Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Few Too Many.

Oh hey there.

A severely sleep deprived person attending a university. Said deprivation normally due to studying, but more often, social life. 


Student life for many might entail being bone idle, eating kebabs, stealing traffic cones and getting "totally wreaked!". Mostly middle classin origin, a great number of them seem fascinated with alcohol and consuming large amounts of cheap larger at arguably cheesy student nights. 

So as the above may suggest, students have a reputation for going out, getting drunk and stealing traffic cones.

I am not one of these kinds of students.
I like my bed, my electric blanket and chocolate however occasionally I break out my little shell and go wild. (this is also not true, my wild is most peoples mild)

Since Christmas I've been out a little more than usual and had a few adventures. 

I met Jamie Lang from Made in Chelsea. 
I look incredibly happy and red, he looks completely underwhelmed and fake smiling.

Was a pirate (granted this was only for one picture, but I did get a free eye patch afterwards!)

 Was Minnie Mouse for a friends 21st

And once or twice, I went out looking like a normal human being. Hard to believe I know.

So the last picture was on valentines; a horrendous night. If you've been around a while, you'll know I wrote some really funny/awful stories about the nights out in Bangor! Well here comes another one haha.
In the picture I've got a sticker on my dress right? This was my number for the night, it was one of the most horrific ideas for a theme 'shag tag'. 
First year valentines has it's own little story, which you can read here and here (I recommend you do, it's one of the most hilarious stories I've got), second year I spent it with my then-boyfriend and this year it was us girls sticking together again. 
Now, first things first, me and my friend did not go for this night...at all. We'd gotten our exam results that day and were pretty happy, so we wanted to go out to celebrate; little did we know what horrors valentines night had in store for us. 

So shag tag, pretty much they gave you a sticker/tshirt (there was no way I was going to wear a tshirt saying shag tag) with a number on it. Then they had massive screens all around the club with a phone number on it, people were encouraged to text to that number a message to the person of their choosing with reference to their number. Like "hey 365 you're looking pretty hot! From 876", things like that. Were things as nice as that sent in? Not in your lifetime. They were disgusting, things people only say when they're hiding behind a number and a screen. Lots of mentions about private bits, degrading, trash talk. 

That wasn't the only thing, the people in the club assumed that because single girls were out on Valentines, we were looking to pull. No way. We got shouted at, touched, propositioned. 
We lasted 45 minutes and went home to bed. 

What a stupid idea for a night out. 

Have you had any similar horrific themed nights out?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Fresh Start.

So hey, it's been a while. 
About a year ago I decided I wanted to start a whole new blog and give myself a chance of starting over; but that never happened. Life got in the way, and I still missed blogging.
It wasn't until the 15th March 2014 when I'm in my final semester of 3rd year at university, alone in my house for the weekend, supposed to be doing one of my millions of assignments that I decided to look back at ButterflyBoo and read back at some of my old posts. 
Reading them back made me realise the thing I had been searching for was true friends who don't judge, who don't roll their eyes when I mention the amount of work I have or the friends that I had when I was blogging.
Sure I could attempt again with the new blog, or start a whole new one altogether; but I want to get back to my blogging roots and get back to the reasons why I did it in the first place. And that only seemed right at ButterflyBoo. 
So I'm back. I've been pretty rubbish in the past about announcing I'm back and then having months in between each post, but I'm gonna try and fix that. It's not like I actually have a life at this stage of university haha.
So lets have a catch up, I'll tell you a bit about what I've been doing and then you tell me what I've missed the past year.

I'm a third year who's supposed to know what she's doing with her life but actually has no idea. A third year who is still learning how to do life. A third year who's attempting to juggle having friends, kidding herself that going out is actually still a good idea and having to do work the next day. And a third year who is just as confused and befuddled about everything else in life. 

I have a couple of posts all planned for you with plenty of pictures from the past few months and general chit chat. As I say, I'm on my own this weekend- I have to talk to someone haha!

So what have I missed in your lives then? Please catch me up!

Love, Elizabeth. xx
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Thursday, 18 July 2013

A move to LizabethLoves.

