Thursday, 18 July 2013

A move to LizabethLoves.

Long time no see! I know, I know, I apologise for the absence.
Life and illness got in the way of blogging and I hate that fact. 
I really feel like all of you lot are my real life friends so I've hated being away and I feel like we need a massive catch up! 

To cut a very long story short; I needed a fresh start..and to go along with that I have started a new blog. I couldn't edit some of the settings on ButterflyBoo as my computer crashed whilst doing it and made them all funny (my laptop is struggling nowadays!); so LizabethLoves was born!

LizabethLoves is still me, still me being shockingly honest about all the embarrassing things that happen to me, all the days out (I know you've missed the zoo pictures) and also with some OOTD's and hauls thrown in. 1
I really hope you'll all join me over there and will continue on this adventure we call life together!

Love, Elizabeth xxx

1 comment:

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