Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The best adventures of freedom.

I'm such a bad blogger, I will definitely do the posts I said I'd post, I've done the tag, and half written the B in A-Z, but things are all to distracting!
Since exams happened, things have been non-stop. I've been so busy!
The sun has definitely allowed us to have some adventures, and they've been so good, I'd like to share them with you :)

So Saturday...we had to do some boring stuff to do with our new house, like sort out changing the bills and finding out what the landlord needs to be replaced etc, so we rewarded ourselves by walking to McDonalds! Seems normal right? But McDonalds is like half an hours walk..up a the heat. It took us SO long to get there, I thought I was gonna collapse from heat stroke haha! 
But it was so worth it, I've only been to McDonalds once in Bangor, cause of how far it is and we had a lift, so to be able to sit in an air conditioned place with a McFlurry? Bliss.

But I forgot to put Suncream on my feet, and I wore gladiator style sandals. The result was both hilarious and embarrassing.

That's right, and that was after like 2hrs in the sun...I then went out again and the results were even worse.
I seem to be the butt of many jokes to do with my sunburnt feet!
"Am I reaaaally drunk, or have you got diamonds on your feet?"
Dilemma is, if I wear the same shoes, nobody sees and nobody laughs at me...but if I do wear them, then I'll never get rid of the stupid sunburn!

Anyway, about 8 on Saturday, I decided I'd spontaneously join 2 of my mates on their night out with their mates. I ended up being the only girl with 6 very drunk guys haha, they looked after me...or attempted to anyways.
We went to a karaoke night at a pub first- let me tell you now, it was hilaaaarious! 
I generally avoid karaoke nights, but I'd forgotten how funny drunk people singing is, especially when they're under the impression they're amazing haha!
We went to a club afterwards...but there was a grand total of about 40 people in there, it was so empty, so only stayed for about half an hour haha.
As I was with guys, they were acting like drunk guys funnily enough! And on the way home, they purchased a 30"..yep 30 whole inches, pizza. They were in heaven.

This is what I wore:
Top: H&M
Skirt: Tesco
It was a bad outfit to picture, as there wasn't much to comment on haha
I did add a necklace after I took the photos :)

So Sunday, was leavers Sunday at church, and we had a bbq afterwards to say goodbye. It was my first bbq of the year, and was gorgeeeeeeeeous! Laying in the sun, with great company and really good food.
After that we went to Bangor Cathedral to a pentecost service, which was so lovely.
As we're in Wales, the songs were in Welsh, obviously. But I had really tall people in front of me and I couldn't see the English I made up my own Welsh words haha, it was fun ;)
Sunday was such a packed day- after the Cathedral I grabbed some warmer clothes and headed up to a place called Roman Camp up on a hill. It's called that cause the Romans camped there I imagine! But it's overlooking Angelsey and you get the most amazing views, we stayed there for about 5 hours and watched the beautiful.

 (this was taken with panaramic software on my phone..I don't really get it. I mean, it looks great on my phone whilst spinning round, but all the pictures on a computer look wierd. But hey it was free!)

Okay, so Monday was exciting too. The Olympic Torch came to Bangor! 
It was being ran through the streets and we went to go see it! It was really nice to see Bangor become so patriotic, the streets were lined with banners and people. As it's sponsored by Coca Cola, we got free coke and 'beat pads' (drums) and the hype was massive. 
Before the actual Torch came along, there were floats from Coca Cola, and various banks which had cheerleaders on and everyone made so much noise and cheered. Then the police came along and high fived everyone on the streets...and then the flame came! 
We saw a changeover of the torch, which was pretty cool. Although am I the only person who thought there was only one torch and people passed it like a relay?
That doesn't happen! Everyone has their own one and then just passes on the flame.
I know someone who's friends with the girl who ran it, and apparently you can keep the torch you ran with for £250! Expensive yes, but how cool would it be to own an actual Olympic torch?!
 Our 'beat pads' haha.

We met Mr Range, our dream guy ;) In all honesty, I 'm not sure why he was there...

Are you bored yet?
Just one more day to go! 
Yesterday was awesome, we went on an adventure to a waterfall!
We got the bus to Aber, which is a really cute little village and went to a cafe. I had Welsh Rarebit for the first time! (which is very similar to cheese on toast..not real rabbit)
We chose to take the 'rough' path to the falls, and it took about half an hour to get there, going through forests and sheep fields.
And then we reached it, it was breathtakingly beautiful.
Zara's been to Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls and all these exotic places, but for those of us that haven' was one of the most awe inspiring views ever!
We climbed over rocks, and paddled in the waterfall, sunbathed on the rocks and appreciated the view. It was so amazing. (I'm running out of superlatives to describe!) So I'll show you :)

As we were tired, we decided to take the easy route back...until we got lost. 
The path took us up and down SO many hills it's unreal- through every sheep field known to man. 
EVENTUALLY- we got the bus back and we could collapse. (I did go out last night too- I am dead.)

If you made it to the end it's a miracle!
Thank you for reading it, like I said. It's been mega busy.
I saw some beautiful things, once in a life time things, and had a lot of laughs :)

Hope you're all really good :)

Love, Elizabeth xx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bliss in the sun.

Words cannot describe how excited I am, I have finished my many many exams...and my first year of university! I'm in Bangor for another week, so will be having lots of fun in the sun!

Being away from blogger has been so hard! There have been so many times where I've been revising and I've just wanted to get blogging and to catch up with everyone lives, I even got to far as to open Blogger, but I controlled myself as I knew I had to focus on exams. But I'm sooooo glad I'm back!!

Life hasn't been too interesting since we last spoken, I've revised...ate...exam...slept. 
That was basically my life for the past few weeks, so I've not got too much to report, although I'm sure the many embarrassing stories will come back to me soon enough haha! 

"N.Wales is hotter than Athens" Say whaaaaaaat? That's right, very wet Wales, is for once, not the exception to this heatwave. How amazing is the weather right now?!
Granted it was torture whilst I was still revising, having to either attempt to revise outside with people just lazing about beside me (and resulted in a VERY burnt arm!!) or revising inside wishing I was one of the people lazing about. But from 10:00am Friday, I have enjoyed every bit of my freedom. 
Outside my accommodation block there's grass so literally everyone has just been sunbathing outside, and it's been bliss. 
I now have veeeeeery odd tan lines on my back, with the many backed tops I've worn haha, but I don't care.
 I <3 freedom.

To kick start my blogging, I'm going to show you my summery outfits from the past week whilst enjoying this weather! I hope that's okay, I'll get onto more interesting things when it's raining outside haha.
(before it got uber hot)
Vest: Topshop
Denim Shorts: Romford Market
Tights: who knows!

Vest: Topshop (it is a different to above, it just doesn't look it haha!)
Skirt: H&M
Belt: Peacocks

 This was for the end of year celebration at the Christian Union :)
Dress: Tesco

I finally got to wear my dress, yay!

Dress: Henry Holland, Debenhams
Belt: Peacocks

Eyeliner: Rimmel Gel eyeliner 
Mascara : Pump Up the Volume Collection 2000
Cheeks: The Body Shop Lip&Cheek Tint
Lips: 17 Berry Crush

I hope you're all loving sun- enjoy it whilst it lasts :)

Love, Elizabeth xx

ps- thank you so much for all your good luck messages for my exams, they're SO appreciated!!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Be right back.

Long time no see!
I thought I could maintain a blogger life/social life and do seems I'm not skilled enough to do that!
Unfortunately, having so many exams in such a short space of time is messing up my mind and making my brain turn to mush.

So I'd like to apologise and say be right back.
My exams finish at 11am next Friday, and I physically cannot wait- until then, I'll be taking a break off blogger as I need all the concentration I can get right now!

I've got a couple of posts in mind, a get to know you tag from the lovely lovely Elicia at fallinglashes (I will tell you more about how lovely she is in the post!) and the B in my A-Z, as well as a little catch up on my life (it's been boring, I've woken up, revised, had an exam, ate chocolate, slept...and repeat x1000). 

Also a little mention to Aimee, she recently commented on my first ever post saying she'd now managed to read all of them start to finish! Which is a miracle...all 102 posts, I'm not sure I could read about myself for that long. But Aimee, I really appreciate it, I'm shocked and amazed that someone could put in that much effort just for my blog, but thank you so much :)

So I'll speak to you all in a weeks time.. I promise :)


Love, Elizabeth xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Friday Night Proposal.

Sooooo Friday night was very complicated haha.
I initially said I was going out right? I even blogged it, but then my best friend decided she didn't want to go out anymore. So we made that decision, and we got our ice cream and settled for that.

Slightly off topic- but has anyone else tried to new Ben&Jerry's Core? 

It's half price in Morrisons/Tesco/ probably other places(and probably in other countries too!) at the moment and you need to try it!
I bought the Karamel Sutra (a name my mum laughs hysterically at each time she sees the advert, and she thinks im immature haha) which is basically chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks on one side, caramel ice cream on the other with a core of pure caramel. It is lush.

Anyway, we were sat in Zara's room eating our ice cream whilst our flatmate and friends were pre drinking, and somehow we were talked into going 11:30pm, yep.
Gotta love spontaneity right?

So I did speed get ready...and threw make up on my face and grabbed a dress..and within 20 minutes I was fairly respectably dressed!
As it was so late in the evening, I didn't get to take any OOTN pictures. But I have a photo of the evening which was taken by the photographer (I've cut out my friends in case they didn't want to be exposed to the wonderful world of the internet)
So you've seen this dress many times before, but like I said - I just grabbed the first one I found!
Dress: New Look
Belt: Peacocks

Eyeliner- Collection 2000 Felt Tip Liner
Mascara - Collection 2000 Pump up the Volume
Cheek Stain- The Body Shop Lip&Cheek Stain
Lip Stain- 17 Berry Crush

Friday night was back to normal...the weirdos were out haha!
So I heard two of the worst chat up lines ever...and one of them wasn't exactly only chatting me up.

When I was walking to the dance floor at one point and a guy casually strolled up to me, stood in front of me, and asked "Do I know you?" *Cue looking very confused*  I said "errr I don't think so..." And what did he say? "Oh you must have one of those faces....a pretty one, I'm Paul"
Worst. Chat. Up. Line. Ever.

As I hadn't been out for a while, and I wore my heels, I knew I was going to be in some major pain at the end of the night, and I was right.
I ended up sitting down at the side for a break...and this young man came to sit next to me, perfectly normally.Then he started talking to me, again- fine. He asked me what I was doing in Bangor, what course I was doing etc, and then he asked whether I had a boyfriend.
And he couldn't quite get over the fact I'd said no.
Then.. "Well if you haven't got one..I'd be more than willing to propose"
erm WHAT?
I must have looked bemused, he said "Well if you're not attached, we could move to India together and get married, you could meet my parents!"
He continued "gjksnhgjdfgkdf" I couldn't actually hear/understand what he said, so I said "Yes, they are my friends down there, and yeah they are calling me, bye!" 
I'm not ashamed to say I ran away.

Being from Essex, I get a lot of "Do you know the people off TOWIE?" It's a shame I have to say no...UNTIL NOW!
On last nights episode my ex-boyfriend was an extra! haha.
We went out a couple of years ago for approximately 3 weeks and we're best friends now, but now I am proud to say that I know someone who was on TOWIE.
You know its a proud moment when you can say that haha.

Hope the poor flirting skills of Bangor entertained you :)

Love, Elizabeth xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Procrastination blogging.

Hellooo everybody :)

Just a quick one today- sposed to be revising and all that.

I've had trouble with my Internet here in Bangor  and I'd been at home for the majority of the week so I don't have too many instagram pictures for you from the past week, but here goes :)

1) My church before it started and the band practising- for me that scene is just peace in itself.
(my church is an old cinema, hence the elaborate curtains haha)

2) A moment of vanity

3) The ultimate distraction- facebook.

4) My FOTD (see below)

Leggings: Topshop Heavy Weight
Dress: Time- like 5 years ago when I was dressing up as an angel haha
Denim Shirt- River Island
Vest: Primark - I wore a black vest underneath to there wasnt a suddent black line of leggings
Socks: I didn't think they'd be so visible! They're giraffe patterns from La Senza
Necklace: Best Friends Necklace H&M
Nails: Unknown brand of red


Eyeliner: Collection 2000 Felt Tip Liner
Mascara: Collection 2000 Pump Up the Volume
Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection
Lip Balm: Nivea essential care
Lip Stain: The Body Shop Lip&Cheek Stain 'Rose'
Cheek Stain: The Body Shop Lip&Cheek Stain 'Rose'

Also like to add, that I'm loving the support of the whole see through leggings thing!!
After my last post, so many off you commented saying how much you hate it too, glad I'm not the only one!

Hope you're all goooood- I'm defying logic and common sense and going out tonight when I have to get up at 8am tomorrow, wish me luck!!
(Promise I'm well enough!!!)

Love, Elizabeth xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

A little haul.

I've been a little naughty and spent a little money when I'm supposed to be saving for summer...oops.
I couldn't resist any longer!
I'll start on my little haul :)

It doesn't look too bad does it?

I'll start with the boring, I bought jogging bottoms...because, well I needed some!
Since I've been at uni I've been on a search for socially acceptable jogging bottoms. Now, I've conquered my fear and now wander round my flat and down to morrisons with no make up on and looking like a tramp, but socially acceptable clothes are a I don't look like an actual chav tramp, just a tramp in disguise.
So I bought these ones in Peacocks, and I actually really love them.
They're cropped cuffed in a dark grey colour with 'Brooklyn NY-72' printed on the side.
I've mentioned before but the idea of cropped or turned up bottoms always led me to believe you'd have cold ankles.. but I think I'm right. But is that gonna stop me? No sir.

Sorry for the awful lighting- I had to take the picture with my curtains closed cause I was going to put them on once I'd photographed them. And I didn't fancy people seeing me half naked.
(They're actually so comfy...and only chilly ankles so far!)
I bought these for £10 in Peacocks, but £9 with Student Discount.

On to the more interesting things...
I've been on the lookout for a pair of these for SO long, and I wanted them so much, I actually paid £18 for them (£16.20 with SD), which is a lot more than I would normally pay, but like I said, I couldn't resist.

From the Topshop website!

They're 'Black Heavy Weight Leggings'.
Now I'm someone who fully believes 'Leggings aren't trousers', wear a long top, fine- I just don't want to see your underwear. And I'd LOVE to show everyone who chooses to show off their backside in see-through leggings these ones. They're really really thick, almost like trousers. 
I'd seen a lot of negative reviews about their sizes, but a size 8 fits me perfectly, the legs are pretty long though..and I don't consider myself that short either.
Now I've got to buy a couple more dresses to go with them...oh well! ;)

After seeing the Blogging world rave about this product, I gave in.
It's Ultrabland from Lush! I know so many people that speak very highly of it, I'm planning on doing a mini review after I've used it for while to let you know my thoughts, but from the past 3 days I've used it - it really is amazing to remove my makeup!
We don't have a Lush in Bangor (where I'm at uni) so whilst I was at home for a bit, I got persuaded to buy it!
It was a combination of Bloggers who persuaded me.
Becca at 'back for tea' wrote a really interesting post ages ago, but it's stuck in my mind ever since I read it. Read it here. She made a very good point that when your make up remover stings, you're basically rubbing unknown chemicals into your face, which is probably doing you more harm than good. (Becca works at LUSH, she knows what she's talking about)
And Caroline at 'GirlyGirlvsWorld' wrote a really good tutorial about how she uses Ultrabland. Read it here, and that just tipped me over the edge...and I bought it :)

