Monday, 14 May 2012

The Friday Night Proposal.

Sooooo Friday night was very complicated haha.
I initially said I was going out right? I even blogged it, but then my best friend decided she didn't want to go out anymore. So we made that decision, and we got our ice cream and settled for that.

Slightly off topic- but has anyone else tried to new Ben&Jerry's Core? 

It's half price in Morrisons/Tesco/ probably other places(and probably in other countries too!) at the moment and you need to try it!
I bought the Karamel Sutra (a name my mum laughs hysterically at each time she sees the advert, and she thinks im immature haha) which is basically chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks on one side, caramel ice cream on the other with a core of pure caramel. It is lush.

Anyway, we were sat in Zara's room eating our ice cream whilst our flatmate and friends were pre drinking, and somehow we were talked into going 11:30pm, yep.
Gotta love spontaneity right?

So I did speed get ready...and threw make up on my face and grabbed a dress..and within 20 minutes I was fairly respectably dressed!
As it was so late in the evening, I didn't get to take any OOTN pictures. But I have a photo of the evening which was taken by the photographer (I've cut out my friends in case they didn't want to be exposed to the wonderful world of the internet)
So you've seen this dress many times before, but like I said - I just grabbed the first one I found!
Dress: New Look
Belt: Peacocks

Eyeliner- Collection 2000 Felt Tip Liner
Mascara - Collection 2000 Pump up the Volume
Cheek Stain- The Body Shop Lip&Cheek Stain
Lip Stain- 17 Berry Crush

Friday night was back to normal...the weirdos were out haha!
So I heard two of the worst chat up lines ever...and one of them wasn't exactly only chatting me up.

When I was walking to the dance floor at one point and a guy casually strolled up to me, stood in front of me, and asked "Do I know you?" *Cue looking very confused*  I said "errr I don't think so..." And what did he say? "Oh you must have one of those faces....a pretty one, I'm Paul"
Worst. Chat. Up. Line. Ever.

As I hadn't been out for a while, and I wore my heels, I knew I was going to be in some major pain at the end of the night, and I was right.
I ended up sitting down at the side for a break...and this young man came to sit next to me, perfectly normally.Then he started talking to me, again- fine. He asked me what I was doing in Bangor, what course I was doing etc, and then he asked whether I had a boyfriend.
And he couldn't quite get over the fact I'd said no.
Then.. "Well if you haven't got one..I'd be more than willing to propose"
erm WHAT?
I must have looked bemused, he said "Well if you're not attached, we could move to India together and get married, you could meet my parents!"
He continued "gjksnhgjdfgkdf" I couldn't actually hear/understand what he said, so I said "Yes, they are my friends down there, and yeah they are calling me, bye!" 
I'm not ashamed to say I ran away.

Being from Essex, I get a lot of "Do you know the people off TOWIE?" It's a shame I have to say no...UNTIL NOW!
On last nights episode my ex-boyfriend was an extra! haha.
We went out a couple of years ago for approximately 3 weeks and we're best friends now, but now I am proud to say that I know someone who was on TOWIE.
You know its a proud moment when you can say that haha.

Hope the poor flirting skills of Bangor entertained you :)

Love, Elizabeth xx


  1. Cute dress :)

  2. I love spontaneous nights out almost as much as I love Ben and Jerry's! Oh men will never learn that bad chat up lines are unlikely to work! My personal favourite; 'My friend thinks that you are ugly, but I think you are alright. Fancy going round the corner??' Ummmmm funnily enough no, no I don't. xxx

  3. I love the new ben and jerry's! And spontaneous nights are the best, had too many of them lately when I've planned to work and ended up going out instead!

  4. It must be bangor air as i have had some of the worst in bangor .... worst one - hes 20p go and call your mum tell her you wont be coming home tonight !!! CRINGE my reply - ummm dunno about you skint flint but im on contract..... is there even any payphones around now days hahaha.... did you get the get to know you tag ? xxx

  5. That shade of lipstick looks amazing on you!


  6. I love Paul's chat up line! I can imagine him thinking that he looked very smooth. You do get some weirdos out though, especially, it seems, on Fridays! Once, a man asked my bf if he could 'have a go' on me, whatever the hell that was supposed to mean! I was offended- did I look like a stripper? Er, no.

    Love it that you know someone from TOWIE, you have definitely made it now ;)

    Also realllllllllly x1000 want to try Karamel Sutra, but we don't own a freezer. Might have to buy a tub and eat straight away. Sounds too good to miss xx

  7. hahhha sounds amazing!
    Sounds more something that would happen in Essex!

    Love your blog!

    (also a fellow essex blogger ;)

  8. Great post I love your blog!!! :) I follow you, follow me?

    Xoxo Flor♥