Monday, 28 November 2011

Procrastination at it's best.

I'm going to admit something...I should be doing something else.
Story of my life eh? And probably loads of yours too.
Yes, I have 2 assignments due. One of them in 2 weeks, yes I have notes to write up, and have exams...but am I doing any of that? No :)

Thursday evening, I witnessed my friend Phoebe do newspaper nails, and they look fab! Which inspired me to look at my own nails :)
On Friday, I was bored...surprise surprise, so I went looking on some blogs for some nail tutorials... until I decided to be a little creative and do my own. So I cut out the letters L.O.V.E out of a piece of paper and coated my nails with a base coat, I used my 'On Ice' from H&M and let that dry. Then came the more complicated bit of taping the letters onto my fingers without smudging them..interesting to say the least haha. Then I filled in the gaps of my stencils with Barry M 'Bright Pink' (imaginative name eh?) 279.. 
I have to say I wasn't that pleased with the results as it did still look messy, but it was going to have to do as I was going to go to a flat party in the evening and I wanted something a little different :) 

That's how they turned out! 

On Saturday, again, I was bored. I was the only one in the flat all day and it was pouring with rain outside, and lets face it..I wasn't going to do my assignment. 

So I took off my nail varnish..and started again. 
This time, I didn't do a base coat, just used my natural nails as they were looking kinda long and healthy for once (they've gone waaaay downhill since uni, blame it on lack of vegetables haha)
And just went wild! I was just playing really, seeing whether I could do it. But they turned out okay for once. I have the same pattern/flower on my thumb, middle finger, and little finger, and then different designs on the two others, but the same on both hands. 
I much prefer these ones, I'm going to play around some more soon, probably as my deadline gets closer and closer haha.

What do you guys think? Have you got any cool nail tutorials I could try?


Friday, 25 November 2011

Olive Oil and Popeye (not both in my hair)

So coming to university is slowly killing my hair!
When I was at home, I never used to do anything to my hair, literally (apparently I say this too much as I'm an essex girl haha) just used to let it dry naturally and it would be straight without straighteners!

But since 9am lectures, and the horrible weather of Wales, I've had to start using heat on my hair a lot more often. Obviously if i wash my hair in the morning, I can't really go to lectures with wet hair, so I dry it with a hair dryer, and then by the time I've been outside for 10 minutes in the wind and the rain, my hair is so frizzy it's I straighten it. And when we go out, my hairs either straightened or curled..just so it doesn't look like Tracy Beaker hair! 
I do use heat protection, I use this: Tressemme Heat Defense Spray
I'm not sure whether it works, my hair's not in bad condition..I just feel bad with so much sudden heat on it. What does everyone else use as a protectant?
But anyways, my flatmate has (so she says) really course and thick hair, and when she went home for reading week got a hair cut.. and the hair dresser actually found a dread. Yes her hair had actually formed a dreadlock! (I would be horrified) so now she has to use treatments on her hair more regularly. But because of this, she told me about putting Olive Oil in your hair to make it soft!
I have to admit, when I first heard this, I was like " yeah okay" But after drying, curling, and straightening my hair in the past 3 days, I felt I should try it. 
So this is what I did.
Before I went to bed, I got a handful of Olive Oil and massaged it into my hair (yes I did feel silly), then got another handful and worked it through my hair...and I did this until my hair was covered in Olive Oil. Then I covered my pillow with a towel so it didn't get everywhere and went to bed!
In the morning, I washed my hair as normal but used more than my usual amount of shampoo to get out all of the oil, and dried it. 
I'm telling you honestly, and truthfully... my hair has never felt so soft!
I cannot believe that I 've never known or tried this before!
It's such a simple thing to do, and it genuinely worked. 
So if you're in need of a hair pick me up or just want to treat your hair.. I would definitely recommend getting yourself some Olive Oil and putting it in your hair! 
Just make sure that you don't leave your room or let anyone see you with it in, it looks awful haha.
Has anyone else got any home remedies I could try? :) 

Now, not really connected but kinda. 
When i was in Malta in the summer, I went to Popeye Village, where they made the film set of the 1980's film of Popeye (with Robin Williams) into a theme park. And they had people dressed as the characters, Olive, Popeye, Brutus and other people walking around and taking pictures (we made a film with them, hilaaaaaaaarious!) And whilst on the theme of Olive Oil..I thought I'd share a few pictures of it! :) 

 This was the main film set (apparently, I haven't actually seen it..) and you could go into all those buildings
 A Landscape shot of the whole bay :)

Me with Olive! :)

I love looking at the pictures and remembering the sun haha! It seems so far away.

