Thursday, 4 August 2011

So, I decided to start a blog :)

After years of reading various blogs, I thought I'd start writing my own.
So a bit about myself.. I'm 17, (18 in 2 weeks, I will finally be old YAY), live in Essex, and hopefully going to uni in September (I'm pretty sure I'll cry about how nervous I am about my results on here, and then whether I get in or not) .
At the moment, I've got my summer ahead so I'll be able to blog quite regularly. I read Sprinkle Of Glitter, Zoella, Dottie K, Flutter and Sparkle, Maylovesmakeup and the like alll the time, so they've inspired me to do this.
I'll try and do beauty blogs, although I can't say I have much money to buy lots, but those that I do, I'll definitely review for you. But this blog'll probably be more of a life blog, and all my unexciting adventures :)
I'd love to say hope you're all okay, but until I get followers, I'll be talking to no-one haha :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi , I love reading your blog . So much ive read all your posts now . I love how you swapped your life from essex girl to wales , as i recently moved to london from anglesey i get all the homesickness too and is planning on moving back soon :) Great choice going to bangor uni though I went there and had many great times :)