Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Raving to silence.

Friday bought the unique experience of a silent disco - I went to one in Freshers week but this one was so much better.
A silent disco is basically where you're given headphones on entry which allows you to switch between 2 or more stations whilst in the club and dance to that. We had one station which was 'rock anthems' and party hits - so basically well known songs like 'Mr Brightside', 'We will rock you' etc and then S club 7, Five..all the good ones :) And another station which was dubstep and drum and bass etc.
I'm sure you can guess which one I stuck too haha.
It was really entertaining though as the 2 DJ's were in constant competition as to how many people were listening to their station. So all of a sudden you'd get the DJ saying "boo to the other DJ when he comes in the booth", and of course the other couldn't hear what he was saying, so he'd just get like 70 people boo-ing at him.
Whilst we were all listening to the channels, we could easily take off the headphones and have a conversation, something that is impossible to do in a normal club situ.
Also, very amusing is that most people were on the party hits station- but the few people who weren't were like raving it up beside us whilst we were do the 5,6,7,8 dance haha!

A few photos of the night :

(You do get over how silly you look after a few minutes- as everyone looks just as silly)

We also went on to the pier last week, it's so gorgeous on it. It's completely abandoned apart from a tea shop at the end which is run by an elderly couple. It's so cute- they sell homemade cake, shortbread and actual famous  scones! If you google 'Bangor Pier scones' there are so many results saying they're the best in the world. And I agree- they're amazing!!

We have no snow in Bangor, as we're surrounded by mountains and are next to the sea. But the mountains are covered with snow and it's one of the most beautiful sights ever. In fact as you're walking towards the land from the end of the pier the whole view is mountains. Words cannot describe how beautiful it is and no picture can ever do it justice. The picture below is the view from where I live :)

My mum's coming to stay this week so I'm going to take her around to see these beautiful sights :)

Hope you're all well! xxx


  1. I love the lipstick you are wearing!

  2. it sounds hilarious!
    I love the last shot. I love the welsh mountains, so beautiful.

  3. We never been to a silent disco but it sure sounds like fun.
    Awesome pictures of you and your friends.
    We love snow topped mountains. But we don't live around any:(
    Hope you and your mum have a wonderful time.
    Think you for sharing a little of your life.
    We enjoyed living it with you.
    Love, Joan and Joann

  4. Aw, I love the photos of the pier! How cool that you are taking your mom there...sounds perfect! And the view from where you live is insanely gorgeous!! Lucky girl!
    XO - Marion

  5. Oh my, I love the shade of your lipstick!! Would you consider following each other? If you do, please let me know so I can follow back :)

    Love, Mary