Next up, I guess I'm kinda cheating here...cause 2 of them were free with magazines. But I'll go ahead and show them too

The Body Shop - Lip&Cheek Stain in 'Rose' (I think!!) - this was free with Marie Claire
17 Berry Crush- Lip Stain - It doesn't actually have a colour or number on it. How stupid. £4.99
Liquid and Pencil Eyeliner- Black- free with Company

Swatches are done in the same order, Lip&Cheek stain, Lip stain, Liquid eyeliner, Pencil Eyeliner.

Body Shop Lip Stain (I'm yet to use it on my cheeks)

Berry Crush Lip Stain

The Body Shop Lip Stain doesn't really show up much on camera, but there is a noticeable colour difference on my lips- I think it'd be good for just the day, not sure if I'd use it for a night out. But it's okay for being free.

The Berry Crush Lip Stain is a lovely feminine colour, nothing too light which usually washes me out. The moisturiser on the other end leaves my lips feeling refreshed...stays on a good while too, but hasn't survived eating yet!

Sorry for the pictures too- I wasn't wearing any makeup on the rest of my face, a tramp day.

The free eyeliner is love/hate. I use a liquid liner on a day to day basis as I really don't get on with pencils very well, and I can achieve a better line with liquid (I used Collection 2000 Felt Tip Liner if you're interested). However the liquid part of this eyeliner, I've found, is too wet. Yes that sounds stupid, but it just drips everywhere, definitely not a fan. However I do love the pencil on the other side! I still wouldn't do my main lashes, but it's good for my lower lashes's the first pencil eyeliner I've used which stays on all day! Definitely will be using the Pencil.

That was my little haul! I'd like to mention, although I do show my hauls and things, I'm no use at reviews, and know no technical words for beauty this is just a little bit of my opinion.

I'm now back in Bangor for my exams, and writing this blog has been a good little revision break...ahem, an hour of distraction haha.
I have 6 exams in the next 3 weeks, so I will probably be a little quiet!

Hope you're all well...see you on the other side :)

Love, Elizabeth xx

Friday, 4 May 2012

The one with the bows.

I'm sure you all remember the gorgeous dress I bought for £5 in Primark. 

Well as I've not got much to report I thought I'd do a quick OOTN for you all :)

The eagle eyes of you will notice I'm wearing 2 different pairs of shoes in the pictures. 
I was going to wear my heels but then knew they were gonna hurt so decided on flats. 
I'm not sure why I decided this in the middle of picture time!

So here's the thing. I know I'm ill, and I know I was in hospital last week. But for some strange reason I thought I could suck it up and go out. I was wrong.
I left after 10 minutes after a mini breakdown, and decided there and then that I needed to get better no matter what. 
So at 1am, I text my parents asking if I could go home. They panicked of course, but I just genuinely needed to be surrounded by familiar things and their love. 
So I'm home now for a bit.

Onto my week through Instagram

1) My tights sparkled in the sun, I realised after I posted the picture that you can't actually tell they were sparkly at all...

2) My hair dye! Since I washed it in special colouring stuff it does look a lot more like the colour on the box. It's purple/red/auburn in different lights :)

3) It was my beautiful nan's 90th birthday last Saturday, unfortunately I was in Bangor so couldn't go to her tea party. But she's an inspiration to me.

4) It was 12midnight on Sunday, and we decided to watch Madagascar, it was the best.

5) 'Working hard'

6) I fancied being vein.

7) Since getting ill, obvious it's not advisable to drink and my tablets specify no alcohol. So to make my tea more fun whilst other were pre-drinking, I used a straw! :)

8) My best friend Iain :)

9) On the train home, Wales is a very pretty place.

10) Russian dolls form great procrastination.

My instagram's: lizinadream :)

Love, Elizabeth xx