Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tea and Biscuits solve everything.

Since my last post I've gained a few new followers - so hello and welcome :)
It's still a crazy idea that people actually want to read about my life!

In my last post I kinda bitched about the male species, and unfortunately I still have no evidence to stop bitching about them, as they've been just as useless as before! However I would like to tell a little story; Last night I was manning the cloakroom at a local club (more on that later) and this young man started chatting to me. He was very nice, and went on his way. When he was rather drunk he came back he started to ask me whether I was a "forward person" (who says that?!), so he asked me out and asked to kiss me. I said no, cause he was drunk, and I'm not one to throw myself over a counter to kiss a stranger. So then he grabbed me and kissed me over this counter. I pulled away and he would leave me alone after that, but no. He then proceeded to call me boring, over and over again cause I wouldn't let him climb over the counter. I kid you not, this is the conversation I witnessed:

Drunk guys friend : "Are you chatting up the cloakroom again?"
(I laughed)
Drunk guys friend: "I'll take that as a yes then"
    (To drunk guy) : "Did you not strike out in there then?"
Drunk guy: "Nope"
Drunk guys friend: "So you're relegated to the cloak room then?"

Seriously- people have some cheek, I was standing right there!

*Rant over*

Anyway, last night I was part of a team to man the cloakroom at the student club. Basically any society can sign up to it on specific nights and then can keep any money they make. So I was there as part of the Christian Union, it was Cheese night in the club and was surprisingly busy for a Monday. It was a mad rush for some of the time, and other times we entertained ourselves my doing push ups on the metal bars. We ended up raising over £100 which is incredible! As next years treasurer for the CU, I am proper chuffed with that as I know what the money will be used for :)

The club closed at 3 last night, and it's my busiest days for lectures today. I had 10:00-11:00, 11:00- 12:00, 12:00-14:00, and 14:00- 16:00. All of that after 4 hours sleep isn't great haha. In fact, I should be in my Maths lecture at the moment, but I couldn't hack it after 4 hours of lectures already.

So I'm sat in my room drinking tea and eating biscuits (amazing discovery: Morrisons value chocolate digestives are amazing) hoping I will feel normal again before tonight!

I'm off out tonight and tomorrow so will have some outfit posts for you very soon :)

I hope you're all well!

Love, Elizabeth xxx

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Things that make you go "..thanks?" - OOTN

I've received a few backhanded compliments over the past few days, ones which make you go "..thanks?"

When we were walking home from the club on Tuesday I made friends with a friend of a friend, he was perfectly nice, civil. Bit strange, but we all are in Wales. Until he mentioned that me and his mum liked the same thing, and then "Well, you're a bit hotter than my mum" I'm sure his mum is gorgeous, but he didn't exactly win my heart with this. I argued back and he said "Well you don't know what I meant, that coulda been a little bit hotter, or a lot a bit hotter" yeah.

I was sitting on the back of some comfy seats in the bar of a club on Wednesday giving my feet a rest and chatting to my flatmate. When a guy walked past, he was hot - but that's beside the point, he walked past and gave me a bit of a look and I ignored it, so then he walked backwards and said "You know, you're absolutely gorgeous!" So I smiled and said thank you very much, so then he said "Well, I think you are, it might be just the light" oh. So then he stepped backwards and scrutinised me. A real charmer that one.

The level of classiness in Bangor is unbelievable.

I mention it alot, but my flatmates are truely amazing: 
On Wednesday they took revenge on a guy for me. This said guy, has been lovely for the past few weeks, but how wrong I was. I wont go into details, cause he doesn't deserve that. However, my flatmate 'accidently' bumped into him and nearly pushed him over, and my other flatmate gave him such awful evil looks whenever he came near all night. Made him feel sufficiently awkward until he climbed onto the stage to escape us.
Immature, but revenge is sweeeeet!

Here's what I wore :)

Dress: New look - from the children's range. Was on sale!
Tights: Peacocks flesh tights, I was wearing 2 pairs cause it's freezing outside!
Necklace:Internacionale - again sale item.
Nails: (if you can see) Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish 030 Double Decker Red
Heels: New Look heels featured in many posts!
I added a thin orange belt for the cinched in waist after  took the photos!

:) xxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

There once was a girl who lived in a pink house.

