Sunday, 9 September 2012

An English Summer.

English Summer:
Supposed to be ironic. English summers typically consist of rain and little sunshine, until 'global warming' changed it. Traditionally when someone describes weather as 'an English summer' they mean rain when there should be sunshine.
Perfect summers day are far and few between in England. This summer we've have a few glimpses of them, and the rest? Well it's rained and been cold, typical.

Thing is, some of us get really fed up of the summer because we know exactly what will happen, it will be hot for approximately 6 days spread out within the summer and it will almost certainly rain for at least 2/3rds of the rest of time. So we take action and decide to go on holiday abroad! 
 And this happens..

I feel sorry for this man.
Everytime, we get ridiculously sun burnt and look like a lobster, and people how they can tell we're brits?!
So once we've recovered from the sunburn, and gotten over our post-holiday blues, we crack onto making the most out of the summer!

For me, a perfect summer's day is when it's really hot, everyone really happy and I spend the day in the sun.

Yesterday, I spent about 3 hours in a garden centre, sounds weird. But it was so lovely in the sun! My parents want to buy a shed hence being there- but looking round all the flowers and the (weird- who'd have naked people in their garden?!) statues.
And today I had a beaaaautiful day!
I went to church in a lovely summer dress and came home to get my BBQ on!
I am officially 2 stone heavier than when I started haha.
It was sunny, it was hot and we had masses of food, what more could a girl want?!
I made kebabs, they were tasty :)

So afterwards we played boules, but we hadn't played it for so long that all the water that was inside of the balls was either all gone or leaking out of it- so turned out to be a bit of a wet game!

Despite the weather- I think summer is definitely a time to make memories with the people you love, whether that being in your garden playing boules, going to a faraway country, or sitting inside playing Monopoly watching the rain. 

How's your summer been?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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Ps- I've been a bit MIA recently I know, but I'm finally back from all that camping and hopefully got my mojo back! :)


  1. Sounds like you had a fun and exciting summer! I now want to play monopoly, but I haven't got the board game :(((


    p.s super jel of your kebabs they look yummmm!

  2. Seeing as how I am basically an Albino, I'm afraid of the sun. SPF 50 for me!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I love hot sunny days but always try to pop on some suncream to avoid getting burnt. Think I must be in the minority though! x

  4. hahaha that photo has me in stitches

    NRC ♥

  5. I love walking around garden centres too haha, my weird guilty pleasure :p makes me feel like I'm on holiday haha! Looks like you've had a lovely time :) xxx

  6. I think you had a wonderful summer.
    The camping trips were fun to read. Loved them.

    Our summer was long,dry and hot. Many days over 100degrees F.
    But it has cooled off and been raining for a week or so. But
    whatever the weather I enjoy it.

    Love, Joann xxxx

  7. wow that is such a bad sunburnt!

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  8. This year we had worst summer ever, atleast these two weeks have been bless.So happy for that. Despite of all, I'm so excited about Fall.

    xoxo Ra

  9. Sounds like my kinda and sunshine :) Glad you had a lovely day.

    B xxx

  10. Hhahahahaha loooveee yoir psot!! So funny :)

    Christina xxx