Has anyone actually seen the film? Does it look like that?


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Favourite Bloggers :)

I thought I'd do this post because I really do get a lot of inspiration for my blog from elsewhere - although we don't necessarily post about the same thing, I read them avidly and am a massive fan, so I thought I'd give them a post :) 

  • Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter -
    - Louise's blog/youtube channel is amazing! And hilarious, her reviews are always really good and sound proffessional (mine certainly wouldnt!) Being herself is what she's best at, and along with Baby Glitter, she makes the most beaaautiful blogger/vlogger mummy!

          - Laura's fashion sense/ clothes are so fabulous, she always looks so gorgeous in all her photos with her outfits! She does some really good reviews on products and PR material and she's got such a lovely style of writing! With her life and her baking - her blogs soo good! :) 

          - Zoe is so gorgeous, I'm jealous! She has amazing clothes and photographs them so well. Her reviews of products and tutorials for hair etc are great and I take much inspiration from her! I love how she has such a following for being so nice and gorgeous!

           - Gemma blogs about such interesting things! Beit make up, going out, her hauls or her life, they're always written so well, and she comes across so lovely in it!  Her clothes and make up always looks fab and she always always always has such good nail varnish! Really love reading flutter and sparkle!
           - Danielle's blog is so lovely! I really love reading about her family and how she's getting on, she does fab posts about all sorts including her family, her new courses, being a beauty therapist and make up! Again, she has such a good style of writing, it's so easy to just keep reading!

         - Kim was the first blog that I started reading years ago when I wanted to find a review of a Superdrug face mask because I'd had an allergic reaction, and since then I've been hooked! Her posts about her weeks and things she's learnt are so nice because we really get let into her life which is really cool. Her make up reviews and reccommendations are so useful and i still go by her word eachtime! 
Those are a few of my favourite bloggers, I do love reading loads more but those are just a few :) 

I don't necessarily agree that wearing perfume makes you have a lovely day haha..but I thought it was cute.

Who can you not stop reading? xxxx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Creepy Tom, doughnuts, and chavs in our kitchen!

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages, I keep on starting posts and saving them, but never finishing them.

My blog's starting to be a lot more life based with little bits of hauls and Outfit's of the day/night..I hope that's okay?

So, a little update.
You know when it feels like you can't function anymore due to lack of sleep and you seem to just get through days? Well that's definitely been this week.
We went out on Tuesday night, and then again on Wednesday, difference being that on Wednesday night I had about 2 hours sleep and the most hectic day ever.
But I'll start with 'Creepy Tom', we were in Occy on Wednesday and I was sitting down with Zara as both of our feet hurt (killer heels!) and this guy came to sit next to me, so his friend went to Zara. My guy is now known as 'Creepy Tom', cause that's exactly what he was! He sat next to me, started stroking my chin and asked me for a kiss.. I quickly answered "er I've known you for 2 seconds, do you really think I'm going to?" He thought it was perfectly acceptable to then continue, and offered to take me to dinner so I could kiss him.. I said yeah, in the full knowledge that it'll never happen.
We then went to the dancefloor.. If anyone reading this can tell me why certain guys think it is perfectly acceptable to rub themselves on a girl that they don't know and think that it's enjoyable, I would be forever grateful. (He was also a good 2 inches shorter than me). And just kept grabbing me, ew. To rectify this awkward situation, I got my flatmate to pretend to be my boyfriend, that soon scared him off and he went home depressed. Well, he only has himself to blame!
The guy Zara ended up with turned out to be so nice, and sweet and even paid for a taxi for all of us (6 of us) to take us home because there was no way my feet was going to make it home!

