Monday, 9 July 2012

Letters to You.

Dear Mum,
Thank you for being my best friend. Girls can be catty, boys can be heartbreakers but you have always been there. The days we spend together are the ones I'll be laughing about and telling my children about.

Dear Dad,
You're so strong, and unbelievably tough. You lead by example, and what an awesome example you are. Thank you for providing all that I've needed, not wanted- you taught me so much.

Dear Brother,
I'll never forget our in jokes, our games, the bond that will never break. I love visiting you, I'm your friend now, not your loser little sister.

Dear Claire,
Best friends for 8 years now, the gossip we shared, the giggles into the night- I'll always keep those secrets.
When I got myself into disastrous relationships, you were constantly there, picking up the pieces. And the one that did work- well you were so supportive, and picked up the pieces
Uni won't be the end of us, I promise.

Dear Flatmates,
You made my year. You made me laugh, you made me cry. You made me do my work, and you dragged me out on a school night. But most of all, you were there when I needed you most. When I was 284 miles away from home, in agony and in hospital; you became my family. You visited me every day and bought me chocolate and flowers. You never let me feel alone. I owe my life and sanity to you lot.

Dear Iain,
You've been my constant, my rock. Ive told you more in the past year than I've told people in 10 years. I trust you and you trust me, that's how it works. You were the one who came to my flat at 4am with hot chocolate just to be with me whilst I cried. That's true friendship. I'll never tire of people thinking we're a wrong they are, but it shows people can see our love.

Dear My Very First Boyfriend,
We had so many laughs, and much more. You did things wrong and now you're in prison, but please try to get back how lovely you were. Your girlfriend and baby would love you back.

Dear Ticket Inspector,
You were mean, you made me cry.
You tried to take me to court over a mistake - I reported you. So there.

Dear Mr Sun,
Please let us have a lovely holidays where I can get brown and get rid of my giraffe feet.
And the rest of the summer, especially the camping parts.

Dear Followers,
You sit there and actually read the words I write. My ramblings, my embarrasing stories, and the odd outfits I put together. You read and you comment, and that means the world to me, so thanks.

Dear God,
You're the reason I live, and why I breathe. You know my every step and thought, and guide me every step. Without you, I couldn't have met any of these people. You gave them to me and put them into my life.

Thanks world.

**this is a scheduled post, I won't reply in the next week. But I will when I get back :)**


  1. This is so adorable. I love how thankful you are for everything in your life, and I am sure that they are all thankful to have such a wonderful person in theirs. Keep smiling, darling.

    Lots of love xxx

  2. Aww this post is super sweet and heartwarming xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. Yes I really love this post !!

    So sweet :)

  4. What happened with the ticket inspector?! He sounds like a meanie!

  5. Great post, this is so interesting.

  6. wow..this is really an awesome post..i'm touchd by ur words..=)

  7. This is such a lovely post, I'm sure that everyone on this list would like to thank you for something too! :-D xx

  8. This is SUCH a lovely post! I hope you managed to show some of the people you're writing about, they'd be so touched. And I bet they'd have even lovelier things to say about you! xxx

  9. you are so sweet. hope you are having a nice holiday!
    god bless you xx

  10. aww i loved the idea of writting letters to those little things on your life like the sun ^-^ you really are a good person from what i can tell, keep being that way :)

    Love * Monstros no Armário

  11. I love this its so heart warming and touching!
    I especially love the one to your dad... it made me think of me and my dad :)

    Zoe xxx
    Zoe Lianne

  12. What beautiful letters, you obviously have a really big heart!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  13. Great post: your words are really adorable!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
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  14. Lovely heartwarming letters.

    I don't know what a Ticket Inspector is for sure.....but they should be nice and help people not make them feel bad. But if I ever meet the jerk who made you cry...I would like to grab him, knee him in the proper place and yell RAPE!
    Have a good time and hurry back!

  15. i loved reading this post. it really made me smile. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  16. Aww, this is such a beautiful post. Your family and friends are lucky to have you.

  17. Aww this is such a lovely post and so beautifully written! Sounds like you have some very special people in your life, you're a lucky girl! XxxX

  18. This is such a lovely post, really enjoyed reading it. Hope you're having a lovely hol!xx

  19. I really loved reading this! You obviously have so much love for all the people in your life, what a wonderful way to be! Hope you're enjoying your holiday! xxx
    Island Girl Insights ♥