Thursday, 29 September 2011

Uni madness

I apologise for neglecting my blog for so long, It's been a bit manic, with ups and downs, lectures, parties, and friends.
So I'll start where I left off, I've started lectures now, and I've started the proper ones rather than the introductory ones. And one word comes to mind: Panic.
The one's that I've had are REALLY hard. And on a few occasions I have questioned my place at university. Take today's for example, my 9:00 lecture was 'Quantative methods' which just screams numbers to me, which is never good. I have never been made to feel so stupid and little in my life. I mean, maybe I didn't have the best maths education in my school, certainly not as much as others, and I'm definitely not gifted in the maths dept. But she was going through quadratic equations, opening and multiplying brackets and fractions. But when i say going through, I mean just saying 'you all know how to do it, yes?'. But when there's 200 people in a lecture hall, its not the best time to pipe up.
So I've the afternoon in my room with my flatmate (who did A Level maths) whilst he teaches me GCSE level maths. I feel so stupid.
My second lecture today, was so unbelievably boring it was awful. I understood about 2 words the lecturer said because he mumbled SO much, so the module's really going to go well, its a law one too..hard. We then had a law library talk, which went on for hoursssssss, the woman even drew a map of the library, yes really.
But that's enough about work.

I went to a foam party last night, and although fun and exciting beforehand, once the foam went over my head, soaked my through and in my eyes so I couldn't see, it wasn't pleasant. I felt really vulnerable and had to get outta there, wasn't fun. We left early because I got hit in the head, which was painful, and I didn't wanna stick around..

On the plus side, my flatmates are still amazing (esp maths geniuses!) and it's been so hot the past 2 days. Shorts, vest and sunglasses in Wales! A-maazing.

Here are a few pretty pictures I took when I went out for a walk..once I'd got bored of maths haha :)

How is everybody? xxx

Saturday, 24 September 2011

UV paint and more.

Last night was a UV paint night at a local club called Ocatagon.
The point of it was that everyone was on the dance floor and then get shot at with paint guns which resulted in very messy painty people. But what they didn't say, was that the dance floor has a maximum capacity and only the first 100 in it will be able to get painty. I have to say, I wasn't that annoyed with not being one of 100 because I would have been plastered with paint, in my hair, my body and it didn't look too pleasant.
However, we did get prepared. We bought UV paint and put it on our face, which looked amazing under the UV light in the club, and wrote our names on our backs. It was so fun, definitely one of the best nights. My flatmate got very drunk and I looked after her for the last half hour because she couldn't stand up and kept falling, but apart from that!
Below is a picture of my flatmates all geared up ready to go. There are loads of pictures but most are on my friends camera :)

Today we went to a fun day, it was better than expected that's for sure.
They had the expected fair ground games: coconut shy, hook a duck, hoopla and things. And the more unusual: bungee jump running, surf board bucking bronco type thing, crazy golf and caricatures!
We did a treasure hunt earlier on in the week, and we came first!
So we collected our prize of £40 amazon vouchers each too! :)
I managed to fail at all the games and didn't win anything!
But thankfully my flatmate took pity on me and won me a little pig, and then I begged a stall holder to give me a crocodile.
And my caricature isn't flattering at all, but hey, I'm not really sure why I expected it to be!

How is everybody else?
I've noticed some new commenters, and followers, so thank you so much for taking the time out to read my blog, and I hope you enjoy it :)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Bangorian Adventures.

So university's amazing. Tiring, but amazing. Fortunately, my body clocks gotten used to little sleep at 4 in the morning this week, so I haven't been really tired during the days like earlier in the week.
We've done a treasure hunt, freshers fair x2, bought masses of decorations for my flatmate's birthday, and ate lots of free pizza.
They gave out free domino's pizza vouchers at freshers fair and in and around the town, so naturally I have about 10 in my room ready to be used. Only thing is, Domino's is down the hill so that means we have to walk back up the hill haha.
We've started to make our flat more homely, i.e loads of mess everywhere, but more importantly..we have put up a one direction poster in the kitchen so we can stare at their beautiful faces.

