it. The leggings were from H&M, the belt from Peacocks and cardigan from TU in Sainsburys.

I would also like to mention that the biggest mirror is the one above in the bathroom, but the only way I can make it full length is if I stand on my chair, hence the whole standing on a chair thing! :)

Next I bought a necklace, again from New Look, and again on sale!
I've been looking for another long one which is pretty for a while, and I couldn't say no hehe.

The detail is really cute. This was £5 down to £2.50... I know, bargains galore!

Next I went to H&M and bought these beautiful colours. I realise I'm repeating myself, but I really have been looking for some nail varnishes these colours, and they were so cheap considering.
They're actually Disney varnishes, and have Bambi on the front which is really cute :)

The pink is called Pink Skies, and is a really cute pale pink, it's got a shine with it, but mostly Matte. It's a really lovely block colour, and will go with most things.

The blue is much like the name suggests, an icey blue, its very similar in it's matte-ness with a slight shine.

They're both really nice colours and would really recommend them.

I've had lots of compliments on my nails since applying them, and the photo really doesn't do them justice! They were both £1.99 each.

That is my haul :)
Will do a more lifestyle update soon!
Hope you're all well xxx

Friday, 14 October 2011

Little Update.

Hello! :)
This is a short and sweet post just checking in really.
I'm going to do a longer post with my haul from today (naughty naughty buying clothes as a poor student!) but I just attempted to take photos of my bits but the light is so horrendous in here, so I'll do them tomorrow! But I got some really nice bits, 3/5 were on sale, score! It's so true about retail therapy!
I had some friends round after Christian Union, and one of them managed to offend every person in my flat rather well. And made some very inappropriate comments and questions....he's been the talking point of the day in my flat!

My flatmate's girlfriend has come to visit from Austria, which is lovely for them. Just very awkward for us. You see, my wall is very thin, and on the other side of my bed and wall, is his bed.. with him and his girlfriend. Awkwaaaaard. I've heard them twice, and I'm planning on staying in my flatmates room tonight to save myself from any more!

I hope you're all well and will definitely do a longer post tomorrow or Sunday! :)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

It's the little things.

So anyone who read my previous blog post knows I was really homesick, if you haven't and want to, you can read it here...
I wrote it on Sunday, and posted it on Monday. You should know that things have really gotten better and I feel a lot more at peace now.
On Monday evening I went to 'a fresh start', which was a socially kind of meet up organised by a local church with masses of free tea and cake. Now when I say masses, I mean masses.
I'm not usually a cake person, and icing person yes, cake, no. But I managed to eat 4 cupcakes and 3 cups of tea..and boy did I feel fat afterwards! I was definitely grateful for the walk home to walk off a few calories! But I sat with my friends, and it was really nice to get out of my flat and talk to other people about different things, and that made me feel a lot better :)

This morning was horrific, not because I was homesick or anything but because I had an 8am maths lecture! Who on earth would make anyone get up that early to do maths?! It was still dark when I left my halls! But anyway, after the lecture which was horrible, I checked my mail. I check it in the hope of someone sending me something, because I love getting letters! I save them all, and it's such a special thing to know that someone put effort and time to send me something! 
I usually have nothing, in fact, I always have nothing. BUT today was different!
I had a parcel waiting for me :D
A couple in my church sent me a card updating me on all the going ons in Essex, and sent me some biscuits! I was so touched, and it really made me feel so much better about everything.. and plus, I LOVE biscuits, so that made me so happy too :D

Today I had 4 lectures, starting at 8:00am and ending at 6:00pm, and I am tired!
I was going to go out with the girls of my flat but I'm just so tired I can't bear to bring myself to go. So I 've bought some chocolate (Galaxy Cookie Crumble no less!) and am planning on catching up on some tv with my other flatmate as he decided not to go out either.

To prove I am a lot happier, I even took a picture to prove it! I am aware I look so tired in it, and all my make up has worn off...but hello, I started with an 8am maths lecture!

How is everybody else? 

Monday, 10 October 2011

I cracked.

So I’ve finally cracked. I’m homesick.
If you’ve read my previous blog post, then you’ll know that my weekend didn’t start out great, and I went home early on a night out because I didn’t feel part of it. But I think that was all just leading up to a few tough days of homesickness.  I knew I missed home, my family, friends and bed. But I guess I didn’t really realise how much until now.
My ‘cracking’ came this afternoon. I needed to talk to someone and fast.
I spoke to my best friend first and that was so good, I spoke to her honestly about a couple of private things and a few things I’ve been worried about and the things that’s been worrying her, so it was really healthy and I did feel better about it, we even worked out how long it was until I could see her. (A month minus 5 days!)  It was genuinely a really good chat, and although it made me miss her more, her coming to visit me soon is impossible because she has her BMAT and A Levels to work on!
Next came my family, I skype my family at least 3 times a week, and usually its really lovely to see them, remind them that I’m still alive, and that I’m managing living without them! And it was today, until my mum informed me that since she almost chopped her finger off at work (A&E all day, steri strips and lots of bandages), they’re making her have the week off as it happened on their property. That’s amazing for her, because since she’s gotten this job, she hasn’t had a sick day off in 8 years and it’s paid! So I asked whether she could come and visit me, because I missed her. She told me she couldn’t…. I’m sure she has a million things to do, and obvious responsibilities at home, but it still was really upsetting.
And I cracked.
I cried, and cried and cried. Now I don’t know whether you’ve done it, but crying whilst on skype can be veeeery awkward, because the people you’re talking to can only watch (and in my mums case, cry too) and not do anything.  