This girl's dreams came true when she found the most perfect house and she got to live with her best friends in the world. People really don't any better than these friends, and what's more, the house was pink! The pink house was picture perfect, 4 stories, and this girl was a very lucky girl and ended up with the biggest room! The pink house was just as she'd imagined, a perfect family house for her little family.

This girl is me :)

We found the most perfect house and we're in the process of signing contracts so it's officially ours!
When the housing list came out, we arranged to see this house, and from the outside..well, we weren't exactly impressed, but when we went inside, we knew we had to have this house. It was perfect.

Of course things weren't plain sailing, we asked for the house Monday evening after viewing it twice that day, and we were told that he'd have to think about it and make a decision in the morning as there were a few groups after it. This wasn't great news. So we waited, and waited, and waited. All day. At 4 in the afternoon we were told that the house had been offered to another group (by a member of said group) and that crushed us. Our dream house, wasn't ours. We looked at housing lists, rang landlords but most of the 5 bedroom properties were gone. We were really depressed at this point, just waiting for a call of rejection.

At 7, we got a call from the landlord, saying the house was ours!! The other group turned it down, and we were second choice!! :D I think we all had tears in our eyes, it was such a relief.

So we found the perfect house (which we can decorate and paint however we like), at the perfect price, with the perfect people.

Perfection :)

N.B - this isn't actually our house, I wish it was. But it is this colour!!

Of course we went out to celebrate last night. It was fun :)

Hope all your dreams are coming true too! :)


Saturday, 21 January 2012

Liebster Blog Award :)

Hello you lot :)

So the past few days I've realised quite how fortunate I am to have amazing people in my life (if you follow me on twitter, button on the side, you'll know I go on about it alot haha) but today it's only been confirmed like a million times, and I've been very lucky to win the Liebster blog award!

I was given this blog award by a really lovely girl called Etienne @ http://etiennesjournal.blogspot.com/ and it really has made my week! I've been on the blogging scene for just under a year and she is one of the most genuine and interesting girls that I've found. She writes with such honesty and passion, something which is so lovely to read.
Something which I've noticed is that she always speaks from her heart, whether it be through her blog posts or through comments, she wears her heart on her sleeve and it is something that I admire.
(Everyone should go read and follow her blog!)

For me, starting this blog was a bit of a release, I wasn't planning on it to be a big deal, but the more I did it, the more I loved it. Being able to share my life and read about other people's really made me happy.
Putting your life out there on the internet is a big deal, but I am so lucky that I've only ever had nice comments and lovely people visit my blog. So thank you for that :)
Although I know of a few people in my reality life who read this blog (sneaky people found it haha), the majority I've never met, and to me it's amazing that people are so willing to share their lives and be so lovely over the internet. 

Here are the rules:
1) Thank your Liebster Blog Award Presenter on your blog

2) Link back to the blogger who awarded/nominated you

3) Copy and paste the blog award to your blog

4) Reveal your top 5 blogs

5) Drop by your top 5 picks and let them know you've chosen them via commenting

Choosing my top 5 was a lot difficult than I thought, I had so many blogs to choose from which deserved this award :)
I chose the one's I did specifically because I  not only love their blogs, but also them personally. By leaving really lovely comments, encouraging me and making me laugh, they really do feel a part of my life! A comment makes my day.

I read all the blogs that I do because I love reading them, and reading about their lives. I feel like I know you all personally! So narrowing it down was tough. My top 5 are below:

1) Laura at http://adaisychaindream.blogspot.com/

2) Gigi at http://fantasyfashioned.blogspot.com/

3) Dina at http://voguelyvan.blogspot.com/

4) Danielle at http://tinkstales-tinkerbelldani.blogspot.com/

5) Rachel at http://sweet--rachel.blogspot.com/

Thank you again Etienne for giving me this award :)

All my love xxx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Growing up is scary!

If I've realised anything in the past few weeks back in Bangor, is that growing up is scary.

