Friday, 16 March 2012

Chocolate Cheese and Lion King.

I'm supposed to be doing my assignment haha, but this is more interesting :)

My life hasn't gotten any more interesting though, its been so busy! I've had 3 meeting for the CU exec this week, I'm beginning to live there haha! I'd love to say it's been sunny and warm this week, but by the sounds of really hasn't compared to everyone else! Apparently in London it's been 20 degrees, it's been warm enough not to be wearing 3 coats here haha. So not quite the same!
On Tuesday we went out, but the DJ was really awful.. we didn't know any of the songs so we left early, we're such party animals haha!
On Wednesday it was proper sunny for about 2 hours when we were handing in our assignment so we decided to go have a picnic! We went to morrisons to stock up on food and then we were going to go to the pier. Then we came across this:
Has anyone else tried this? It's chocolate flavoured Philadelphia!
I'd never had Philadelphia beforehand anyway, my only experience on squidgy cheese is the dairylea triangles (which were the bane of my childhood, I always convinced myself I liked them, and then every time I had one...disappointment just came around!) so I wasn't holding out much hope.
But we all know that anything with chocolate added into it is surely better than its plain counterpart?
So we bought some :)
When we tried wasn't that bad. I mean, it kinda tasted like really creamy chocolate spread (bear in mind the only chocolate spread I've had is in Russia) but was okay.
We left it at home for our picnic anyway, we weren't too convinced. When I got home from my meeting that evening I decided I'd try it properly as my tea..I wouldn't recommend it. Anything more than a small amount is not too pleasant. So now it's sitting in my fridge waiting for me to go through the Dairylea Triangle dilemma again, and convince myself that I like it until I try it again... to be disappointed again..and then wait until next time!
Does anyone else do that? Or is it just me? And has anyone else tried it and liked it?!

Anyway we went to the pier and Zara had her first ever hot cross bun!
I've no idea how she'd gone 20 years of her life without one! But she did, and her exact words were "it's um....erm....interesting" And then a couple hours later when we were telling our other flatmate she said "it's not something I'm going to have again...but it was erm...interesting!"
I'm not gonna lie - I don't think she liked it!

So on Wednesday night, it was a 'Popcorn Party'
Ever heard of one of those? No neither had I. Honestly, the themes get weirder and weirder.
But we were greeted by posters that said this all around the club

"Please note this club is currently operating a popcorn cannon"
Yep, you read it right, a popcorn cannon.
In the rest of the poster it said "The popcorn cannon will not harm any person or any person's clothing" "Please do not eat any popcorn off the floor or off any unsanitary places"
Which does include the whole of Occy, I'm not gonna lie.
So what happened is exactly what you'd imagine, there was popcorn fired out of cannons at us!
I didn't manage to catch any to eat, such a shame, haha but it literally covered occy, there was a 2 inch thick covering of popcorn on the floor which was so so slippy!  It was crazy.

As usual the night didn't go without any dramas, I'm honestly going to have to stop going out on a Wednesday to avoid this! Of course some guy that I liked got really drunk and started swearing at me, and was really horrible, and of course my flatmates boyfriend got really  drunk and then confessed his love, which freaked her out.
Of course we waited for an hour at the entrance of our accommodation site to wait for her boyfriend and his friends to let them sleep on our kitchen floor, and of course they didn't remember any of it and didn't have a clue where they were in the morning!
On the plus side- my friend got reaaaally drunk, and pretended to be batman all night! That was entertaining :)
This is what I wore :

Top: A dress which is too tight to wear as a dress haha, from H&M
Skirt: Tesco kids range
Tights: Flesh coloured x2
Shoes: New Look heels

I've often wondered whether you think it's very strange that I have "I want to touch your face" as my back drop. I promise it's not that weird! If you saw xfactor this year, then you would have seen a clip of Luke Lucas saying "She's so pretty mum, I want to touch her face" about Tulisa.. it just became a thing in our flat! And all the posits have the lyrics of "What Makes You Beautiful" on them. It was a present from my flatmates when I went away for the weekend and left my key haha :)

Last night I went round my friends to hang out, and we ended up watching the Lion King at like 3 in the morning, who wants to be normal eh?

What have you been doing with your week? xxxx


  1. Chocolate cream cheese? Strangely intrigued haha. have a great weekend Elizabeth :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I tasted that Philadelphia too, it's lovely! i never tasted the original one either haha! X

  3. I agree with you on the philadephia hun, i dont recommend it either!
    Your outfit looks lovely :)
    Hope the drama on wednesday didn't wreck your night though!
    Love Zoe :-) xxx

  4. Love hearing about your escapades! Cute outfit too. I am intrigued by chocolate philly, but don't know if I want to try it, mainly because I don't know what I would eat it with. Guess it would work well if you were making a cheesecake though xx

  5. I just saw an advert on tv for chocolate philadelphia and think it sounds gross! lol. I don't think I will be trying it! Great post hun xoxo

  6. Maybe it would make nice icing! If I ever make carrot cake I always make the icing out of normal Philadelphia so maybe you could use it to make a chocolatey version! I can't imagine what you would eat it with otherwise, a cracker? Food manufacturers come up with the strangest things! XD

  7. you look so cute!

  8. You always have such an interesting week! My life is so boring compared to yours! I've not tried it and don't really like the sound of it either! Nutella is where its at! I can't believe your friend has never had a hot cross bun, my Mum's are amazing! Thanks for commenting on my Marilyn post, I really appreciate your continued reading! XxxX

  9. I've seen this on a few blogs now [The philly choc cheese] but i'm totally unsure if that would taste good or not. I'm a chocolate and a cheese lover and I just, hmm, sometimes I think two things shouldn't be mixed and this might be one of those instances!!

    Thanks for the comment and the follow on my blog - following you back! You have a great blog xx

  10. I like the philly choc but I agree you can't eat a lot of it! I had it with breadsticks, but not too much otherwise I felt sick! A popcorn party sounds a.mazing. xxxx