Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My First Year.

Crazy as it is- I've finished my first year of university!
And you've all been on this journey with me- every step of the way.

In September I was this scared, little just-turned 18 girl who couldn't wait to get out of Essex and wanted a new adventure.
And that's exactly what I got!
I've had the privilege to meet some incredible people. 
My flatmates who have become my family, my coursemates who have helped me, my friends in CU that have been never ever ending support, and the many many friends I've met on nights out and through other people, that make my day that little bit brighter.
It's hard to believe that just 8 months ago I didn't know any of them, but we were all plunged into this strange situation where we knew nobody and were forced to either make friends or become a recluse.

The memories I've made will last a lifetime,- I blogged throught the whole year so no doubt you'll know a lot of the memorable stories!
To name just a few;

Dressing up:
 as teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles with my flatmates
Post on it here!
As an elf, and a Christmas..thing?


(apologies for the photo on the right, I'm not sure what happened)

Nights Out

The guys
I wish I could take pictures of all the guys that have said or did weird things to me, although that would be beyond stalkerish haha. 
You're gonna have to make do with me telling you!
Creepy Nick- For the whole of the first semester he stared at me. Not just like casual subtle staring..full on staring. He's on my course and also lived in the building next to me, I couldn't get away. Once he actually walked backwards and stared, weird huh? 
That was before, now I'm happy to say we've gotten past the staring stage and we actually talk to eachother! It's awkward like 97% of the time because we both know he was a starer, but anythings better than the feeling of being watched!
Creepy Tom- Oh Creepy Tom, I was sitting down having a break in a club once and he came to sit next to me. He asked whether he could kiss me, I said no obviously. So he took it upon himself to stroke..that's right, stroke my chin and asked if taking me out to dinner would make a difference. I'm still waiting on that dinner! (He also has bright white brick trainers which are hilarious!)
The guy who proposed- Mentioned not too long ago, this guy asked me to marry him in a club, was very enthusiastic about me moving to India too!
*The guy that shall not be named*- Quite frankly, he doesn't deserve to be named. He was a silly head who took it upon himself to hurt my feelings, quite a lot. (I did write about him in previous posts!) However, my fabulous flatmate spotted him whilst we were out one night and decided to take revenge. She went over and 'accidently' pushed him over, childish yes. But it felt good.
Gez- He was silly too haha, but hilariously so. It was the week after freshers and he was very determined to come home with me. So he managed to walk back to my building with me and my friends, and kept on trying. In the end, I told him I would kiss him if he could tell me my name. What did he say? Melissa. 
The various chat up lines- Some guy tried to persuade me and my friend he was from Iceland, instead he worked there. "You're a pretty face, I'm Paul".

The Dates
I went on a date with a frog obsessed guy who took me to a graveyard, he told me it was just going to be a nice walk. He took me through pitch black lanes and down lots of slopes until we got to the graveyard. Creeped out isn't the word. (He was my friends flatmate, so I trusted him, wasn't a complete stranger!) He spoke about frogs the whole way, telling me how cute and fluffy they were. Errr no.
This guy, I actually met the night I was dressed as a turtle and he asked me out after that. So somehow, he actually was attracted to me AS A TURTLE! A sign of strange obsessions, ie frogs? haha.
The next date needs no introduction. It was indeed, Pale face and Red Lipstick guy. 
I get teased about this a lot, simply because it was in fact, the most hilariously awful date ever ever ever in the history of the world. 
If you want to read about it (which if you want to smile or laugh- I fully recommend) it's here.

The adventures

The people
I don't know how many of you believe in God, or fate, or things being meant to be.
But how weird is it to think that if you weren't in that particular place, at that particular time, you wouldn't have met the people you did. 
Say meeting your boyfriend was a chance meeting, what if you weren't there at that very moment, would you still be together? 
That's how I see my friends, if we hadn't had all chosen Bangor University we would never have met each other, and wouldn't have been part of our lives.
For example, my best friend Zara. She wanted to go to Sheffield, but missed out by one grade, 2 measly marks which made a complete difference. But if she'd had gotten in, I wouldn't have met her and we wouldn't be best friends. 
One of my other friends got in through clearing, if he had have gotten the grades he wanted- we wouldn't be in each others lives at all. 
It's crazy to think like that, but I know that in this massive world, with billions and billions of people. That all my friends were in Bangor for a reason, and I've been lucky enough to know them and form relationships. I really have met the most amazing people ever, and I could never deny that. 
Yes things are tough sometimes, and yes there are people that I wish never shared my happy place in Bangor- but I've had the best year of my life so far. 

I hope you've enjoyed my first year of university as well as I have! 
Here's hoping 2nd and 3rd year are just as great.

Love, Elizabeth xxx

Nb. All photos are mine. Please do not use them without my permission.


  1. Woo well done on passing and finishing your first year!

    Your stories have been lovely and a good laugh to read- especially the graveyard date!


  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    We got your name we get a kiss????lol.

    Congratulations on finishing your first year!

    We got married around the end of our first year. In a hurry to finish college we took an accelerated college program. Our major was music and we knew tons about music and played several instruments...but we really had to 'hump' to keep up and get our diploma.

    A very good post. I really enjoyed reading it. You are a very amazing young lady, your flatmates are lucky to have you for a friend.

    Love, Joan and Joann xxxx

    1. Haha of course, apparently it's an achievement to get my name!

      Oh thank you so much, that means so much! xx

  3. Congrats on getting through the first year! x

  4. Aww, seems like you have had a lot of fun beyond the studying. Haha to the guys (except the nasty one). It sounds like there are a lot of creepy guys where you are! (or do you attract them ;)

    Loving the ninja turtle outfits xx

    1. Haha I think I just attract them! I've no idea what it is!!

      ah thanks, we worked hard on them ha! xx

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time, little lady. I am so thrilled for you! Even though I haven't finished my GCSEs yet, I am so excited for university. It just looks like so much freedom. I know, it's hard work. But I have always been independent, and I think uni is going to be where I really flourish. I hope so, anyway. You evidently have! I hope next year is just as wonderful for you, and congratulations on sticking to it!

    Lots of love xxx

    1. Oh working hard towards it is definitely worth it in the end! It's always the bigger picture, esp when studying for A Levels! It's all you described and more :) xx

  6. You DO look sexy as a turtle, I can see what attracted him to you!
    What a gorgeous post, I'm so glad you found great friends all over the place!

    1. Haha why thank you ;) I seriously am so fortunate! xx

  7. CUPOCAPPU said >> unodubtly funny! ive just read your date post. so lol

  8. This post made me laugh. Especially those creepy guys. The story of the guy from India was hilarious. Haha :)

    - Summer Falls

  9. Well done :). Love the pics.

    Sadie x

  10. I'm so many days behind my blog reading! Well done on your first year. It's almost 20 years since I left home for university but it doesn't seem it.

    I'm not religious at all and I don't believe in fate/karma but I do look back at how things occurred. If I hadn't have gone to my uni, I wouldn't have met my husband. Even though we didn't meet until 7 years after I left!


    1. It's crazy how the world is if we step back and look at it! xx

  11. Well done on finishing your first year! It sounds great even though you did meet some very creepy guys! Have a lovely summer! XxxX

    1. Haha I certainly did, thank you :) xx