Long time no see! I know, I know, I apologise for the absence.
Life and illness got in the way of blogging and I hate that fact. 
I really feel like all of you lot are my real life friends so I've hated being away and I feel like we need a massive catch up! 

To cut a very long story short; I needed a fresh start..and to go along with that I have started a new blog. I couldn't edit some of the settings on ButterflyBoo as my computer crashed whilst doing it and made them all funny (my laptop is struggling nowadays!); so LizabethLoves was born!

LizabethLoves is still me, still me being shockingly honest about all the embarrassing things that happen to me, all the days out (I know you've missed the zoo pictures) and also with some OOTD's and hauls thrown in. 1
I really hope you'll all join me over there and will continue on this adventure we call life together!

Love, Elizabeth xxx

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Some days I take satisfaction in what I look like, other days I don't.
Some days I think "I'm going to dress a little nicer today, it makes me feel good", others...I really don't.
And some days, I even take pictures of what I wear. And 08/03/2013 was one of those days.
And I'm about to show you.

Friday wasn't a particularly special day, only that I bought a cardigan in Republic the day before and I really wanted to wear it. And I was feeling romantic and suggested a meal out, and this is what I looked like.

I just went to lectures that day; how un-exciting. 

Dress: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Cardigan: Republic 
Stupid Facial Expressions: Myself

So I was in one of my lectures, and my mind was wandering (as per) and then I figured it'd been a long time since me and the boyfriend were actually alone and not watching television or me watching him play fifa or something, we lead thrilling lives. So I decided I would take him out for a meal, ha. 
So that's what I did, nothing fancy, but perfect. 
Dress and Belt: H&M

I'm going to my friend's wedding on Saturday! I'm so excited.It's crazy to think we were in youth group together and now he's getting married! What makes this wedding extra extra special is that my brother is the best man!! So exciting.

I'll be sure to take my camera home for the wedding (and back again) so then you can see how beautiful it is. The bride's family also happens to be rather well off, which means that the whole shebang is going to be mega posh and lovely. Just what we like! 

How are you? I realise it's been a while.

But 1 1/2 assignments down, 4 to go! Yay.

Love, Elizabeth xx

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

My First Valentine's.

This year was my first Valentine's Day.
It was the first time I've had a boyfriend for Valentines, and it was perfect.

Forgive me for being cringey, forgive me for being happy. My housemates tend to think I'm throwing it in their faces when I talk about my boyfriend and my other friends are probably sick of me talking about him. So I'm going to take the opportunity to tell you about Valentine's day, and how happy I really am.

We're not an overly romantic couple I guess, we're best friends and he's the person I tell everything to everyday. So really, it was just another day. But it was a day where we went out to our usual bar and had the most amazing burgers (we both share an epic love for food) and played pool, we had the whole bar to ourselves because nobody was quite as romantic as us and it was lovely.
We got back and I looked in my room; he'd obviously roped in one of my housemates and what greeted me still causes the smile on my face. 

The most beautiful flowers I'd ever seen with a card leaning on it. 
In the card he'd included train tickets and an e-ticket....to Cadburys World. He knows me too well.

That's right ladies, I went to where chocolate began.
We went, we ate all chocolate in sight, and we conquered.

It was the best day ever, we got so much free chocolate. It was educational AND delicious. 
We got to see how the chocolate is made, how it's packaged, how it's moulded.
We saw how the coco bean industry has grown and how they transport their ingredients (actually felt it, the chairs shook and everything!)
 Wrote our names in chocolate .

Go on a little car ride through where the little coco beans live 

The gift shop was awesome too. SO MUCH CHOCOLATE.
I've definitely stocked up for the next 3 months or so.

We got up at 6am and left at 7:20am, got back at 7:30pm and I was sound asleep by 9:30.
Best day ever.

How was your valentine's? 

Love, Elizabeth xx

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Little Catch Up.

Whilst I was on a little hiatus from my blog- well, I really missed it.

