Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Little Catch Up.

Whilst I was on a little hiatus from my blog- well, I really missed it.

Apparently a sign that you’re mad is that you talk to yourself, however I think my blog is a form of talking to myself to be honest. So call me mad, call my crazy, but I have certainly missed talking to myself. 

So where to start? It’s been months.
I’ve watched all the re-runs on Made in Chelsea that are on Netflix (how did I ever live without Netflix?!) and still have not made my mind up about my favourite. It was Jamie, then Proudlock, I still don’t like Rosie (although she has fab clothes) and now I’m just confused. 

I still buy clothes like no tomorrow. Just think of how many new outfits I have to show you! I’m still frustrated by my hair and it’s lack of oomph and my imagination of how to deal with it and I’m still rocking the same old make up..

I now wear glasses! Only computer and close things…but I like them.

I'm now a old person who'd rather stay in and watch TV or go to the pub and actually talk to people rather than go to a nightclub. Major issue when everyone else hasn't got to that point and I'm left on my own doing that... 

I do work now. Uh huh. Like proper work, not like first year when I just sailed through life but second year! Crazy. 

I have a little appeal to you all.
I bought a jumper in a charity shop a couple of months ago. I knew it was a mens when I bought it  but liked it so just went with it.. But it's way too big for me anyway. Well this jumper had D&G stitched in it as the design and has a D&G label in it. Does anyone know how to tell if it's a genuine article or not? Cause it would be very exciting if it was real (and profitable, as I bought it for £3!) 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated :)

Elizabeth xx

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  1. Welcome back :) And love that the sweater is oversized!

  2. I totally understand you're break, I started a blog, but didn't really think about how I wanted it to be, so am taking my time before I re-vamp and start again!

    I love you're glasses, can't help with the sweater but hope you make some money from it :)


  3. welcome back :) glasses suit you!

  4. Casually just sat on the tablet
    Butterlyboo left you a comment seriously I was mega happy to you see you back my boyfriends now know 3rd year and I remember how hard it was for him in second year I love the glasses they. Really suit you. Also gutted you
    came to my hometown and I missed you but glad you enjoyed the mental man and monkey
    Welcome back and see you soon xxx

  5. I've missed your posts!!!! Great to see you're back and I hope everything is good with you. The label in the jumper looks quite genuine, difficult to tell because it's prob different depending on age but I own a D&G nightwear top, the label inside is white, feels nice and thick and has a silvery D&G foil stamp on it too but I know some D&G labels are on a black background too!

  6. welcome back! No idea about how to tell if the jumper is the real deal or not! night clubs are overrated anyway ;)