So I eventually got to bed around 4, and what delights awaited me? A fire drill, of course. We had a fire drill at 5:30am, which is terrifying (it flashes red from our ceiling, and says something in Welsh), so of course we ran out the building, and waited in the freezing cold for 20 minutes, only to find out that we had failed again it because some silly person took 5 minutes to get out, and that we were going to have to do it again. Last time we failed, it was 3 weeks ago, but oh no, the next fire drill happened to be half an hour after we went back to bed. Laaavely. Thankfully, we passed that one, and we could go back to bed..for an hour, until I had to get up at 7:30am. Grr.

Thursday was as good as it started really, after getting up at half 7, I had lectures 9-5 straight, and then a doctors appt..then we did dial-a-doughnut with the CU. Dial-a-doughnut was were people on our accomodation site rang/text a number with a question about God or Christianity, and we went to their flat and delivered their answer as well as a doughnut! As you can imagine, we got some really stupid ones like "why did Jesus wear Sandals?", but overall the response was amazing, with some really genuine questions, with some people that were actually interested! But that just finished me off...I was asleep by half 10. I had spent the whole day just being a walking zombie.

So Friday and Saturday were uneventful, until we got to last night.
We went to Embassy, where Diana Vickers was DJ-ing...I'm sure she's a lovely person and everything, but was she any better than the resident DJ? Not at all, and we paid £5 entry.
It was an interesting night, including one of my flatmates saying 'I love you' to her bf for the first time (so cute!) another flatmate getting so so so drunk. And a visit from a never-happened boyfriend but he still likes her so much and wont give up for another flatmate! ...and then there was me.

Don't get me wrong, as I said earlier, random guys grinding against me makes me sick, as do those similar guys who only talk to you because they think you'll sleep with them. But sometimes It'd be nice if a guy (who wasn't a creep) actually stayed talking to me, instead of finding my flatmates far more attractive and ditching me for them. (which happens all the time, and I'm just fed up with it)
Sorry for the rant - blog seemed the best place to put it! 
Cue chav guys. As I said, flatmate with never-happened bf - they went for a 'talk' and left me under the charge of these 2 guys that we had seen earlier. They were friendly enough, apart from one was 17 and had snuck in, we chatted for a bit and the older one was quite nice. He got my number and things, and told me how whenever he goes out, he ends up sleeping in a bus shelter cause the cab fare's too high.. right.
Cue flatmate- now as I said, this happens regularly- they completely forgot about me, and felt she was far better to talk to and look at, and ignored me for the rest of the time. After about 20 minutes of this, we left.. we got to our building, looked at our phones and saw we each had 3 missed calls from Tom (yes, his name was Tom too!). Cut a long story short, they managed to persuade us to sleep in our kitchen cause they had no where else. We took all valuable things from the kitchen, gave them the floor, and told them they must be gone by the time we got up. (we have keys for our doors, they couldn't get anywhere near our rooms!) 
So all night, Tom was sending dirty messages to my flatmate (she wasn't replying) and all day. Again, laavely.

So that's how we ended up with chavs in our kitchen! 

I'm sorry for the rant for this one, I hope you don't mind my bluntness, and is totally the insecure 18yr old girl in me.

I had a photoshoot today- but that's for another post!

So... how about you? :) xxx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Outfit of the night!

On Tuesday nights, there's a rock vs indie night at a local club called Embassy, which we always seem to attend! It's a good break from the usual club scene, its obviously not as popular as normal club nights, which is a good thing as you're not crammed in there and not constantly being pushed/shoved. The music is also pretty good, a nice change from club mixes, and having a bit of Kings of Leon, The Killers, Blink 182 etc is always fun :)

So, this is what I wore this week! (apologies there are no photos including my face&make up etc..)

  • Plain White Vest - Tesco £1.50 in the summer i think...
  • Shorts - They were kindly bought for me when I went home for reading week as they were half price when we bought an Christmas present. Select - Sale price £5...I love these shorts! :)
  • Tights - Black cable tights - Tesco £3.00 maybe?
  • Necklace - Pendant chain, Avon. Bought years ago, I can't remember the price! 
  • And of course, my lovely new heels! :) (which by the way, have slaughtered my feet, they may look pretty, but boy do they hurt!!)