Apparently a sign that you’re mad is that you talk to yourself, however I think my blog is a form of talking to myself to be honest. So call me mad, call my crazy, but I have certainly missed talking to myself. 

So where to start? It’s been months.
I’ve watched all the re-runs on Made in Chelsea that are on Netflix (how did I ever live without Netflix?!) and still have not made my mind up about my favourite. It was Jamie, then Proudlock, I still don’t like Rosie (although she has fab clothes) and now I’m just confused. 

I still buy clothes like no tomorrow. Just think of how many new outfits I have to show you! I’m still frustrated by my hair and it’s lack of oomph and my imagination of how to deal with it and I’m still rocking the same old make up..

I now wear glasses! Only computer and close things…but I like them.

I'm now a old person who'd rather stay in and watch TV or go to the pub and actually talk to people rather than go to a nightclub. Major issue when everyone else hasn't got to that point and I'm left on my own doing that... 

I do work now. Uh huh. Like proper work, not like first year when I just sailed through life but second year! Crazy. 

I have a little appeal to you all.
I bought a jumper in a charity shop a couple of months ago. I knew it was a mens when I bought it  but liked it so just went with it.. But it's way too big for me anyway. Well this jumper had D&G stitched in it as the design and has a D&G label in it. Does anyone know how to tell if it's a genuine article or not? Cause it would be very exciting if it was real (and profitable, as I bought it for £3!) 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated :)

Elizabeth xx

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Friday, 30 November 2012

Confessions of a Uni Student.

Dear Blog.

Second year on uni is hard. Like really hard. Remember last year when we all said "oh this year doesn't matter". This one does..and that's a lot of pressure.

Living with 4 best friends is hard; I'm not sure we're going to be best friends by the end.

It's strange to think I'm now an adult. I have my own house that I pay rent for, I take out the bins ever week and we actually have a cleaning rota! First year was like baby adult; now I think I'm an actual one.

The past 2 weeks I've spent longer in the library then I have sleeping. Lots of work means 8 hours in the library a day; stress means sleepless nights.

 A month and 21 days ago something happened. It's made me the happiest girl in Bangor. My best friend became my boyfriend.

Honestly? What could be better then the person that knows me more than anyone on this earth to turn around and say he feels the same, from the very first day.

Life has taken over my blog- I had to have priorities; and despite what I'd prefer, my work comes first.

I see people link blog posts on twitter and facebook and wish I was still part of that bubble. 

My boyfriend (yes, I said that. I have one now.) took me to the zoo for our month anniversary, the place I'm happiest, and then took me to the cinema on the way back as a surprise to see Skyfall, what I'd wanted to see for weeks. We got home and he cooked dinner for me. The next day he bought me chinese. He knows what makes me happy. 

I'm sat in the library writing this. There's a girl opposite with a really nice jumper on with a glittery collar- it's very Christmassy. She keeps giving me weird looks, maybe because I keep staring at her jumper.

When Lauren (Belle Du Brighton) got married and announced her pregnancy recently, I was probably happier for her than some of my real life friends. It's crazy how many friends I made in the bloggersphere. Congratulations Lauren :)

Things have been tough recently; I'm scared my nan's going to die soon, I have 6 assignments due in before Christmas, my best friend has changed her perception of me; and that hurts, I've been ignored, given snide comments, bitched about, I've been called stupid, I've had extra tutoring and no sleep so I can prove them wrong.

A lot of things are amazing; I believe in a God that's saved me, and He continues to do so every single day, I got a job on my own merit- something small but I might not be as poor soon, I have been blessed with a very lovely new best friend that appeared just when I needed her; she's awesome, despite our differences in what we believe is right for my life at the moment- my parents love and support me no matter what, I discovered singing again; that makes me happy. 

My blog was abandoned for a while, it was really hard as it was like my baby! When I saw Lauren's announcement I realised I wanted to get back on the horse and where I was, I can't guarantee anything regular- but I can guarantee I'm going to put my heart and soul into it. 
I love my blog and all of you that read it. 

From 2 months ago when I last posted; I hope you're all doing well.

Love, Elizabeth xx

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