Thursday, 17 May 2012

Be right back.

Long time no see!
I thought I could maintain a blogger life/social life and do seems I'm not skilled enough to do that!
Unfortunately, having so many exams in such a short space of time is messing up my mind and making my brain turn to mush.

So I'd like to apologise and say be right back.
My exams finish at 11am next Friday, and I physically cannot wait- until then, I'll be taking a break off blogger as I need all the concentration I can get right now!

I've got a couple of posts in mind, a get to know you tag from the lovely lovely Elicia at fallinglashes (I will tell you more about how lovely she is in the post!) and the B in my A-Z, as well as a little catch up on my life (it's been boring, I've woken up, revised, had an exam, ate chocolate, slept...and repeat x1000). 

Also a little mention to Aimee, she recently commented on my first ever post saying she'd now managed to read all of them start to finish! Which is a miracle...all 102 posts, I'm not sure I could read about myself for that long. But Aimee, I really appreciate it, I'm shocked and amazed that someone could put in that much effort just for my blog, but thank you so much :)

So I'll speak to you all in a weeks time.. I promise :)


Love, Elizabeth xxx


  1. good luck with your exams hun! xxx

  2. Good luck in your exams. Sometimes you need to prioritise things. No harm in that.


  3. I don't think you will need luck on your exams...but I will send some along just to be on the safe side.hehe
    Also sending you some blog love.
    I'm just thankful you got well and able to study and do the test.
    Lots of love, Joann

    I will check back soon!

  4. Good luck with your exams xo

  5. Your blog is beautiful we just followed...
    check our blog out if you have the time
    Good luck with your exams :D

  6. Aw thank you so much for your shout out to me :) Your blog has been one of few ive read as I only started reading them a few months ago since I moved to London and all your pictures of Bangor reminds me of when I was in uni there but also my life I spent growing up there. All these blogs inspire me to start writing my own but I wonder of what I would write about all the time !

    Good Luck with all your exams , I remember the hours stuck in PJ hall , wobbly tables even people caught cheating at times !!

    Hopefully we can talk when you return from your blogger break xx

  7. GOOOOOOD LUCK on your exams. You'll do great :)

    B xxx

  8. Good luck for your exams!! I know what you mean, it's deadline month at my work, and things have been so hectic blogging has gone on the backburner the last week >.<

    Just discovered your blog - hi from your newest follower!!


  9. Good luck with your exams! :)
    I've tagged you in a tag on my blog for when you come back! :)