I finished my exams on Wednesday (YAY!) so that led to a little celebration. Of shopping.
We went into town on the pretence to find a house, but more about that later, and I ended up buying a mascara, nail varnish and a new dress..it was on sale, I had to! 
It's a tight fitting cream dress which was down to £7 in H&M, I was about to take a picture for an OOTN then my camera died :( so below is a picture taken from a friend's camera - please bear in mind this was taken at 2:30am...I look a mess, but you can see the dress.
We went out last night as it was student night at one of the clubs, and a few of us had finished exams (the others hadn't and now can't face revising due to hangovers haha).
I ended up being the only sober one cause I had to look after everyone else. I'm not gonna lie, nights like these do start to annoy me as I feel like I can't relax as one of my friends is being harassed by a drunk local, or getting into a fight. Last night wasn't too bad.
But what was hilarious, was creepy Nick in a dog costume.
And a guy who I'd seen before out in a couple of nights out was just staring at my backside the whole night, don't get me wrong. There is nothing to stare at, he was just very drunk. However my drunk friends took great delight in this and wouldn't let me forget it haha!
After all of that, and getting in at half 3, we're all feeling pretty rough today...it's a good job I don't have to revise anymore!

Back to growing up, it's scary.
The first 4 weeks back at uni in January is time to find a house!
Which means we actually have to view houses, pay rent, look at gas certificates about being renewed and check for damp! Now, I'm not sure about when you were/are/will be 18, but this seems like a massive deal and responsibility for being 18!
I'm doing it with 4 other people, 3 of my current flatmates and another one of our friends, it's very exciting ofc, but so scary. We've viewed 2 houses, and have put a 'safety net' on one of them. Trouble is, we still don't have much of a clue what we're doing, and 2 of my future housemates haven't actually viewed it yet. The official housing list doesn't come out until next Monday, when panic will ensue and who knows what will happen!!
We did a tour of Bangor's estate agents yesterday and put ourselves on waiting lists for student houses when their landlords get into contact.
With deposits, and retainers, electricity meters, sacrificing heating and signing contracts, I'm a little overwhelmed!

The one we put a 'safety net' on is the one on the right, although they're the exact same, courtesy of Google street view :)

Life can only get crazier.

I would also love to take this opportunity to say thank you to all you have commented wishing me good luck in my exams and revision - being 8 hours away from my family means that I don't get that encouragement as much during exams etc, so it really means a lot to me that you take the place of them and tell me good luck :)

Anyone else had ultra scary finding houses experiences?

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I should definitely be revising.

Instead of revising, I'm booking festivals for summer, dancing round my room, and going on every website I can think of.
Even watching this horrific video of a sheep multiplying as it runs across a field.
(You wouldn't appreciate me leaving a link to the video)
That is how much I hate stats.

I've made my way through half a packet of cookies, and found a new programme called 'Come Date With Me' on 4od.

Time well spent.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

"You look like revision's got to you"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the words "you look like revision's got to you" is code for saying 'you look freaking awful'. Lovely.

To be honest, she's probably not wrong.

It's been a crazy week - full of stress, exams, arguments and illness.
Tuesday night was easily the best night since I've been in Bangor. Was so good.
However after that it kinda went down hill after that.

The argument that happened on Tuesday night kinda got a lot worse over the week between my flat and the friend. So that hasn't been great for morale, it's just added stress really :/
Exams are self explanatory really, they're not fun. And they make you feel rubbish, but hey ho - only 2 more and then I can sleep for 5 days! :D
On top of stress and tiredness, I managed to get food poisoning at the end of the week.
It was my own fault really, but it made me very very sick over the past few days.

The past couple of weeks, since it was on TV at Christmas, I've been listening to the Hairspray soundtrack nonstop, the songs are just so happy! So I ordered the DVD and me and my flatmate entertained ourselves by watching it whilst dancing and singing along!
We were serenading each other - an awful lot of people believe we're closer than best friends haha!
We all have friends like that right?!
(Zac Effron in Hairspray = hot)

So exams, revision, unnecessary stress led to "You look like revision's got to you". Lovely.

I hope you've had a less stressful week :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Pausing a moment of happiness.

I stuck to my word, 2012 is a good year. I realise it's just started, but seizing every opportunity and making the most out of life is going well so far.

Yesterday I had my first exam, and y'know what? It wasn't too bad.
I woke up extra early to revise before my exam at 9am, and that seemed to do the trick..I don't think it went badly, yes I could have done better on the second question (my hand hurt so much, haven't written that much is so long!) but I have faith that I tried my hardest in the moment.

To celebrate, I did not much haha.
I had the intention of revising Accounting for tomorrow, but me and my flatmate just sat around and chilled, we were so stressed and worried about this exam - it was a massive weight of our shoulders. We spent the afternoon looking at funny videos on youtube, and watching hot guys vlogs. Hello j1mmyb0bba and his twin!

We went out last night, and it was the most fun I've had in so long! Me and my flatmate were planning on going out anyway, but it was my friends birthday too so we turned it into a birthday celebration with him and another friend. 
We were together, and we had so much fun dancing and laughing (and pretending to be a walrus).
I can't really tell you why it was so much better than other nights out, but it was,

There was a moment, during Living on A Prayer, we were all huddled in a circle for 'we gotta hold on' and I thought, "If I could pause time right now, I would be happy forever. I have my friends, and I'm happy" It was a moment of bliss.

The birthday boy got very drunk, and then him and our other friend got mistaken for a gay couple - hilarious.

I also met a very nice young man, who happened to look really similar to Joe Brooks (anyone else love him?! he's so lovely, sings amazingly well, and is so hot.) 

Joe brooks = pure love for him.

So anyone who looks like Joe is a winner for me.

Yes, this young man, who looked like Joe Brooks, who also happened to share my birthday, was very kind and bought me drinks. He made the last hour of my night very fun.

The last part kinda went down hill as our friend got very pissed off and stormed out of the club whilst we literally had to wrestle birthday boy out of the club as he refused to get off the dance floor when the club was closing. We don't blame birthday boy for this, as we told him to get drunk however we could have done with other friend's help as he'd be stronger than us two trying to get him. But it was very embarrassing, everyone stared. I'm pretty sure I wont be hearing from Joe Brooks lookalike anytime soon...

Also, I got pegged twice! They both had names on, I'm not really sure why or what was happening! They just appeared over and over again once I got rid of them. Hot guy told me I was sposed to buy the person a drink, does anyone else play by those rules?!

A couple of photos of the night:
Zara, me, birthday boy and Ben :)

 Me and Ben
 We love to poutttttt.
 Best Person Ever!
Because my flatmate would kill me if I didn't post it.
I secretly think Joe Brooks lookalike saw this and though 'now being a Walrus is a quality I like'


Back to revising! Accounting exam tomorrow. Oh dear.

How is everyoneeee? xxx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Every possible distraction.

Picture this, wearing my Dalmatian pyjamas, have drank about a gallon of tea today and have quite clearly given up on work.
Pretty picture eh?

Exam season has struck Bangor- and in turn has either made everyone absolutely depressed, or crazy.
There are two approached to exam season, either:
  • Lock yourself in your room, remove all possible distractions and work your fingers to the bone until you have the knowledge of the world in your brain.
  • OR, you find every distraction that there ever could be..and do that instead.
I have developed the latter attitude today, it's been very unproductive.
I had full intentions of waking up early to work lots and be fully prepared for my exam tomorrow, but then I actually woke up..I got a text from my friend asking whether I was going to the maths revision session. I wasn't, but decided it may motivate me for the rest of the day. So I went and that just confused me! There is actually a stats method called 'Poisson distribution' and that just makes me thing of fish, which then makes me think of something else, and then that makes me think of something else...and voilia, distracted.

I started revising this afternoon - I really did.
Trouble is, I think I've forgotten how to learn things!

At A Level I didn't have this problem - I  locked myself in our study with no distractions, turned off the internet, and spent 6 hours straight revising. I even hid my phone somewhere far far away so I didn't feel the need to text anyone how depressing it was. In the full knowledge that once I released myself from the study, I could go back to the normal world and be happy again.

This method is not working in Bangor! I've done about 3 hours revision today, which isn't good.

We got an email saying our assignment for the module the exam's in was in our pigeons holes and we could collect them. I wanted to find it out purely because it's worth 40% of our overall mark, and I thought maybe if I got enough, I'd only need a little bit in our exam tomorrow to hit the 40% pass mark for the year, and my panic would be over.
However, my panic is not over, we didn't get our results...and then I made myself feel better by going round my friends flat and eating flapjack&tea...how English.

Good news is, I finished my law assignment yesterday! :)

I know I revised at home, and have done over the past few weeks. So hopefully that'll be enough.


How is everyone else? January Blues hit anyone...or Monday blues in fact...

ps- Whilst writing this, I was dancing along to the Hairspray soundtrack - another beatiful picture for you?

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hitting the Sales! What I bought :)

This little haul was bought over a couple of trips into town.
I've been SO restrained this year, as I know that I have to take everything I buy on the train back to Bangor, and at the moment..is looking a little impossible, so with that in mind, I haven't gone crazy.

First little thing is this bag, I bought it from Primark for £3, down from £7. I was in need of a new bag as my other was splitting at the seams where I carry too much in it. As this is a little smaller, hopefully I wont load it up too much!

Next are these little shoe boots, I bought them for £5 in Notting Hill. I needed a pair of proper shoes to go with my new brown trousers, as my current brown biker boots are very holey and make me look like a jocky with my trousers haha! I know Notting Hill is a £5 shop, but I had to keep making sure as I couldn't believe they could really be only £5!

I bought this necklace in Internacionale for £3, down from £5, I thought it was really pretty :)

The next two I didn't actually pay for, my parents did, just so you know.

These boots we got from the market. Finding boots has been a nightmare, as North Wales is so hilly and rainy, I needed some with a subtantial sole with good tread and they are very hard to come about!
So these were £20, and are perfect, you can kinda see the sole in the picture, it's just pure rubber with apparently the same sole as uggs. They're fur lined and laaavely!

Another North Wales essential, a warm coat with a hood! I've had a decent coat which has lasted me 3 years, but it doesn't have a hood which in the place which murders umbrellas in the wind, is a must! We found this one in the H&M sale, half price at £20. I love it! :)

I did also buy a hair doughnut, a hair ribbon and a pair of jeans :)
What have you all bought in the sales?! Any good bargains?

Would also like to say congrats to my THREE friends who got engaged this Christmas, there must be something in the water! :D

Hope you all had a fab week! :) xxx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

You don't know what you got 'til you're sitting in the pub with them. (OOTN)

I've been home for the past 2 and a half weeks, and during that time I managed to be ill, have a family crisis, and a lack of a driving licence every time I was due to meet up with my friends from sixth form, rubbishness.

BUT I eventually got there! It was one of my friends birthdays yesterday and we went to the pub, nothing fancy, nothing too exciting. Perfect. 

I think since I'd gone to university, as I hadn't seen any of my sixth form friends, I'd been able to convince myself that I was okay with not seeing them (I had accepted this fate), and I'd survive.
And then I had a rubbish rubbish few days; including taking my brother back to Watford :(
At that point, I needed to see them.

So last night, we gathered to attempt to win a pub quiz. I can easily say I am the most useless person at pub quizzes. But it was so good to see my whole group again, there was like 30 of us in the corner of this pub, along with the rest of my year in the other 3 corners.
It was such a laugh, and I got to catch up with everyone I'd missed. The banter was unreal.

I realised that even though we're now scattered across the country, when we're all back in Essex, we can still laugh, and have as much fun as we used to.
My outfit of the evening is below :)

Shorts- Tailored ones from Select, featured many times on this blog!
Tights - Opaque black
Top - Christmas Present, has the cutest peter pan collar, you just can't see it with my hair in the way..
My hair is au naturel.
Kept it simple.

I have 4 exams and a law assignment I should be doing/revising for. Blaaaaa.

Hope you're all good :) xxx

Monday, 2 January 2012


I don't tend to agree with the 'whole new you' thing, for the new year. Because you are who you are and there's a reason for that. Obviously it's a chance to get all the bad bits out of your life and take a fresh outlook of certain things, and I'm all for that :)

2012 will be a good year, I've decided.
My new years resolution is to work my very hardest in university, as at the moment it's a massive struggle, so I figured the harder I work, the easier it'll get...right?

I'm taking on a few new things in 2012, mainly to do with the Christian Union at my uni.
As I've mentioned, I've been chosen to be part of the Missions Team, to put together a week of events run by the CU to let people have to opportunity to know more about God and get to know the awesome relationship we have with Him :) So I'll busy organising that, and I also have another role within the CU.

Through nominations, votes and prayers, I've been chosen to be the Treasurer of the CU, which includes managing their bank accounts, applying for their grants and handling all their money. It's literally terrifying as it's a massive responsibility. It's nice to be nominated/voted for though :)

There's gonna be no more needless worrying, or stressing, and no more illness.

One last thing, life is short, time is precious.
Treasure it with those that you love.

Hope it treats you all well xxx