Friday, 23 March 2012

Floating boys and tagging.

This is what I saw when I looked out my window yesterday. I thought they were floating..turned out they weren't haha.
Easy mistake right?

I watched them for half an hour (procrastination) they fell off a lot. It's quite funny really!

Anyway, I've been tagged by the beautiful Becca at backfortea. So instead of an embarrassing story (I can't have you thinking I'm a complete freak all the time haha!) I thought I'd do this :)
You have to answer the 11 questions that the previous blogger has written, and then tag 11 other bloggers to answer your own questions.
So here goes :)

What blog post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
Hmmmmm, oh I have two! I'm just gonna go ahead use my creative license to name them both ;)
First is The Palefaceandredlipstick date. I chose this one because, quite frankly, the date which it was written about was hilarious. There are no other words, it involved hideous coats, rectal thermometers and endless amounts of tea. If you ever want something to cheer you up- read it.
Second is Holding Memories Tight. because it was about one of the greatest experiences of my life, and being able to write about it and my experiences as well as look through all the photos was so lovely. It reminded me of all the smiles and laughs. I talk about it with any excuse usually, so writing about it was a dream.

Describe your 'go to' summer outfit.
I'd say, my denim shorts, and my multicoloured stripey top (see previous post) - make summer bright even if the weather isnt haha!- my brown sandals which I hunted shops for yeaaaaars to find the perfect pair. With my best friend necklace (zara is always with me, physically or not haha) and beach waves in my hair with my sunglasses.
...just need to find the weather now!

What is your dream job?
My dream job is easily a zoo keeper, for Red Pandas. Yes, I have got an obsession with the zoo.
I've always wanted to be a zookeeper, unfortunately I was never ever good at sciences or anything so couldn't get onto a course which would put me on track for it. But I'm happy visiting zoos and wistfully staring in jealousy at the keepers. In my local zoo, they do a 'Keeper for a day' scheme, something I would love.

What is your favourite lipstick/lipgloss? No cheating you can only chose one.
Definitely Barry M Sunset -151. Despite it's name, it's actually a really nice coral colour. One which isn't too harsh for my very pale skin haha. And is able to be worn for day to day use as it's not too in your face, or can be used in the evening for a bit of a dress up. I also use it just to tint my lips during the day by putting my lipbalm on (fav one atm is Nivea) and then using a lip brush to put on the colour. The lipbalm makes the colour not too bold, but is nice enough to be seen.

If you could only wear your hair in one style for the next year, what would it be? eg straight, messy knot top, curly...etc...etc...
Gahhh, my hair is horrible haha. Whatever I do to it, it never looks half decent. However, if I had to choose, I'd have my hair curly with half my hair back, but with the curls actually staying in for the wholeeeeeee year. My hair doesn't like staying curly at all, so I don't do it often as the curls drop within an hour no matter what I do.

What is the one beauty product you regret buying the most?
Definitely the GOSH concealer- it's horrible. 
It's the palest type they have and it looks like mud on me. The consistency is like paint and it's just horrific. I bought it for £4.99 I think and I reaaaaaaally wish I hadn't bothered!

How long does it take you to get ready on an everyday basis?
Usually, it takes me about 30 minutes, but that's with me with my laptop in front of me haha. I don't take that long in the shower, although at university I've somehow managed to get a lot longer as I'm not actually paying for hot water and theres no chance of it running out haha. If I'm washing my hair then I do take forever haha, but generally 10 minutes is fine for me. Choosing what to wear is genuinely the hardest decision haha and takes the longest. I have to think about what I'm doing, where I'm going, and who I'm going to see, whether they've seen that outfit recently etc haha..I live a sad life! Doing my make up can take about 5 minutes as long as I haven't accidentally painted black all over my face (which has happened haha). My hair, as I said, is very disobedient and we don't get on. So I try to spend as little time on it as possible cause I get annoyed ha!

Bronzer or blusher?
As mentioned, I am very pale. Which I've gotten over and don't mind. However if you've even seen me in bronzer, you'd know how very awful it looks. Basically like a sheep has just rubbed mud on both of it's sides. Stupid and plain silly haha. I use blusher a lot to make myself a little more human and not quite as pale!

