Friday, 21 September 2012

Rough Looking Night Out.

Sooo I went on my first night out in MONTHS.
Man it felt good.

There was peach schnapps on my floor, a lot of falling off my bed, and a lot of dancing.
Before you call me a drunkard, I'd like to point out I wasn't drunk at all haha; this is me naturally. Unbelievably uncoordinated. My housemates however- another story and the peach schnapps was definitely their fault.

When I show you this OOTD, your first thought will 100% be 'wow she looks rough'. It's true I do.
But I'd like to mention- because of the peach schnapps and the falling over I couldn't take the pictures before I went out, so yeah. These were taken at 3:00am on a Wednesday morning- that's why I look rough.
(dedication to blogging right there!!)

Hey ho.

Dress: Topshop (on sale, £7!)
Belt: Primark
Shirt: My best friend Zara's haha. I love having fashionable friends.

My hair was curled...but then it was 3:00am.

How are you lovely lot?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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  1. Proper blogger dedication there! I always fall over too but that's usually after a few jager bombs or so. Defiantly sounds like you had fun :D

    Just Smile

  2. definitely dedicated :) i still think you look lovely anyways :) xx

  3. 3am in the morning!! You do not look rough!! I would look like hell at that time of the morning after a night out hahaha xxx

  4. Sounds like a fun night! Loving your cardi and belt!


  5. Haha but the photos still came out well :)

  6. You're more then adorable honey!!;)

  7. i love the fact that at 3am you thought 'ooh i need photos of this outfit!' and you dont actually look rough, im impressed! hehe x

  8. Love the outfit, I've been looking for a shirt like that for ages! :) Whenever I go out with curled hair it's always flat by the time I get home, nightmare haha xx

  9. Cute dress, I love the bright belt you've paired it with !

  10. I love this look, think your looking spot on for 3 in the morning :)

    I’m also running a giveaway so would love if you could enter!

  11. Rough!? You look gorgeous!! Love your outfit! XxxX

  12. this made me laugh alot ... did you end up in peep haha !!

    p.s love the dress