Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Poor Student Shopping.

As you well know, I am a student.
Not just a student, a very poor student.
It's amazing how far you can get without spending lots of money, and this week I've rediscovered the delights of Charity Shops!

So these are by far my favourites! 
They're exactly what they look like, brown boot heels! I was in love the moment I saw them and they are so comfortable! 
They were originally from Primark and I bought them for £4 :)

So these shoes are too big for me, yeah.
But they were pretty! You see the only proper heels I  owned were proper shoe boots with heels- I love them still, they have some great memories! But they weren't exactly summery... 
So a pair of more slimline black heels were in order. And as I said, I'm so very poor.
So charity shop it was! 
These were from New Look originally and I bought them for £3.99

The best thing about Charity Shop shoes? They're already worn in, so theres a lot smaller chance of blisters!

This was such an impulse buy... I know, that's how I'm so poor. 
But I was walking through the shopping centre, soaked to my skin and very ill. 
(more of that in a bit)
And I looked into a window of a charity shop and it caught my eye. How could I say no?
It's brand new with tags! I bought it for £4 and was was Primark before :)

So these weren't actually from a Charity Shop, however as I included them in it for funsies.
These beauties were from one of my lovely housemates! She bought them from Asos but ended up being too small for her, so she very kindly donated them to me :)
Very unfortunately, I wore them on Saturday and my feet were destroyed.
My blisters are insane. I tried stretching the shoes with a hairdryer and a spoon..but that hasn't seemed to help. Any suggestions?!

So it's Freshers Week here in Bangor. 
How could I tell? I'm ill, tired, have been out every day for the past 4 days and it's raining.
(it has literally not stopped raining in 3 days, it always rain in Freshers!)
You see, I made a bit of an error in judgement. 
I drank, and I drank...and I drank some more. Oops. 
I accidentally gave myself alcohol poisoning. Yeah. Bad move.
I've never drank that much and I never want to again.
I've been so sick, and so ill....eurgh, never again.
Safe to say I wasn't drinking last night..

On that delightful note, I am going to try and enjoy Freshers haha. 
I'm getting up at 7:00am every morning this week as well as getting in at 3:00am so yeah, tired.com.
It's one of my housemates 21st this week, so it's manic.
Wish me luck!

Have you found any gems in charity shops recently?

Love, Elizabeth

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(apologies for the rubbish pictures, they were from my phone and like I said, its raining all the time so theres not much light!)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Rough Looking Night Out.

Sooo I went on my first night out in MONTHS.
Man it felt good.

There was peach schnapps on my floor, a lot of falling off my bed, and a lot of dancing.
Before you call me a drunkard, I'd like to point out I wasn't drunk at all haha; this is me naturally. Unbelievably uncoordinated. My housemates however- another story and the peach schnapps was definitely their fault.

When I show you this OOTD, your first thought will 100% be 'wow she looks rough'. It's true I do.
But I'd like to mention- because of the peach schnapps and the falling over I couldn't take the pictures before I went out, so yeah. These were taken at 3:00am on a Wednesday morning- that's why I look rough.
(dedication to blogging right there!!)

Hey ho.

Dress: Topshop (on sale, £7!)
Belt: Primark
Shirt: My best friend Zara's haha. I love having fashionable friends.

My hair was curled...but then it was 3:00am.

How are you lovely lot?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Happy Pink House.

My MIA was definitely unplanned, however moving house is a lot more stressful than I imagined! (and we’ve not had internet until half an hour ago)
But, the main thing is; I’ve moved into my very own happy pink house.
And yes, it really is a pink house!
Packing was a nightmare, who knew I had so much stuff?! I mean, obviously I only bought the essentials, all 3000 of them!
My room is pretty big, and somehow I managed to fill it with so much rubbish.
I used 4 vacuum pack bags for my clothes, yep 4, with about 15 other bags full of ‘essentials’, like shoes and belts…definitely must haves.
I won’t lie the journey to Wales was literally the most uncomfortable thing ever. 
(apart from when I was on a plane in the middle seat with a very fat fast asleep stranger in the isle and I was desperate for the toilet, but that’s another story) 
We had the left back seat down with things overhanging it by at least 10cm, then you had me and my brother squished in the back next to each other; each holding at least 2 things. I thought I had packing light down to a T…I was wrong. It was a very uncomfortable 6 ½ hours.

It was meant to be a sad face- turned out to be a pout.

