Friday, 11 May 2012

Procrastination blogging.

Hellooo everybody :)

Just a quick one today- sposed to be revising and all that.

I've had trouble with my Internet here in Bangor  and I'd been at home for the majority of the week so I don't have too many instagram pictures for you from the past week, but here goes :)

1) My church before it started and the band practising- for me that scene is just peace in itself.
(my church is an old cinema, hence the elaborate curtains haha)

2) A moment of vanity

3) The ultimate distraction- facebook.

4) My FOTD (see below)

Leggings: Topshop Heavy Weight
Dress: Time- like 5 years ago when I was dressing up as an angel haha
Denim Shirt- River Island
Vest: Primark - I wore a black vest underneath to there wasnt a suddent black line of leggings
Socks: I didn't think they'd be so visible! They're giraffe patterns from La Senza
Necklace: Best Friends Necklace H&M
Nails: Unknown brand of red


Eyeliner: Collection 2000 Felt Tip Liner
Mascara: Collection 2000 Pump Up the Volume
Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection
Lip Balm: Nivea essential care
Lip Stain: The Body Shop Lip&Cheek Stain 'Rose'
Cheek Stain: The Body Shop Lip&Cheek Stain 'Rose'

Also like to add, that I'm loving the support of the whole see through leggings thing!!
After my last post, so many off you commented saying how much you hate it too, glad I'm not the only one!

Hope you're all goooood- I'm defying logic and common sense and going out tonight when I have to get up at 8am tomorrow, wish me luck!!
(Promise I'm well enough!!!)

Love, Elizabeth xx


  1. have a good night hun!
    love the top/dress :) xxx

  2. Gorgeous post, love the lace detail on that dress.

  3. Love the denim top...seriously thinking of investing in one, though not sure that it would suit me. Hmm. GOOD LUCK with the revision and exams and stuffs, and I hope you enjoy your night out. You need a bit of time out to recharge the brain (er, with alcohol ;) xx

  4. That's such a cute outfit. Love how you paired the denim shirt with the dress. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  5. I love this outfit, it's so pretty (so are you)

  6. Your hair is gorgeous!!

    Sadie x

  7. Wow your hair is beautiful! As is that gorgeous dress! Can't beat a bit of procrastination!

    Following you now your blog is lovely :)