Louis is our favourite, him being more our age making it less weird haha.
I'll take pictures of our decorated flat, we went a bit crazy in the pound shop ahah. But it'll be good because the guy who's birthday it is, doesn't know about it yet :)

On to the nightlife, we've continued to go out every night, naturally ;)
We've been to embassy again, a place called Base (which was rubbish, it was 11:45, and we were the only one's on the dance floor!) and Octagon. the night at Embassy was really good, as it was a silent disco, so everyone had headphones and looked a bit crazy, but it was so good :)

Will take more pictures, and update soon.
How is everyone else doing?!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

University Antics

Life is good.
Never thought I'd say that after last week haha. But I finally get why everyone says university is amazing.
Me and my 3 (sane) flatmates have formed a little gang, and we're all good friends. I'm genuinely blessed that I got such amazing ones!
I've done the formal welcome, health and safety talk, and talk about modules.. with the most boring guy I've ever witnessed, he talked so slow, and repeated everything twice, we were in there for 2 hours! And I'm choosing my modules today.
On to the interesting things, I wasn't expecting any nightlife at all, being in the middle of nowhere and to be honest, that was on of the selling points. I don't drink which makes dancing with hundreds of drunk freshers not that much fun. But I was wrong! On Sunday night we went to a new club called Embassy (and octagon and Oscars, but they weren't interesting enough to blog about!) It was a bit of craziness, lots of drunk dancing around me, lots of grabbing and being drawn on. At some points I did feel quite vulnerable with the knowledge that I was the only sober person there and I  had no idea what to do if the touching up of me and my friends got worse. But it all ended fine, we got back at 3ish, and I wasn't mentally scarred haha! 
Last night we went to another new place called Academi, it was cheesy music night, no more explanation needed. It was better, how could it not be with S Club 7? haha. But we were so tired from the night before that it was only half hearted and got back about half 1.
That's the update of uni adventures, no doubt there will be lots more this week!

This and mountains is the view from most of the town and university, bliss :)

How's everybody else? Any adventures? xxx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

I'm a uni student.. craazy.

So I'm all moved in, and was on the whole..painless.
I've made my room look all pretty and homely with lots of pictures.
My flatmates are lovely, which helps, 2 girls and 3 guys. Two of the guys are awol since yesterday..but the others are really nice :)
Saying goodbye was hard, but once I'd gotten over the original 'I'm on my own' thing, I was fine.
I'll do another update soon, this one's short and sweet :)

My new room :)

How's everyone else? xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The saddest of goodbyes.

So I'm leaving on Saturday, at 5 in the morning.... I hope my new flatmates don't mind me looking particularly bedraggled when I get there aha.
I've (almost) packed, most things are sorted, and it's starting to be more real now.
I've met my neighbour through facebook and he seems lovely, and potential flatmates (depending on how the numbering works..)
So the hard bit's left to do, saying goodbye.
Now I hate saying goodbye, because I really do tend to miss people an awful lot.
On Sunday I said goodbye to my best best friend which was very sad, but also hopeful of the future and another one of my close friends who I hadn't seen in about a year, so a hello drink was probably more appropriate than a goodbye one!
But also I said goodbye to my family. Not by blood but by being the most amazing people alive. My church and youth group, they're my extended family and they mean the world to me, and as much as my actual family do.
Some in particular were sad, but others were bittersweet knowing we were going on to do exciting things.
One thing which was lovely was that I got adopted! Not literally adopted. It's a thing we do in our church, when the students going away are 'adopted' by other people in the church, so they keep in close contact, send them letters, updates, other treats, and keep them in prayer :) I've been adopted by my old youth leader, and that means a lot to me as they've really looked after me in the past years and have even let me stay at their house for a week a time :)

Today I said goodbye to one of my other best friends, it was supposed to be a 'business crew' meetup (we all sat together in business studies everyday) but organising the boys was just so hard we did our own little private one :) It was lovely to spend time with her, but also wish her the best as she really is a genius and will do so well in her life.

And tomorrow is my leaving meal with my family.

Do you want to see my efforts of packing? I have SO much stuff, my dad has actually hired a bigger car to take me there hahaha.

How is everybody else? I've got a grand total of 2 followers!

picture courtesy of weheartit


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Going Ape!

