Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Poor Student Shopping.

As you well know, I am a student.
Not just a student, a very poor student.
It's amazing how far you can get without spending lots of money, and this week I've rediscovered the delights of Charity Shops!

So these are by far my favourites! 
They're exactly what they look like, brown boot heels! I was in love the moment I saw them and they are so comfortable! 
They were originally from Primark and I bought them for £4 :)

So these shoes are too big for me, yeah.
But they were pretty! You see the only proper heels I  owned were proper shoe boots with heels- I love them still, they have some great memories! But they weren't exactly summery... 
So a pair of more slimline black heels were in order. And as I said, I'm so very poor.
So charity shop it was! 
These were from New Look originally and I bought them for £3.99

The best thing about Charity Shop shoes? They're already worn in, so theres a lot smaller chance of blisters!

This was such an impulse buy... I know, that's how I'm so poor. 
But I was walking through the shopping centre, soaked to my skin and very ill. 
(more of that in a bit)
And I looked into a window of a charity shop and it caught my eye. How could I say no?
It's brand new with tags! I bought it for £4 and was was Primark before :)

So these weren't actually from a Charity Shop, however as I included them in it for funsies.
These beauties were from one of my lovely housemates! She bought them from Asos but ended up being too small for her, so she very kindly donated them to me :)
Very unfortunately, I wore them on Saturday and my feet were destroyed.
My blisters are insane. I tried stretching the shoes with a hairdryer and a spoon..but that hasn't seemed to help. Any suggestions?!

So it's Freshers Week here in Bangor. 
How could I tell? I'm ill, tired, have been out every day for the past 4 days and it's raining.
(it has literally not stopped raining in 3 days, it always rain in Freshers!)
You see, I made a bit of an error in judgement. 
I drank, and I drank...and I drank some more. Oops. 
I accidentally gave myself alcohol poisoning. Yeah. Bad move.
I've never drank that much and I never want to again.
I've been so sick, and so ill....eurgh, never again.
Safe to say I wasn't drinking last night..

On that delightful note, I am going to try and enjoy Freshers haha. 
I'm getting up at 7:00am every morning this week as well as getting in at 3:00am so yeah, tired.com.
It's one of my housemates 21st this week, so it's manic.
Wish me luck!

Have you found any gems in charity shops recently?

Love, Elizabeth

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(apologies for the rubbish pictures, they were from my phone and like I said, its raining all the time so theres not much light!)


  1. I'm after a pair of heeled tan brogues. I'm very jealous!

  2. those asos shoes are absolutely gorgeous! such a shame they are painful to wear though, but I'm sure once they're worn in they'll be fine :)
    i always see posts of people buying such lovely things from charity shops, but whenever I go in them I can never find anything!

  3. I can never find anything in the charity shops in my town, probably because it is inhabited by old people! Sad times! :( Love the Asos shoes! x

  4. I need to investigate charity shops more, perhaps have a nosey into the nearest posh village and see if any of the ladies who lunch are chucking out their Chanel!

    J x

  5. I need to investigate charity shops more, perhaps have a nosey into the nearest posh village and see if any of the ladies who lunch are chucking out their Chanel!

    J x

  6. Ah I love love loveeeee that shirt! Cute shoes also, what a bargain! :)
    How on earth did you give yourself alcohol poisoning?! I'm going to google it ;)

    hope your feeling better!


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  8. You did a great job! Love your purchases

    xo, Courtney

  9. Love your new heart blouse - so cute! And what fun shoes :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. High five for charity shops. Love them.x

  11. I love the gems you've found they're gorgeous and look so authentic! I love the Asos shoes, what's the spoon and hair dryer technique, never heard of that!? Have you tried putting plaster inside the shoes where you normally get blisters as a sort of cushion? Sudocrem is great for healing blisters too! Get better soon XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  12. I remember how poor I was in college!! I wish I would have had the love for vintage things as I do now...I would have been much better off!!
    A's Fashion Files
    Shop Kawaii Kitsch by A on Etsy!

  13. charity shop finds are the best! it's always meant to be when you find something haha

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  14. I love those flats! There so unique
    :) I'm now following... please return the favor! :)

  15. The last pair of shoes are so cute!

  16. Cute finds, I love the little heart blouse.

  17. I'm a poor student too, so I feel ya dear! Love what you found - especially that adorable heart blouse!

  18. Ooh I love all of your finds, I'm a poor student too, I feel your pain! xx

  19. great post- love the asos shoes. i am such a lover of bargains and charity shop buys so this was right up my street hehe xx

  20. oh those first shoes are so cute! and i love that top with hearts :)



  21. I love all of these, especially the blouse and the last pair of shoes!

    <3 Melissa

  22. love the shoes. they are adorable.. following you right away...

    visit me at http://girl-gulaabi.blogspot.in/ and follow if you like::)

  23. I love all the stuff you bought! How abt following each other. Following you via GFC. Let me know if you follow back.