What is your favourite high street brand and what is your favourite high end brand?
High street brand issssss, Collection 2000/New Look depending on which category haha. Collection 2000 is cheap and cheerful, my skin isn't exactly problem skin (apart from this week blaah) so I don't wear foundation or much...everyday is just eyeliner, mascara and concealer which all come from Collection 200! New Look kids section - saviour in disguise! Some of their clothes are actually really nice, and as they're childrens - they're a lot cheaper. Especially with student discount - perfect for my budget :)

What is your favourite beauty tip or secret?
It's definitely not a secret at all, as I'm sure everyone knows it. But to exfoliate your lips to get them all smooth and lovely, dip a cotton bud in vaseline (not so its like dripping, ew, but just so its covered) and then in some sugar so its coated, use that to exfoliate your lips. Use it in small circles and soon you'll have really smooth lips! (And that taste like sugar, yum)
Also, before putting on lipstick, just run your toothbrush over your lips to get rid of any loose dead skin and plumps them a little :)

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you chose? 
I'd love to live in New Zealand or Canada, the things I've seen about those countries look so ideal. However I've never been to either, so could hate it haha! So if I had to choose somewhere I'd been, I'd choose Malta. Just because it's so beautiful, and I have such amazing memories there! But I'd have to move all my family and friends there too!!

That was the tag, thank you Becca for tagging me :)
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My questions for you lovely lot are:
  1. If you were an animal what one would you be?
  2. If you had to only wear one cosmetic item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  3. Would you rather never do your hair or never wear makeup?
  4. What's your favourite song?
  5. Which 4 famous people would you invite to a teaparty?
  6. Who inspires you in the bloggersphere?
  7. Why did you start your blog?
  8. Describe your perfect dress (you know the one, the one you always dream about when you're invited somewhere)
  9. What was the last piece of clothing you bought?
  10. What's your dream job (definitely stole this one from Becca!)
  11. What was the last crazy thing you did?
I'm going home today! :D
It's crazy- but I'm actually on the train home now.
I'm sitting in the carriage next to first class. First Class get's free wifi, nobody else does. However I'm in D1, so I can totally reach the wifi from here. Who wouldn't eh?
Only another 6 hours to go...
I cannot wait, my whole family will be in the same country, same county, same house for a week!! (I'm staying for 3 weeks but my brother goes to Australia next week, boo)
I'm not gonna lie - I'm so proud of my packing. I managed to fit everyone in one suitcase which closed first time without me sitting on it.
First time for everything eh?
Bloggin may either slow down as I'll be busy/nothing interesting happens or may be a lot more frequent than usual as I'm bored/so much happened! Who knows.

Hope you're all well :) xxx


  1. Definitely agree with you with the Gosh concealer- if its the one I think it is, I tried it too, and it was horrible, so thick!

    Lovely questions! I will fill them out later :) thanks for tagging me lovely xxx

  2. Great post :) I bought a few GOSH products today and was considering getting the concealer- glad I didn't now! And LOVE the photos at the top. My first thought was-are they floating, haha. Would totally stare at that sort of thing for ages too. I love watching skateboarders do silly tricks like that (but with a skateboard, obvs).


  3. I loved your answers, I'm off to read your post about your horrific date again because it was the funniest thing I have ever read. HAHA. Enjoy yourself back home chic.

    B xxx

  4. have a lovely time back with your family! x

  5. Great post hun! :) I have given you a blog award <3 xoxo

  6. Have an amazing time with your family x

  7. cute blog..if u want lets follow each other..

  8. I loved reading your answers! <3 I would totally use the train Wifi if I could too - I'd go mad for 6 hours with nothing to do!! Hope you have a lovely time at home xxx

  9. Hace a great time at home, lovely hearing more about your life! I'm just like you and really pale too! XxxX

  10. So fun! Love that your dream job is to be a zookeeper - that is too cute :) And does sounds kinda awesome!

    The Other Side of Gray