I curled my hair with straighteners, and had classic make up:
  • Long Lasting Eyeliner - Avon. (I can't remember the specifics as all the info has rubbed off haha!) And had cat flicks.
  • Super Size Fat Lash Mascara - Collection 2000 
  • Lasting Perfection Concealer - Collection 2000
  • Boujoir Eyeshadow - They've discontinued the one I have as it's so old, but it's similar to the 'little round pot intense eyeshadow' 
  • Lip Paints - Barry M 

That was my evening wear :) How is everyone? Is anyone actually interested in these posts or shall I stick to the life-y stuff? xxx

Monday, 14 November 2011

Scottish Barn dancing, serial killers in a tunnel, an elf and shoes!

So after my horrific journey home, which I blogged about here, I went home for the week! :)
Being at home was lovely, seeing my friends and family, and going to my church was so good!
Strangely enough, I did miss Bangor, loads. My flatmates were missing from my life, and that was hard haha.

But I had a good break, did (some) work, and came back again on Thursday!
And then I went away again on Friday with the Christian Union, we went away for the weekend at somewhere called the Quinta in Oswestry. It was incredible. Really bonded so well with people I hadn't really gotten to know yet, so that was nice, we had lots of meetings, so much cake. A ceilidh (scottish barn dance) which was possibly the funniest thing I've done in ..ever. My stomach hurt so much from laughing so much whilst doing it, my friend Phoebe was my partner and just made it hilarious.
After the ceilidh, we went on a night walk....we were so naive thinking it was going to be a pleasant walk. We ended up at at tunnel, being told to hold onto the wall, and to the person in front, not to use torches or phones, and not to fall into the canal. Cue mass panic. The walk through the tunnel ended up being one of the most terrifying experiences ever. It felt like hours, when in reality it was probably only 20 minutes through this tunnel. I was gripping onto my friends hands in front and behind, determined not to die. About half way through, to make it less scary, a couple of guys a while behind me (there were 60 of us) started singing. Now in my terror, I couldn't really work out what they were singing, and all I could imagine was men standing at the end of the tunnel with massive cloaks and hoods on with fire sticks chanting whilst we walked into their trap and we were going to die.
Clearly, this was very very wrong, but I didn't know that! So that made it very turned out they were singing amazing grace haha...but it took me a while to realise that.

We also dressed up, I was an elf! :)

Also, when I was home, I was fortunate enough to be bought some shoes! They were £19 (£5 off) from Select.

And then I came back to Bangor and was feeling alittle sorry for myself.. so I bought THE most gorgeous shoes from New Look, £24.99, but £22.35 with student discount!

How gorgeous right?!

When I went away, I left my room key with my flatmate Zara in case she needed to stay in there (other flatmate had bf staying, and we have very thin walls!) and I had possibly the greatest surprise ever.
It took hours, was so thoughtful (and an inside joke haha)

The post its are the lyrics to 'What makes you beautiful' by One Direction.
One line on each post it, I've never felt so loved hehe <3

This was so long, and major procrastination from revising for my Economics exam tomorrow.
Has everyone else had a busy busy week?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Train journey from hell.

Sorry for the silence, I've been doing a little travelling :)

On Saturday I had the worst train experience of my life. It was horrific, and horrendous.. and all the other superlatives I could think of!
I got on the train at Bangor at 9:22, planning on making my train journey and then my parents were gonna meet me at Euston to help me with my stuff on the tubes (I had a lot of stuff). But oh no, virgin trains had other plans.
It was fine until we got to Crewe, where we were told there had been overhead wiring problems at Wembley, but they didn't really know the extent of it yet.. so we carried on going. And then stopped at Nuneaton for half an hour (we weren't supposed to stop there!) with no info, to then be told that it was severe problems in we waited some more. Then we moved! We got to Rugby, and waited there (a common theme of my journey) for half an hour, until we were kindly informed that the train was going to terminate there, and we needed to get on another one on another platform. Now, I don't know why people think English people are so polite, but when they're running to get on another train when there is a little girl with mountains of stuff in front of them, they are so not polite!
So we got on another one, which said we could go to Milton we went to Milton Keynes, to then be told we had 3 options:
  • Get on a bus to Luton airport (why this would be useful is beyond me)
  • Wait it out, which could take hours..
  • Or get on another train to Watford and see what's happening there.
Now, none of them seemed to make much sense, but I got on the train to Watford! 
Once at Watford, we were told trains on platform 3 and 4 were going to London Euston, and everyone get on those and you'll get where you want to be! So we got on those trains...and waited. 
We were then told, that all trains to London Euston were cancelled indefinitely, and to not travel unless it was I don't know about you, but trying to get home and not being stranded in Watford is pretty essential!

