Friday, 5 August 2011

Look what I made!

Next week I'm going to Soul Survivor!
Soul Survivor's a summer camp in Somerset which I go to every year. And the last night is fancy dress, and the theme's Disney this time :)
Last year it was fairy tales and I was a princess fairy but I decided to be Minnie Mouse this year!
The majority of Minnie Mouse costumes that I'd seen were either very little, or not covering much of my body, sooooo I decided to make my own! I used to make a lot of things when I was younger, but kinda grew out of it, but it meant I've got lots of material and sewing things so I was all set!
So I got to work.
I found a plain pink dress in Notting Hill (it's a £5 shop for those who don't have one in your town), it has a Peter Pan collar, and kind of flary at the bottom with cap sleeves.
I found lots of pictures of pink Minnie Mouse's and tried to base my costume on this one..

I found an old white t-shirt which my mum didn't want any more and cut out about 30 circles the same size and then sewed them onto the bottom half of the dress, below the middle seam (I'm sure there's a technical word rather than middle seam..). And I think they're all distributed evenly on the skirt.

Then I got to work on the ears.
They are definitely a DIY project, the ears are pieces of cardboard, which fabric sewn around them to make 2 black circles. Attaching them to the headband was the hard part. I used a white Alice band because I couldn't find a black one, and basically sewed as much as I can to every available piece of fabric to make them stay upright! This took the best part of 2 hours haha, but it was worth it.
Minnie Mouse ears are not complete without a ribbon, so I managed to buy some very pink ribbon from a little craft shop down the road for 40p and made it into a bow and sewed that onto the Alice band.
And volia! It was finished! I'm going to draw whiskers on with liquid eyeliner and have bright red lips. I have practiced it and then opened the front door, the neighbours haven't looked at me in the same way since haha!
Below is the dress and the ears :)

 Didn't come without injuries haha.

Needle's are dangerous.

Anyways, I'm sure I'll post everyone else's fancy dress outfits as well as me in my one!
Hope you're all good!

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  1. Hello and welcome to the world of blogging! Can't wait to see an update on how your outfit turns out xx