I wrote that last night planning on uploading it then too but the only place I have internet is in my room, and I was spending time with my flatmates last night.
I feel a lot better, but I think crying it out helped, I spent a long time crying yesterday. 
But today got better, in fact last night did. I had a really long chat with one of my flatmates and sorted out a few things, and that was good. But today I've busied myself with notes and assigments and it's helped. 
I'm going out tonight to a church social, so that'll be helpful :) 

Hope everyone else is cheerful :) xxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Birthdays and Beaches

Thursday was my flatmates birthday!
We've had 3 out of 5 birthdays in 2 weeks, and the 2 that haven't been aren't even in term! So we had lots of celebrations over the past few weeks.
We went to a place called 'The Greek'. It was loveeeely, its so cool inside! You go into a little alleyway shop front and then inside it's like a proper greek tavern set outside (but undercover) so little patios and stone walls with traditional trees (fake i guess) and fences, and it's so cute! It had such a nice vibe to it, and was fairly quiet which was nice because it was about half 11 by the time we got there, so was nice to relax a little.

I got this from a restaurant review website, but this is basically the main inside bit :)

On Friday night, 2 of the birthday girl's friends came down to stay for a night was interesting.
They turned up drunk, which obviously wasn't a problem, just egged on the rest of my flatmates to join them!
We went to Occy again, and it was good for the first 2 hours or so. But then my shoes started to hurt (as always) but having to look after 5 drunk people isn't that much fun.
Don't get me wrong, I love each and everyone of my flatmates, and their friends, but it was just one of those nights which wasn't fun unless you were on the same level as everyone else.. and as I don't drink, I was definitely not on their level! So I left at 2, kindly escorted by the mature student from my flat, after I had just had enough! I think they left at 3, and by the sounds of it, and judging by going into my kitchen on Saturday morning finding several hungover people sprawled across the floor, I made the right decision.

Anyways, Saturday was so good.
I went to a place called Rhosnigre in Anglesea with the CU. 
We caught the train there, and ended up in a pub for lunch. Finding somewhere to eat for 26 hungry students wasn't easy, and the pub staff certainly did panic when they saw us! But it was literally the nicest food, it might not have been, but I've been living off student cooking (ie pasta, frozen things!) for the past 3 weeks, so it was so nice to have a proper meal cooked for me. I had half a chicken, salad (healthiest thing in 3 weeks) and chips, and it was good.
We went to the beach afterwards, which was beaaaaaaaautiful! 
Ultimate Frisbee was played, a little paddle, wrote things in the sand, climbed over rocks and went looking for crabs. It was so much fun, and really nice to know more people within the CU.
Below are a couple of photos I took on my phone (hence the quality), I'm going to have to back with my camera!

Thankfully, the weather held up until we got to the train station, so it was ultimately a really lovely day out :)

It's half one, and I've been to church and back, cleaned the kitchen and been sitting here for the past half hour, and my flat is still asleep!

How is everyone else? What did you do at the weekend?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lecturer's gone wild.

So the title may be a little deceiving.. I just had to comment on a few of my lecturers. I have one crazy one for intro to Business and Management, but he is hilarious and makes the hour go a lot quicker. I have one 5-6 this afternoon, how crazy, but he'll make it a lot better :)
I have an Economics Lecturer who is a less attractive version of Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, if you didn't know!) which isn't a bad thing at all. But I mean less attractive! And he goes over the hour a lot, like today it got to 1:00 and we were all raring to go, and he started on another batch of slides...annoying.

Another one is a little like Sarah Millican. Now don't get me wrong, I love Sarah Millican, she is my favourite comedienne by far, and going to see her record Sarah Millican's support group was one of the funniest expereiences of my life. However, my lecturer doesn't posess her hilarity, but does have her looks and her voice, just a much more squeaky and annoying version. And given that she is teaching my least favourite module and I dread the moment I have to walk into the classroom.

My law lecturer is the biggest mumbler EVER! We had a 2 hour lecture last week, and the only thing I undestood was that he was a twin, and that he grew a beard but it doesn't suit him. Helpful...mumble mumble.

Anyway. Lectures are in full swing, and trying to write up notes, learn everything I don't understand in my spare time and managing to survive is going surprisingly well. I've even got a social life..I know, shocking.
I'm part of the Christian Union, so I have church with lots of students on Sunday, a Hall Group with 20ish of us on Monday Evenings, and Christian Union main meeting on Thursday Evenings. So lots of people :)
On top of that, I'm still going out lots with my flatmates. In fact, on Saturday, Comedy Dave and Dom (Radio One DJ's, co-hosts with Chris Moyles) came to Bangor! They didn't make much difference, they played the same songs as any other local DJ would have, however, I did get to shake Comedy Dave's hand, which made my day! Haha.

How has everyone else's weeks been?