Next stop was our house, it’s a gorgeous house- it really is. It’s 4 floors with the bottom one having the living room and the kitchen which is down from the front and flush with the back, two more bedrooms up stairs, then mine and 2 bathrooms on the next floor with 2 attic rooms on the next one up. Mine, although big has original windows; they shake in the wind, are so thin I can hear every word said outside, and have lots of cracks in them..that’ll be fun in the winter.
I’m such a homebody, so I decided to stop myself being homesick I would plaster my room in familiar things. Everyone has said my room is “homely”, I think that’s code for ‘full of rubbish’ haha.

Before... I had a lot of stuff.
 After! My 'getting ready corner'

So that’s our house.
What makes it even better? It came with the best video collection.
We have Flubber, The Jungle Book, The Rescuers, Mulan, The Lion King, Mrs Doubfire; The Classics.
On Saturday we watched James and the Giant Peach, I’d forgotten how amazing the film is haha. However never noticed how obscure being eaten by a ‘Giant Cloud Rhinoceros’ actually was, I used to think they were real!
Now I have internet, I will endeavour to be a good blogger again!
We have freshers week next week, and despite having to get up at 7am every morning; I will have fun. Plenty of OOTN for you I’m sure ;)
Hope you all forgive my absence, and you’re all having a fab September :)

Love, Elizabeth xx           

Sunday, 9 September 2012

An English Summer.

English Summer:
Supposed to be ironic. English summers typically consist of rain and little sunshine, until 'global warming' changed it. Traditionally when someone describes weather as 'an English summer' they mean rain when there should be sunshine.
Perfect summers day are far and few between in England. This summer we've have a few glimpses of them, and the rest? Well it's rained and been cold, typical.

Thing is, some of us get really fed up of the summer because we know exactly what will happen, it will be hot for approximately 6 days spread out within the summer and it will almost certainly rain for at least 2/3rds of the rest of time. So we take action and decide to go on holiday abroad! 
 And this happens..

I feel sorry for this man.
Everytime, we get ridiculously sun burnt and look like a lobster, and people how they can tell we're brits?!
So once we've recovered from the sunburn, and gotten over our post-holiday blues, we crack onto making the most out of the summer!

For me, a perfect summer's day is when it's really hot, everyone really happy and I spend the day in the sun.

Yesterday, I spent about 3 hours in a garden centre, sounds weird. But it was so lovely in the sun! My parents want to buy a shed hence being there- but looking round all the flowers and the (weird- who'd have naked people in their garden?!) statues.
And today I had a beaaaautiful day!
I went to church in a lovely summer dress and came home to get my BBQ on!
I am officially 2 stone heavier than when I started haha.
It was sunny, it was hot and we had masses of food, what more could a girl want?!
I made kebabs, they were tasty :)

So afterwards we played boules, but we hadn't played it for so long that all the water that was inside of the balls was either all gone or leaking out of it- so turned out to be a bit of a wet game!

Despite the weather- I think summer is definitely a time to make memories with the people you love, whether that being in your garden playing boules, going to a faraway country, or sitting inside playing Monopoly watching the rain. 

How's your summer been?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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Ps- I've been a bit MIA recently I know, but I'm finally back from all that camping and hopefully got my mojo back! :)

Monday, 3 September 2012


Paralympics: An international athletic competition for disabled athletes.

Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 2 months, you'll know that the Paralympics are happening at the moment. 
There are massive differences between the Olympics and the Paralympics, for one the logo is completely different. For the Olympics it's the well known 5 interlocking rings, whereas the Paralympics have 'swoops' that "represent the Paralympic motto 'spirit in motion'."*

From top left, clockwise: One image of Olympics rings, three images of Paralympics Agitos

The sports are different; some adapted for the disabilities of the athletes, some completely different- such as goalball, and boccia.

I for one think that the paralympics are vastly underrated until it actually happens.
Whereas there's such a massive build up for the Olympics, once it's over people tend to forget about it until they see the Paralympics happen- and realise just how amazing it is.

I was very fortunate to be able to get a day pass for the Excel centre on Thursday. For the past 3 months I've been trying and trying to get tickets for either the Olympics/Paralympics, I didn't care where or what I saw, I just wanted to say that I'd been part of history. When I saw they had tickets up I literally ran to my dad screaming "tickets tickets tickets!!!". Thankfully he saw quite how desperate I was and bought some for me and my brother.

I have to admit, I wasn't prepared for the day like I thought I was. I genuinely thought I'd go in there, watch a couple of sports and then go home again- not being a majorly sporty person.
But it was so much more than that, for the Games Makers greeting you at every corner, to walking up the stairs to the seats in the arena (I thought it felt like I was climbing the stairs to an x factor audition, if you get what I mean).

It was all very exciting, they used all of the arenas and packed them out.

