Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Few Too Many.

Oh hey there.

A severely sleep deprived person attending a university. Said deprivation normally due to studying, but more often, social life. 


Student life for many might entail being bone idle, eating kebabs, stealing traffic cones and getting "totally wreaked!". Mostly middle classin origin, a great number of them seem fascinated with alcohol and consuming large amounts of cheap larger at arguably cheesy student nights. 

So as the above may suggest, students have a reputation for going out, getting drunk and stealing traffic cones.

I am not one of these kinds of students.
I like my bed, my electric blanket and chocolate however occasionally I break out my little shell and go wild. (this is also not true, my wild is most peoples mild)

Since Christmas I've been out a little more than usual and had a few adventures. 

I met Jamie Lang from Made in Chelsea. 
I look incredibly happy and red, he looks completely underwhelmed and fake smiling.

Was a pirate (granted this was only for one picture, but I did get a free eye patch afterwards!)

 Was Minnie Mouse for a friends 21st

And once or twice, I went out looking like a normal human being. Hard to believe I know.

So the last picture was on valentines; a horrendous night. If you've been around a while, you'll know I wrote some really funny/awful stories about the nights out in Bangor! Well here comes another one haha.
In the picture I've got a sticker on my dress right? This was my number for the night, it was one of the most horrific ideas for a theme 'shag tag'. 
First year valentines has it's own little story, which you can read here and here (I recommend you do, it's one of the most hilarious stories I've got), second year I spent it with my then-boyfriend and this year it was us girls sticking together again. 
Now, first things first, me and my friend did not go for this night...at all. We'd gotten our exam results that day and were pretty happy, so we wanted to go out to celebrate; little did we know what horrors valentines night had in store for us. 

So shag tag, pretty much they gave you a sticker/tshirt (there was no way I was going to wear a tshirt saying shag tag) with a number on it. Then they had massive screens all around the club with a phone number on it, people were encouraged to text to that number a message to the person of their choosing with reference to their number. Like "hey 365 you're looking pretty hot! From 876", things like that. Were things as nice as that sent in? Not in your lifetime. They were disgusting, things people only say when they're hiding behind a number and a screen. Lots of mentions about private bits, degrading, trash talk. 

That wasn't the only thing, the people in the club assumed that because single girls were out on Valentines, we were looking to pull. No way. We got shouted at, touched, propositioned. 
We lasted 45 minutes and went home to bed. 

What a stupid idea for a night out. 

Have you had any similar horrific themed nights out?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Fresh Start.

So hey, it's been a while. 
About a year ago I decided I wanted to start a whole new blog and give myself a chance of starting over; but that never happened. Life got in the way, and I still missed blogging.
It wasn't until the 15th March 2014 when I'm in my final semester of 3rd year at university, alone in my house for the weekend, supposed to be doing one of my millions of assignments that I decided to look back at ButterflyBoo and read back at some of my old posts. 
Reading them back made me realise the thing I had been searching for was true friends who don't judge, who don't roll their eyes when I mention the amount of work I have or the friends that I had when I was blogging.
Sure I could attempt again with the new blog, or start a whole new one altogether; but I want to get back to my blogging roots and get back to the reasons why I did it in the first place. And that only seemed right at ButterflyBoo. 
So I'm back. I've been pretty rubbish in the past about announcing I'm back and then having months in between each post, but I'm gonna try and fix that. It's not like I actually have a life at this stage of university haha.
So lets have a catch up, I'll tell you a bit about what I've been doing and then you tell me what I've missed the past year.

I'm a third year who's supposed to know what she's doing with her life but actually has no idea. A third year who is still learning how to do life. A third year who's attempting to juggle having friends, kidding herself that going out is actually still a good idea and having to do work the next day. And a third year who is just as confused and befuddled about everything else in life. 

I have a couple of posts all planned for you with plenty of pictures from the past few months and general chit chat. As I say, I'm on my own this weekend- I have to talk to someone haha!

So what have I missed in your lives then? Please catch me up!

Love, Elizabeth. xx
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