As previous blogged, I turned 18 a couple of weeks ago!
My youth group and my best friend are the cutest and the most thoughtful people alive, and this is why..
A couple of months ago, I suggested going to a high rope place for a friends birthday, but after deciding they were too scared and would never do it we dropped it.
HOWEVER, my best friend planned and plotted, and organised a trip to go ape for me for my birthday! She got my youth group to chip in money so I wouldn't have to pay, and and organised transport and things. Bearing in mind they're all 13-16, and my ticket was £30, this is a massive thing for them.

So yesterday, we went to go ape! :D
There were 4 of us, because of the cost each but that was just perfect.
Our training instructor found out it was my birthday and made a little demonstration of me haha, and he was practicing his flirting skills on me to say the least. It made it hilarious but oh so awkward whilst he was tightening my harness round my waist, legs and everywhere in between!
The course and experience was both terrifying, hard and difficult!
It was very high, but you got used to it after realising how scary the rest of it was.
If you didn't distribute your weight on the many log/rope/tiny rings appropriately, it would over balance and then slip off. If you didn't do it quick enough you'd end up doing the splits with your legs on two different ones screaming haha. The rope/Tarzan swings into a cargo net was terrifying. Especially on one particular, in which the rope you were attached to was longer than the platform you were standing on, which led to throwing yourself off and then plummeting (at that point I believed to my death because I hadn't clipped myself on properly) until the rope got taught and then swung you onto the cargo net.
The zip wires (info from the website) were 20 meters off the forest floor, which was just amazing as the view was just amazing, and 250meters long. Hello scary.

But I manned up, and did it all, throughout lots of "God please don't let me die" In fact, my friend behind me told me I'd said that every time I was faced with something aha.

It was SO much fun, 'challenging', and really gets the adrenalin rushing. Especially as it was wet and slippy. I've got a few rope burns!

Picture's from the website.
But that was one of the many nets we swung into.

It was an amazing day, and I was so touched that everyone had chipped in to let me do something I've always wanted to do!

Has anyone else been to a go ape?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Uni packing and things.

So it's no secret I'm going to university. Far far away.
Not purposefully at all. In fact, if I could I would bring Wales to the neighbouring town to me and my family. I'm dreading leaving home, for me it kinda signifies leaving my happy childhood behind and that's a really sad thought. I know that uni's going to be a massive exciting adventure, meeting new people and doing lots of new things. But there still is a part of me that really wishes I was going to a London uni where I could commute and not leave home. I'm a proper homebody, there is no denying that, I think my parents secretly think I wont make it at uni and will come crying home soon enough, just because I'm so close to them and my brother, and being 7 hours away from them isn't filling me with joy!
However, on the plus side, I'm going to gain a lot of independence, which I know is a very good thing! My brother is moving away to Watford in October, so even if stayed, it wouldn't be the same home I knew and my best friend (who I'm still planning on fitting in my suitcase!) will be going to university next year, and leaving home, so even though it feels like I'm leaving everything and everyone, I'm just the first person to leave!

Sorry for that.. I just felt I needed to say it haha.
Moving means packing! Now, I know I'm unusual in this, but I LOVE packing, I guess it just means that you're always going somewhere exciting to have some new adventures :)
I move in a week and a day, so I decided I'd start sorting out my cosmeticy things.
I have a massive collection of creams, files and pots of exciting things. But there is no way it can all fit in my uni room let alone my car. So sadly I have to decide not to take some!
My jewellery collection is ridiculous too haha. I have a jewellery box, two cosmetic cases, a little box and a jewellery stand lady. Seen below (she's fairly empty because I put all of it in a pile to make a decision!)

But in the end I managed it.
Hard decisions haha!
I decided on my favourite, my special pieces and every day things.
To take it I decided to put it in my jewellery travel case, but that might change before I go.

And these are the pieces I decided to give to charity :)
I threw away loads, lots of broken necklaces and bracelets, goodness knows why I had them!

And finally, this is how far I've gotten to preparing/packing so far...

Anybody know anyone else going to uni? Or moving?

Ciao xxx

Monday, 5 September 2011

My Summer in photos :)

I thought I'd share some photos I've taken over the past few months of summer :)
My camera was well timed as I got it at the start of summer! Warning: Picture heavy post!

Flying over the alps, truly beautiful!

Taken on my patio in Malta, to the left was the sea, straight ahead was the bay :)

Flower on my patio.

Again, beautiful. Blue Lagoon in Malta.

