Monday, 26 March 2012

Sun sun sun :)

Unless you've been locked away or in a cave, I'm sure you've noticed the gorgeous summery weather outside. If not, look outside right this second and enjoy :)

Thats my garden, its rubbish quality aha. Has anyone else got foursquare? (this was my picture from my check wasn't a completely random comment aha)

Anyways, it's such beautiful weather, it's such a shame to waste it!
On Saturday we had the delights of a landscaper coming at 8:30am, to clear out our garden/soil/rubbish (with our help) for a shed. I'm not gonna lie, I know I've not been home since Christmas, but I didn't think we had so much stuff in our garden. The landscaper continued to dig a very large hole which he'll later fill up with concrete, whilst we went to and from the skip with the soil and all the other rubbish.
I must admit I was a little cheeky and decided I deserved to sleep as I travelled the day before so didn't actually emerge from my room till 10... 
I began to feel as if I was their waitress, apparently once I'd cleared what I was clearing, I was 'too little' to do what they were doing (tbf, I was - I just didn't want to be told it!) so I decided to go ahead and sieve all the soil.
I realise how odd that must sound, but my mum was really obsessed in getting a garden sieve last summer, and it is quite therapeutic.. just getting all the stone out of the ground. It's crazy.
I literally sat in my garden for hours sieving the soil and my reward? Getting a sun burnt right upper arm.. nothing else, but just that patch. Attractive.

Sunday? Literally, that's what it was. There was plenty of sun..but someone took the heat outta it!
It was freeeeeezing. 
On a brighter note, after church my parents took me and my brother to the harvester as a reunion meal :) It was so lovely, it's sort of a tradition to go to the harvester now whenever we're celebrating or something. And the connotations of it are fab cause of all the memories :)
My flatmates think its really weird how I can eat raw a lot. Obviously I don't just grab an onion and bite into it - that'd would be weird. But because the harvester has the salad bar with raw onion in it, and I only ever used to eat raw onion when I went to the harvester..I eat raw onion when I'm cooking/making salad (normal situations haha) to remind me of those times.
Anyone else have those things? Or am I truly a weirdo?

On Sunday afternoon I was really living up to stereotype - the males in my house were watching football, so I decided to bake haha. Go girl power! I bought my mum a recipe book holder for mothers day and I took my cupcake recipe book home so I decided to try them both out for the family to sample. I made marble cupcakes - they're yummy :)

Today the warm sun (whoever stole the heat bought it back!) was out and I went for a wander into town. Seriously, there is no primarks in Wales. I know right, shocking.
So I was let lose in Primark for the first time since Christmas, and it made me very sad that I couldn't afford anything.
For those that haven't chosen to go to university yet, I can tell you now.
Your choice is:
Either go to university, have the time of your life, meet the best people ever and end up (hopefully) getting a degree so then you can get a fulfilling job which you love. But have literally no money, and have to be depressed when you can't afford new shiny things.
Be able to go into Primark and buy things.
(Also have the time of your life doing the thing that you've chosen to do instead, and I'm sure the people there are gonna be awesome too! ...and have a good job!) 

Tough decision eh?

As it was sunny, I thought instead of turning the camera on me, I'd rather capture something with true beauty.

I also worked on my patchy sunburn, totally rocking the red patch look right now.

As I mentioned before, my brother's just come home from Cambodia - he spent 2 weeks there with a charity who build wells/houses/lay foundations in conjunction with churches out there to help people in need. On his travels he got to go on a bit of a touristy holiday too and went on a mini scuba diving holiday! So jealous! He bought me back this, a mobile phone holder! :)

She's called Cam (cause she's from Cambodia) and we're not entirely sure what animal she a turtle maybe?
On the subject of phones, I'm getting an iPhone tomorrow :)
My Blackberry is a mess, its rubbish. Half the buttons don't work, and the circuit is completely exposed on the top.
(the part about not getting shiny things isn't really true. Especially when you have very generous parents!) 
The delivery time is between 7:30am-5:30pm. That's right, I'm getting up at 7:30am for my iPhone, that's pure dedication. It better come tomorrow - or I shall be having words!

Anyways. This was long and rambly.
What have you lot been doing in the sunshine? Hope you're enjoying it :) xxx


  1. I've loved the weather today too!
    That turtle is the cutest thing ever!
    Its lovely to hear you're having fun being back at home, I love Harvester too! The salad bar is the best thing about it :)
    This was a lovely read, hope you are okay!
    Zoe xxx

  2. I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award! check out my latest post and see what to do next :) xx

  3. US has salad bars, just thought I'd let you know :) It's been quite sunny here as well. I just love it! xx

  4. u love the sunny day??then come to Malaysia..=)

  5. I am so jealous of you getting an iphone, I hate my blackberry so much now! Your story about the soil also made me chuckle! I love the phone case and fully agree about uni and being unable to afford things, sometimes I wish I had got a job, would probs have a nice new wardrobe by now and a little car haha! xxxx

  6. Aww those phone covers are so cute! Nope you are not nuts, I love raw onion! That and raw courgette, raw broccoli, raw leek and a whole lot of other raw veg, I am a bit weird! Aww so sweet you helping your mum with the soil, at least you got some sort of tan! Beautiful pictures too XxxX

  7. you need to get yourself to cardiff or cwmbran, BEST PRIMARK EVER!!:D
    love your blog btw!

    Elle xo

  8. I have iphone vs blackberry envy!

  9. just found your blog, its really inspiring :) i would like you to check out my blog...maybe follow? :)x

  10. Great post chick :) I love raw onion too haha and put it on everything, well not literally everything but you know what I mean! xxx

  11. Nom nom nom I love nibbling on raw onion! That phone holder is adorable too! xxx

  12. I love raw onion too, if it wasnt so wierd I would eat an onion like I eat an apple YUM and your cake looks delicious.

    B xxx

  13. Omg that cell phone holder is so freaking cute! I love it lol. I'd love to travel outside of the country, one day. :)

    Love, Jazmyn