Friday, 8 June 2012

B is for Blogging.

Apologises for taking so long in this, I have no excuse, just lots of things going on!

B is for Blogging.

A blog is a discussion or information site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries

I entered the world of blogging 10 months ago (minus 4 days) and it's been a whirlwind. 
A blog is to share your personal thoughts and feelings to the world, to put yourself out there and take it how it is.
I read once on a blog that bloggers are amongst the bravest as they put their lives down on a plate, their thoughts and musings...and their pictures to a place which can be so cruel. That takes guts. Obviously I never thought of that until I read it, so I'm not sure I have those guts at all.
I admire those that reveal their secrets and their passions on the Internet, beit blogs or YouTube- it really is incredible.
To think that those people who are so talented at make up, or at design, that are so beautiful to model but have never done it- would never be seen or their talent shared if it weren't for the Internet.
I know people can be cruel, unfortunately that is life.
However I have had the privilege of 'meeting' the most amazing and beautiful souls ever.
I never thought that through a computer you could build up such a friendship. I often sit at my computer and wish I was actually with the people who's blogs I'm reading, so I could have a proper catch up with them, or so fully admire their outfit. I know people do meet ups and whatnot, but I'd love it if my blog friends were my real life friends too. 
It's crazy how much you can learn about people through a blog, I really do feel as if you're all my best friends! 
You share my thoughts and my emotions - probably more than a lot of my real world friends do and I wouldn't do it anywhere else. 
My blog is actually a secret- a couple of my friends know that I have one, but don't know what it is or can't find it through google (they've tried so much haha!). My family don't know
and I love to keep it that way- you're my friends.

That was mega rambly- but I wanted to thank you all, for being my friends. 

If I'm ever feeling down or anything, I just read blogs, it really cheers me up!
I'm not gonna name names cause it'll just get too embarrassing, but I feel like I've built up real relationships with some of you lot- and that's mega to me :)


The past couple of days have been so frustrating!!
Since I'm back at uni until September (minus working on a summer camp for 2 weeks), I obviously need a job. Well, I need something to take up my time and to give me money in exchange. i.e a job.
This is so much easier said than done!
I've applied for over 20 in my area, I've been rejected by 3, and heard nothing from the others. Every day I'm out and about giving out my CV's and praying that someone will want far, no such luck.
I'm beginning to think there's something majorly wrong with me! Like, it's not as i I can blame anyone else, that's why it's frustrating. It's me that can't get a job, so it's me that I'm annoyed at..

I'm still on uni bodyclock, which means I just don't feel tired at a normal time of uni it's fine, I'm with thousands of other students who are the same. At home, I'm the only one. So once my parents have gone to bed (they get up at 6 for work, they go to bed pretty early..) I have to fill up my time somehow right? 
I've started watching Made In Chelsea..and I love it.
It's such a guilty pleasure too, since Saturday I've gotten through the first series and I'm onto the second now!

Tomorrow, I'm getting up at 7am, to go to Ikea to have breakfast and go to Lakeside to look round the shops with my mumma. Extreme time yes, but so worth it. (Have you ever had Ikea's cooked breakfast?!)

Hope you're all well, 
my next post is going to be an Instagram catch up, I realise I haven't done it in about a may be a long one!
(and if anyone knows of any jobs in Essex, let me know ;) )
Love, Elizabeth xx


  1. I've been following your blog for a while now, I'm yet to meet another essex blogger! and I'm going to lakeside too tomorrow yaay.

    That summer camp sounds fun where abouts did you do that?

    I know exactly what you mean by keeping it a secret. a place where you don't feel judged and feel the love and meeting new lovely people on here :)


    1. Oh crazy, I didn't know of another Essex blogger either!
      It's in Summerset, it's a Christian festival for teenagers :)

      Exactly :) xx

  2. Aww bless you hun, I feel the exact same about blogging, its an escapism where you get to interact with other people who have the same interests as you! and I love it!
    I'm the same... only my boyfriend and sister know I blog, none of my friends or parents know, not that I'm embarrassed about it at all, its just nice to have something of your own I think anyway :)
    I really enjoy blogging too!

    Aww bless you, I've just finished Uni and I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself! I work part time (only contracted to one day a week, but do a couple of part time shifts as extra throughout the week) and desperately looking for more full time work!

    Hopefully you will find a job soon :) I'm sure you will!

    Love Zoe :)


    1. Thta's exactlt how it is, haha yeah exactly- it's definitely nice t have something of my own!

      Thank you :) xx

  3. Yes B is for blogging. I signed up in blogspot way back 2010 and never really had the guts to post one topic. until I graduated from college months ago and decided to blog for the passion for fashion and architecture. I really enjoy blogging like you :)

    xoxo Tisha,
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    "Updates from: FACEBOOK"

  4. What a love blog post liz , I love reading your blog and like you say i feel like we are actually friends its so strange , along with you not alot of people no i have a blog either , i think that if you dont have the passion to write about things that interest you or dont understand it its quite hard for some people to understand why you write one , a couple of my friends no but i quite often get the answer ''but why , what do you get i dont get it '' quite simply i get friends it helps me to relax and to be quite honest im very proud of blog :)


    1. It's so crazy isn't it!
      It's definitely hard for people to understand, one of my few friends that know it exists (but isn't allowed to find it aha) asks the same! xx

  5. I know what you mean about keeping your blog a secret(ish) I love how blogging is so personal and you meet so many likeminded people.
    Really hope you get offered a job soon x

    1. Yeah exactly- like people on the same wavelength where you wouldn't meet them otherwise! Thank you :) xx

  6. Hi Elizabeth,

    A very interesting post. I enjoyed reading it so much.
    I think it is hard to find a job just about everywhere.
    Is it possible that some businesses hold their jobs for students
    who go to local university? Anyway I know the problem is not you!!
    Love, Joann xxxx

    1. Oh thank you so much, that really does mean a lot :) xx

  7. We tagged you in our post. its an award. Take a look
    Fibi x

  8. This is a lovely post! I have kept mine a secret for so long too, because I don't think other people would be so kind as the blogging community have been xxx

    1. Thank you! No exactly- it's nice to find people on the same wavelength! xx

  9. love it!


  10. Love this post - the blogging community is AWESOME :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. Great post as usual! So glad you love blogging, I know what you mean about the friendship thing. I do feel like I've made some friends but it's weird because it's not in person! I love that photo about the pj's it is so true, that's basically my life! XxxX

    1. Yeah exactly- it's crazy!

      Ha mine too, in fact that's exactly what I'm doing right now haha! xx

  12. I just found your blog and love it! i cannot wait to read your next post!
    -we just followed you and would appreciate it if you could do the same to us! you are a great writer!


    1. Ah thats so sweet thank you, I've followed you back :) xx

  13. This is an amazing post! Nice blog!

  14. Great post, I'm in bed on my laptop just like in that picture, ha.
    Good Luck on your job hunt, you're being really proactive with it and remember good things come to those who wait.

    1. Haha right now me too!! Ah thank you :) xx

  15. Seems like you've had a lot of success with your blog judging by how many comments you have, haha :) Well done! I've just started my blog and I'd hate for everyone at school to find out, like yourself. :\