I have at least 1000 pictures of Malta, but most of them have my family in them and I know they wouldn't appreciate me putting them on here.
I'll probably put some more Malta ones on random posts :)

These were at the zoo, anyone who knows me can tell you one things about me.
I go to so many, only been to two this year.
Anyway, the giraffe on the right was trying to get an apple out of the little basket and wasn't doing too well. Was funny to watch.


My salt and pepper shakers fell in love on my grass.
In actual fact, I got my camera that day and wanted to play haha.

Me and my brother went to see my favourite band, We Are The In Crowd.
I was at the front, just had a short pink haired person in front/to my side depending on how much we jostled about.

As you can see, we met them afterwards. It was literally amazing.

At our Summer Ball for the end of year 13.
Again, lots of pictures, but lots of people who don't want to appear on the internet :)

Soul Survivor - unbelievably fun.
We dressed up too :)

Me and my mumma did Water Zorbing- may do a separate post for this.
But it was so much fun, made me feel like a hamster!
Also, I am aware these aren't attractive, but it's hard to look nice whilst in a tiny ball!

And a little vein moment hehe.
My room was a mess I realise...

So there we are, a little glimpse of my summer in pictures.
I've had so much fun (minus the breakup!) but it ends in two weeks once I move to uni in Wales.
Still lots of fun though, going to go ape on Saturday, a catch up with one of my old best friends who I haven't seen in years before we go off to uni. And saying goodbye (which will be SO sad!)

Anyways, sorry this was so long.
Anyone got any photos of their own summer? I love looking :)

Ciao xxx

Friday, 2 September 2011

My 18th Birthdayyyyy! :)

I've patiently waited to turn 18, I'm one of the youngest in my year.
EVERYONE (apart from one) turned 18 before me, and it was starting to get very frustrating, but I go there, and it's very exciting :)
I got my provisional, and I got to use it as ID for the first time last week, it's the small things..

Anyways, I was a very spoilt girly this year.
I got a fujifilm z90 red camera in July which was my main birthday present, I was just given it before we went to Malta so I could document our fun! It's my pride and joy, I don't exactly have the best track record with cameras, and have broken more than I care to recall, so I'm guarding this one with my life!
Google image obvs :)
It's the most gorgeous camera, i love it! It's slim enough to put into my pocket, and the slide down function is very practical. So far it's survived Malta, the zoo, Soul Survivor, my party, Wales and soon Go Ape (!) :)
I also got Tresemme heated rollers, I'd been lusting over them for a while, and my mumma manged to get them for me! They really do give volume and a slight curl, they're definitely coming to uni with me :) I'll have to take a picture once I've used them!

I got lots of other bits and pieces, but I wont name them all.
BUT my aunt was very very lovely, and got me a Tiffany's bracelet :D
It's gorgeous, and again, I'm guarding it with my life!
Below is my haul, and my Tiffany's bracelet :)

Also, as mentioned in a previous post, I went to Wales for the weekend to do a reccy for uni, and this is two of the many photos I took :)

He was fishing in the middle of the lake! Madness!

Anyone else had a birthday recently? Was it fun?

Ciao xxx

Apologies: Busy Busy Busy!

Time for a massive sorry, it's been weeks since I did a blog..but I've got good excuses!
The last one I did was I came back from Soul Survivor, well since then the following things have happened:
  • I turned 18! YAY.  Lots of busyness ensued!
  • I had my 18th party, I don't think I've felt so loved in a long time!
  • I got my A level results, and got into my first choice of university :D
All of that in 4 days haha.
  • I slept lots to recover haha..
  • I went to Wales for the weekend, we did a reccy of uni and things. The aim was to get a job before I got there so I wouldn't be a poor AND starving student haha. Even if nothing comes of it, it certainly put my mind at ease a little bit of going so far.
  • Going round lots of people's houses who think the world is ending as I'm going away so lots of free lunches at people's haha :)
  • I broke up with my boyfriend - yes, not so happy. In fact, I was very sad for a while hence the silence..but he's silly and doesn't deserve my sad time (rant over)
  • Lots of sudden parties.
  • Again, slept lots to recover..
BUT I'm back to normality now :)
I've got 2 weeks until I move, scary! But I've bought lots of things and I'm feeling a kinda prepared.

Posts will follow with pictures of my adventures :)

Has everyone else been busy busy busy too?

Ciao xxx