Sunday, 19 February 2012

A little update.

It's all go here in Bangor.
In my last post I told you about all the things coming up here, and it's so exciting :)
If you've reading a while you'll know I'm part of the Christian Union here in Bangor, and am the new Treasurer which means I'm one of the exec's! :) I did my first treasurer-y thing on Friday, all I had to do was give in a financial claim - but it made me feel important haha!

I'm also part of the Missions Team- which we've organised the Missions Week (which is this week).
We started off with The Open Mic Night which I organised! Yeah, I know- organising everything. stressful!!
But it went really well, we had lots of performers and it went really smoothly.
We had one reaaaaally drunk guy who did a very inappropriate poem, but of course I was in the corner wetting myself laughing with my friend about it- we're so mature haha.

I've been to a film night tonight (again, missions week) and then we've got lots of lunch bars/evening talks for this week which is all very exciting!
I mentioned a drama in my last post - I'm performing the one below in the final meeting on Thursday. I'm the vanity/eating disorder/modely type. It's such a powerful skit that we felt we had to perform it.
I know faith can be a taboo on blogger and the such like, so please be respectful when commenting on the video :)

I also mentioned a guy who asked me out on a date last week, the infamous 'Pale face and red lips guy'. After much insistence from a lot of people (inc him haha) I've agreed to go on a date with him this week, so will let you all know how that goes and will of course post my outfit (no idea what to wear ahhh!)

This was short and sweet-- but I'm mega busy this week, and I'm going away next weekend. But it'd been ages since I'd posted.
I'll resume normal OOTN, uni adventures soon :)


  1. Ha, hope the date with the infamous 'redlipspaleface' guy goes well!

    I used to love having little jobs that made me feel important. I was the social sec of one of the societies at uni, which meant organising lots of parties! xx

  2. Can't wait to hear about your date with 'red lips and pale face' guy - he sounds like a keeper ;-). Haha! xx

  3. Can't wait to hear about your date. "Pale face, red lips" sounds hawt!! haha ((: Have fun love!