Sunday, 29 July 2012

Drunk if you sing, sing if you're drunk.

Have you ever been to a surprise party when they don't turn up?
I went to one last Friday night and that almost happened, we stood behind the doors for at least 15 minutes until she emerged. How awkward.

She did turn up though, and she was very surprised.
She said she didn't realise so many people cared about her, which is kinda sad- as she didn't realise, but happy because she realised by how many people were there to celebrate her 60th birthday.

During the party, I came to realise that karaoke should never happen unless people are drunk.
Everyone knows that there are gonna be terrible singers, but how are you supposed to laugh at them unless they're drunk?
It just made things awkward.

sorry the one on the right is blurry- camera had an off day at focusing.
Dress: Henry Holland at Debenhams
Belt: I own too many thin brown belts, who knows!
Sandals: Primark
Bracelet: Holiday.

Have you ever had a surprise party? Or actually think karaoke is the best thing invested?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Girls vs Boys.

Dear Girls of this world,
Somewhere between playing games and having innocent sleepovers and growing up- we become these judging eyes. I mean, for years and years we've campaigned against men treating us badly right? For not having equal rights, for not having the same job opportunities all of that; and now we're turning on each other?
Every time you walk out the house we judge each other, on what we're wearing and how our make up is done. Whether our skirts are too short or our tops are too low. Shouldn't we be sticking together? 
At some point we stopped sitting in circles and telling ghost stories and started gossipping about eachother. Making other girls feel conscious and not good enough. 
It's bad enough the media, our parents, guys tell us what they think about how we look or how we act, we shouldn't be doing it to eachother.
We should probably stop playing games too, if we like that guy- tell him. He's a guy, he wont take hints. He'll just move on and we'll get upset. 
We're girls and sometimes the world is against us. Whether the hair fairies came and messed up our hair during the night, the clothes fairies came and took anything decent to wear, or some other fairies have told someone to wear the same as you- but we world depends on us to keep spinning, so suck it up.

Dear Boys of this world,
You should take notes of the many love songs females have produced. I'm pretty sure they were written for a reason right? 
Then maybe you can stop being typical guys and stop staring at us.
Can you please stop shouting vulgar things out your cars at us? We're only human and we get dressed like every other person, that does not give you an excuse to wind down your window, stare like anything and then shout and beep your horn. It's just plain wrong, who wrote that in your rule books?
(That may just be the class of guys in Essex, awkward.)
I don't know why you think that you can get away with so much either, if you say you're gonna do something; do it.
We try our best; I wish you knew how nervous I was sending that text. 
We're tough though-millions and millions of years and the world is not yet segregated into males and females (anyone else see that episode of fairly odd parents?!) 
We survive.
And please please please, don't break any more of our hearts. It's hard getting over you.

*Rant over*

and people wonder why I'm single...
(cause I'm crazy really...)

I had a post already to go, but instead I felt a rant coming on.
Hope I didn't offend anyone! 
Love, Elizabeth xx

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Buying things in Sunny Places.

Today I have a holiday haul for you! I love buying things on holiday- somehow it doesn't seem so bad when you spend money. Just me? oh well.

Everything but two items was bought in Puerto Morgan on market day.
It was by far my favourite day and activity, it was such a unique experience (to anything in England anyway..) The whole town was completely covered in white marquees with stalls underneath and every seller vying for your attention (my dad tells me Africa is similar) and ready to make you an offer.
My mum in particular got really into the bartering side of buying and whenever we were looking at something she'd enter into a bartering match until we agreed on a price. It was actually really funny, and also such a good way of getting a bargain. 
Obviously the sellers start at the highest price and say they can't go lower, but when you walk away with the item at a low's like getting a dress that you've fallen in love with, there's only one left and it's your size, yeah like that.

Next I got these fake RayBans, I know they're fake blah blah blah.
But they're pretty, I liked them and I'd never ever ever be able to afford the real things right now (I tried on a real pair at the airport, €130!)
They're actually pretty stable, although plasticy. Tbh, I break at least one pair of sunglasses
every summer, so plastic is good for me. 
The quality is obviously bad, the RayBan emblazoned on the sides have already half rubbed off, but the one one the lens is still alright.
I knew what I was buying into...did I mention they're pretty?
I bought these for €10.
So I really wanted a white blouse/shirt to wear over my denim shorts. 
I found this one which is perfect, it is a little big which I prefer and it's really versatile!
I wore it with a vest (it's see through otherwise) and leggings on the plane home, and have worn it with jeans and it tied up round my waist without the belt.
We got it at €15 which with the exchange rate, makes it about £12 which is pretty good considering the quality of the cotton.

I actually only bought the more colourful 3 stranded bracelet at the market. It's 3 strands and corded, with colourful beads on the blue strand, silver, brown and some pink beads on the black and the pink strand is on it's own. I think it's pretty cool, nothing too special. It had a charm of a dragonfly but took that off as it looked a bit naff. It was only €1, cheap and cheerful :)
The brown bracelet was bought in a shop I can't remember the name of in a place called Maspalomas, it's a leather cord with silver charms either side of a brown bead. The clasp is two magnets which are surprisingly strong so don't fall off. 
I fell in love with this one, it looks classy in my opinion. And also a very cheap lookalike for the Brown Corded Pandora Bracelet.
I bought mine for €3.95, which I think it's pretty good :)

 This was a present for my best friend Claire.
The guy was on his own little stall and made her name and a star with just a piece of wire and some pliers. Impressive hey?
I wrote out how to spell it and he finished it within 5 minutes, it cost me €7 including the chain and Claire loved it :)

This dress I got in the little bazaar in the hotel.
It's got a cinched in waist and a wrap around top. It's a jersey material and I love the print!
I have to wear a bandeau with it otherwise it's just indecent, I really don't have the boobs for it to look impressive without haha!
I only had a black one with me on holiday, but I'm planning on wearing it to a wedding later in the summer so will be investing in a white one for that :)
I wore it in a photo in my last post, which is here if you're interested to see what it looks like!

Those are the bits I picked up on holiday, pretty good stuff I think :)

Does anyone else manage to invest in so much stuff when they're away?

Love, Elizabeth xx

PS- I need to make a new header! I used to use a programme which is no longer available, how do you make yours? Please and thank you :)

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