Monday, 8 August 2011

Camping Chic

Going camping, or glamping as it is also known and looking good is a struggle. That much is true.
I've been going camping since I was about 6, but it's only since I've been going to Soul Survivor (summer camp, roughly 12,000 young people a year) that I've actually cared how I look when emerging from my tent to brave the mud!
It's my 7th year, and possibly my last with uni and things coming up, and I am determined to look good, and this year, I wont be looking at every other girls thinking 'how on earth do they look so good?!'

Colourful wellies are a must, if you've got to live in mud, you may as well traipse through it in style. Mine are black with pink and white flowers. But rest assured, you'll always see someone else in better's a way of life.
I'm trying to go down the dresses and leggings route this year. Because it's an awful lot easier. No need to worry about your top riding up and jeans falling down when sitting on the floor, which is an annual battle. Easier to layer up, putting on a cardigan is perfect. And also, takes less space when packing, very important! :)
Hoodys/Hoodies(?) also a must, it gets so cold at night wherever you go..unless you go camping in hotter climates than England haha. And they look good over jeans!
Packing is always difficult..packing as little as possible is impossible. If you talk to anyone else whilst packing, they'll come out with something about how good they would be in that situation and would only pack one bag and would be amazing. Which is so annoying they wouldn't believe, because it really isn't that easy! (I admit, I only wrote this bit because my boyfriend just said exactly that, and annoyed me no end)
I've only got one bag for clothes, one bag for food (cooker included), and one for my airbed and pump and everything that didn't fit in the others haha. Which I think is impressive for a week away.

Here are my efforts: I know it's sideways, I don't have the patience to figure out to fix it haha.

I'm off tomorrow morning, so it will be a blogging free week. But I'll do a post about Soul Survivor with lots of pictures hopefully, including fancy dress!
Have a lovely week :)

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