So I did the one thing I knew how to do, cried.
There I was, with a suitcase, 2 big bags and another small one, crying in the middle of Watford Junction Station. So my next port of call was ringing my parents, but as they thought I'd be going to Euston, they were underground therefore had no I called my brother. 
Now my brother was a hero in all of this, because VERY conveniently, his new flat is about 2 minutes from Watford station (I didn't know this, he moved after me!) 
He gathered his friends, and came to my rescue, and after a few teary voicemails to my parents, they knew where I was and decided to abandon all plans of London, and went home to get the car..and drove to Watford to pick me up! 

After 2 hours in my brothers flat (which btw, is so cool. I love his flatmates!), my parents came to save me and drive me home...

It was a very awful and emotional day, and I never even completed my journey! 

Anyone else had bad train journeys like this? xxxx

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Superdrug Haul.

So I was naughty and went to Superdrug! Ooppps.
Basically, I lost my concealer somehow (sad times, it was absolutely amazing!) in the past few days, and my skin's been a a trip into town was in order.
However, I was in a lecture just before I left, and I got a '3 for 2 on all cosmetics in Superdrug' email..and that's when it went downhill! I started thinking about what I could buy, and before I knew it, I was in Superdrug.
I knew I had to find a concealer, and spent aaaages trying to find a decent one, I tend to think with concealers that it's worth spending a little bit more on them because of colour matching and them going flaky (unfortunately I have to use mine a lot..) whereas with mascara, eyeliner, nail varnish etc I go for cheapy ones. I used to have Collection 2000 Lasting perfection concealer (it must be in my room somewhere!) so I almost got that one again, but felt a little adventurous, and found a GOSH one instead, 'GOSH cover corrector stick' in 1 as I'm very pale which was £5.99
Now that I have it at home, I realise it wasn't worth the money, if I hadn't swatched it and tried it, I would take it back and get back my beloved Collection 2000 concealer. But hey...

Next I realised that I've been looking for a lipstick, and now was the perfect excuse to find one! This would be another cheapy thing, but alas, the only cheaper one I could find was £2.99 but the colours were horrific. So I went on a search, and settled on a Barry M lip paint, in shade 151, Sunset for £4.49

Above is swached on my hand, I'm not sure about it, but I'm sure it'll grow on me...

Next, because I knew I was going to get one free, I thought 'what would I really like' and that answer it always nail varnish haha!
So I went on a search, and fell in love with 'Bourjois innovation' I think the number's 4201 but it's kind of rubbed off so I can't be sure. It's pink and sparkly, after applying it to my nails I realise it wasn't quite the colour I was expecting, and it is just pure glitter, which will be nice as an overcoat. However I did just put it over my 'On Ice' nail varnish from H&M, so maybe the pink will be more prominent on a bare nail. This was £5.99

Altogether, they were £11.98, and I'm not sure it was worth it...

Has anyone else bought make up they regretted because of an offer? xxx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

When parents come bearing gifts!

So my parents have come to visit for a couple days, I spent the afternoon and evening with's SO good to see them :D 
I'm sure you know how much I miss them, and how homesick I've become over the past few weeks, so seeing them and spending time with them is just amazing :)
Over the 6 weeks I hadn't seen them, I made a list of the things that I needed and forgotten, and they certainly came bearing goodies :D

As well as milk, cheese, butter etc, they bought chocolate, biscuits and cake :) So so good.
They even bought me an advent calendar.. they know me so well.
Also, they got me a new hat and gloves, which I totally appreciate after how cold and windy it is here. Look how cute!                                                  

Also, a selection of tights and leggings which are much needed :)

Finally, an elf hat, which I need to dress up as an elf in a couple of weeks time..aren't my parents amazing?! :)

How is everybody else? xxx