We first went into the Table Tennis, there were 8 matches going on at the same time so was pretty hard to focus on just one match but I kept my eye on the scores. The athletes were either in a wheelchair or with prosthetics/limps. Being able to move and keep control as an able bodied person is ridiculously hard in my opinion (or maybe that's cause I'm so uncoordinated) but it was really admirable.
A Team GB athlete came out and there was a massive cheer, although she was in the pitch/area/table bit furthest away from us so was pretty hard to tell if anything was happening!
We were pretty close to the nearest match, and we had fun guessing their nationalities!

So the sport I really wanted to see was Judo, and we waited in a mahusive queue to get in as having a day pass didn't give us priority to the sports.
Eventually we got in, and man was it worth it!
We sat pretty close and there were only two mats this time so was a lot easier to focus on what was happening. We sat there and watched for 10 minutes and I started thinking "Well, they're fighting as i nothings wrong, why is this the paralympics?!" After pondering for a while, we realised that the athletes were actually being led into the arena, onto the mat and the referee was very hands on.
That's right- they were visually impaired. They did judo, without being able to see properly. Wow.
I can't say how much of a hindrance their sight was to them, but it genuinely didn't look like they were at all. But judging by the actions of the referee (placing their hands on each other at the start of each round, leading them to the centre of the mat) they were pretty impaired.
The fought for their livelihood- and it was so amazing to watch. The atmosphere was so supportive.
Then Ben Quilter came out, Team GB. He cheer he got was incredible, everyone was chanting "Ben", clapping, stamping their feet.
You know when you watch on TV, and everyone cheers for Team GB?
Well it was actually like that, was so good to be part of it.
Ben actually lost the match I saw but went on to win the rest and win the bronze at the end of the day!
But every throw, every move- the crowd was behind him 100%.

(This wasn't actually Ben fighting)

So my brother really wanted to see sitting volleyball, so off we trot to the arena next door.
And wow, just wow.
I've never seen inspiration quite like watching those guys.
So Sitting Volleyball is just what it says, they're on the floor playing volleyball. The net is 1.5m high for men and 1.05m for women. I'm not sure what I expected, but I definitely didn't expect to be quite so moved by watching them.
We watched Team GB vs Russia, Russia's ranked 4th in the world, we're 24th so the odds didn't look great from the start.
When Team GB came out, I have never experienced anything like it.
I've been to concerts, seen Paramore in the O2 with thousands of other people, but nothing matches the cheer that those guys got coming onto the court.
There was clapping, cheering, stamping, flag waving, screaming, chanting; all mixed together to welcome them.
The team is actually allowed 2 'minimal disability' players, but only one allowed on the court at any point. These guys had both legs, working normally (or it seemed so) so I imagine their disability was elsewhere. The rest of the team either had one leg or no legs.
I'm a vein person, I admit that- I care way too much about my appearance, and when the team came out I was almost in tears. I had so much pride and respect for our team (and the Russian one too) for overcoming their 'disability' and to train and work hard to compete for our country, well that was just amazing.
The team was introduced one by one, each getting a massive cheer. The team has a special player, I think they acted as a captain/coach but a player (or something like that), and when he was introduced I noticed a group of soldiers in the crowd. As they announced his name the soldiers started shouting like I've never heard and holding up banners for this man- they were so proud of him.
After doing a little research I've found out he was "a Gurkha who was injured on patrol in Afghanistan and who has come through the Ministry of Defence's Battle Back programme"
This man had basically had his legs blown off in Afghanistan, overcame all of that then became so good at sitting volleyball to be the special captain person in Team GB. If that's not incredible I don't know what is!
Team GB.

The enthusiasm of the crowd continued throughout the whole match and I really felt like we were all right there with the athletes, every point they scored we cheered, and every point they lost we groaned.
It was an hour of unforgettable true patriotism.
We actually lost the match, but we improved throughout the whole time and we played so well.

 In play. Like I said, we had amazing seats.
It was after the Sitting Volleyball we felt so drained, physically and emotionally. (Well me anyways) 
We tried to queue for the Power Lifting but the queue was hundreds and hundreds of people long and they'd stopped letting people in the arena. Doing a one in-one out system would mean we'd have been standing in the queue for hours!

We called it a day and went home.
I went home really inspired, with so much respect and pride for our Paralympians.
I complain about being bad at sport and therefore never doing it- I can imagine it's so much harder with a disability; but they overcome that and strive to be the best that they can to compete for our country.

My 2 pence on the Paralympics there, hope you enjoyed :)

Have you been watching? Or been lucky enough to witness it yourself?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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PS- I had the most hectic week last week and now I'm away for a leadership training university thing.
Camping again.
I promise I will get back to you all, just give me a couple weeks. I'm home for a week after Friday then back to uni!

(scheduled post)