Friday, 30 November 2012

Confessions of a Uni Student.

Dear Blog.

Second year on uni is hard. Like really hard. Remember last year when we all said "oh this year doesn't matter". This one does..and that's a lot of pressure.

Living with 4 best friends is hard; I'm not sure we're going to be best friends by the end.

It's strange to think I'm now an adult. I have my own house that I pay rent for, I take out the bins ever week and we actually have a cleaning rota! First year was like baby adult; now I think I'm an actual one.

The past 2 weeks I've spent longer in the library then I have sleeping. Lots of work means 8 hours in the library a day; stress means sleepless nights.

 A month and 21 days ago something happened. It's made me the happiest girl in Bangor. My best friend became my boyfriend.

Honestly? What could be better then the person that knows me more than anyone on this earth to turn around and say he feels the same, from the very first day.

Life has taken over my blog- I had to have priorities; and despite what I'd prefer, my work comes first.

I see people link blog posts on twitter and facebook and wish I was still part of that bubble. 

My boyfriend (yes, I said that. I have one now.) took me to the zoo for our month anniversary, the place I'm happiest, and then took me to the cinema on the way back as a surprise to see Skyfall, what I'd wanted to see for weeks. We got home and he cooked dinner for me. The next day he bought me chinese. He knows what makes me happy. 

I'm sat in the library writing this. There's a girl opposite with a really nice jumper on with a glittery collar- it's very Christmassy. She keeps giving me weird looks, maybe because I keep staring at her jumper.

When Lauren (Belle Du Brighton) got married and announced her pregnancy recently, I was probably happier for her than some of my real life friends. It's crazy how many friends I made in the bloggersphere. Congratulations Lauren :)

Things have been tough recently; I'm scared my nan's going to die soon, I have 6 assignments due in before Christmas, my best friend has changed her perception of me; and that hurts, I've been ignored, given snide comments, bitched about, I've been called stupid, I've had extra tutoring and no sleep so I can prove them wrong.

A lot of things are amazing; I believe in a God that's saved me, and He continues to do so every single day, I got a job on my own merit- something small but I might not be as poor soon, I have been blessed with a very lovely new best friend that appeared just when I needed her; she's awesome, despite our differences in what we believe is right for my life at the moment- my parents love and support me no matter what, I discovered singing again; that makes me happy. 

My blog was abandoned for a while, it was really hard as it was like my baby! When I saw Lauren's announcement I realised I wanted to get back on the horse and where I was, I can't guarantee anything regular- but I can guarantee I'm going to put my heart and soul into it. 
I love my blog and all of you that read it. 

From 2 months ago when I last posted; I hope you're all doing well.

Love, Elizabeth xx

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  1. Oh nooo :( hope everything turns out for the better soon :) everything happens for a reason :) your bf sounds like a double cutie too :) xxx p.s have missed your blog posts!

    1. oh gosh I just remembered about your nan, I wasn't referring to that hope she gets better soon! xx

  2. Aww congrats on snatching up your boyfriend :)) It's always perfect when you're best friends with somebody first! And I hope everything gets easier... school can be rough sometimes:/

  3. what a beautifully honest post... how amazing tht your best friend is now your boyfriend... none of the awkward getting to know each other, you already do- how perfect :D sorry to hear about your nan though :( the part about the girl and the jumper made me giggle :) xx

  4. aww bless you hun-really happy for you on the boyfriend part- you can tell your super happy and you deserve it :)
    it sounds super difficult, i remember my second year at uni and the work just hits you in October and it just gets worse and worse :( I am sure you are doing brilliantly though and all your hard owrk is definitely worth it in the long run, you will be so so proud of yourself for sticking it out and achieving a degree by the end of it, so just think of it like that it makes it a little easier to deal with :)
    sorry about your nan :(
    Glad you are back! Missed your posts xxx

  5. oh you absolute sweetheart! I was so stunned to see my name when I was reading your post, and also very glad I re inspired you to blog again! Don't feel pressurised to blog, and enjoy your new relationship and friendships, but using your blog to document your life is a good thing I think!
    Bless you for your lovely comments on my post too! you are such a lovely little being! I am praying for you nan and your family
    also, sometimes we grow apart from people that we were once close with, its not always a bad thing, as sometimes you need to let things go in order to let other things into your life, try not to take it too badly

  6. Lovely post.
    So happy you are doing ok.
    Wishing you luck with you studies.
    Lots of Love, Joan and Joann

  7. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing! I am following it now!

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    Ana V

  8. Like you I had to abandon my blog for a while due to personal reasons. So glad to see you back now! Congratulations on your one month anniversarry, looking forward to hearing all the gossip about your new man! So sorry you've been having a rough time recently, ignore the idiots at the end of the day you can only do your best. Sending so many cuddles, tweet me anytime. Lots of love XxxX

  9. Liz , im back after abandoning my blog for a wee while , just as i come back youve gone .. i miss you haha ill be keeping a eye on you through instagram missy let me no when your back

    e xxx

  10. I really feel for you, I'm in my second year of uni too and it's so stressful! Hope you're managing and that it's not getting you down too much :) Miss your blog posts! x