Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Living my life.

So it occurred to me that you get to see all these nights out of mine, all the drama and the hate for a lot of males in Bangor..but never the average me, doing my average life.

I'm very lucky to have the chance to be in the University of Bangor, studying Business Studies.
My course is hard and I have to do endless exams and assignments.
I'm surrounded by the loveliest people, and it seems each day I meet a new one who makes my life that even bit happier :) 
I live in a flat with 5 others, an international who we never see but I constantly hear on skype/playing his guitar/destroying his room as I'm next door, a mature student who's girlfriend is always round and has the most annoying voice ever - it reeeaally grates on you, a friend, and 2 of the most special people.
They make university what it is to me, without them- I probably would have gotten too homesick and be back in Essex. We sit down and watch TV with each other every day, we insult each other, we laugh together - we're like an old married threesome couple really.

This week it's Student Union Elections - and people are really desperate for votes! Like, in the general/local elections, you have TV adverts, posters, people knocking on your door. Here its worse.
People still do all that (apart from TV obviously) but they also line the streets. Our halls are about 10 minute walk from the Main University Building so on an average walk, you will get stopped at least 3 times by every campaign party...there are about 10 parties. That's a lot of stopping.
They ask "Have you voted?"/"Do you know who you're voting for?"/"Are you going to take advantage of the power you've got?". When really, all you want to do is simple walk to lectures.
I've taken to saying "I've already voted" and just continue walking..I mean I'm not gonna vote for them if they harass me am I? Although today they've gotten a new tactic: Free cake! I'd even told them I'd already voted and they still gave me one. Does that shut me up? You bet. Then another guy that I knew (who's also running) came up to me and gave me more cake. Mouth firmly shut at that point haha.
I have actually voted now haha, so I'm not lying!

Tuesday's are my busiest days, 5/6 hours of lectures straight (depending on the week, every other week I have an extra tutorial at 10) from 11-4. With no breaks, whoever's idea that was is a cruel hearted person. When am I supposed to eat? I survive on chocolate and any other snacks I can find in the little cafe outside on Tuesdays
 (which is the day I'm writing this btw, hence why I'm focusing on it!)
We start with Marketing, with a lecture who takes an hour to go through 2 slides - he pauses for at least a minute after every sentence.
Then Economics, who at least 3 times in every 2 hour lecture will stop, stare at the screen and say "...wait, scrap that, I'll start again".
Then Maths, 2 hours of maths. Whaaat. Our lecturer has the strongest African accent ever, and talks sooo quickly (marketing should take note!).

Today I was sitting next to Zara, and she'd dropped her iPod. So I got up and started to look for it. What I didn't mention is that the seats are like those in the theatre (they flip up as soon as you stand up), this didn't occur to me.. and I went to sit down...I sat down on the floor!
Words cannot tell you how hilarious this was, we were sat on the back row and everyone turned around haha.

I'm going to a play tonight, I went last night but am going again to support 2 of my best friends who are in it. It was amazing - not gonna lie.
It's the whole of Mark's gospel in 90 minutes.
When Jesus got nailed to the cross...well that was intense.

I'm going out after the play too- it's our last week in Bangor for a while so we're gonna have a good one!

This is what I wore today with a few added details :)

Top: New Look children's range
Jeans: Primark
Hoody: Christian Union clothing (see below)

As part of the CU, we have clothing; they raise awareness of the CU, and hey, who doesn't like personalised clothing?!

It's my favourite jumper/hoody/jacket at the moment!

And my accessories:

I bought these yesterday (naughty student).
The necklace was £4.00 in TopShop, and the rings were £2 in Republic.
I didn't wear all the rings, only the 2 on the far right (which are strapped together now) which I wear permanently to replace another I wear for personal reasons.
(and I wore my best friend necklace)

That was and is my average day.
Hope you're all well and smiling :) xxx


  1. Your Tuesdays sound super super busy and about as boring lecture wise as mine!
    Loving your new purchases especially the necklace :)

  2. You sound like your having a great time at uni, and I know exactly what you mean about the grating voice I know a few people like that too.
    I love your new necklace and rings.

    B xxx

  3. what a marathon of lectures! It sounds like you're really happy with your course and friends. Good for you. :) x

  4. Love the striped shirt - so cute! That sounds like a VERY busy day...yikes!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Cute striped shirt! Love the casual, comfy look yet you still look pulled together and cute. Sounds like you had a hectic day!

  6. loving the accessories

    btw, lovely blog hun

    wanna follow each other?

    p.s: i'm having a giveaway, do join if you're keen


  7. I love the rings! It's lovely to hear about your life and learn more about you. Good luck with the course and have a lovely Easter! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk/