Monday, 25 June 2012

C is for Carnival!

Instead of doing something deeply profound for my C, I thought I'd tell you about my Saturday :)
C is for Carnival
  1. A period of public revelry at a regular time each year, typically during the week before Lent.
  2. An exciting or riotous mixture of something.
    Except this one wasn't before Lent, but was certainly an exciting and riotous mixture ;) haha
My church decided (Trust me, I would not have made the decision ha) that it would be a good idea to have a float in a carnival on Saturday. To jazz up a truck, put our worship band on it, and then parade through the streets singing! 
Admittedly, it was the beginning! 
We were all full of energy at the start, but everyone who wasn't on the actual float was walking along side it collecting money (for the carnival trust, not us) and handing out leaflets about our children's clubs we hold in the summer.
2.5 miles, that doesn't sound bad at all does it? However when you're walking at a snails pace and stopping every 10 minutes for a delay, it doesn't half make your feet ache!
When we got to the end, I was well and truly tired out. But something that I didn't consider, was that we parked our car at the start of the carnival route....we then had to walk 2.5 miles back to the car! Safe to say, my feet needed a break!

Below is a picture of our float, can't say it was the prettiest, but it got the job done ;)

Some of the floats were really imaginative, and represented a whole load of organisations. However an awful lot of them were Carnival Queens and Princesses. Yep, you heard it.
Theres a whole pageant thing they do through, and then when you're crowned the queen or princess, then you get to go on floats in carnivals all around the country! 
All they do is sit on their float and wave, I'm not sure whether it's incredibly cool (I was a little jealous of their dresses) or just plain weird...

As part of the parade, they had these adorable miniature horses! How cuuuuute!

Now, onto a little more exciting (no offence if you think carnivals are really exciting). 
I can now declare my parents the best in the world, I'm pretty sure we all think that right?
My parents booked a holiday for us 2 weeks :D
I cannot tell you how excited I am, a week in Gran Canaria. 
It shall be bliss!
I'm gonna take up the opportunity to get rid of my giraffe print tan on my feet, to actually gain a tan elsewhere...aaaaaaaaand relax.
My dad is the hardest working man alive, no joke, and he needs a holiday. Stat.

So whilst I'm away, I'd love it if I could have a couple of guest bloggers! 
If you're interested, email me and I'll get back to you. 
Doesn't have to be about anything specific, just a good post :)

I am about 3 months behind on everybody, but I'm reading the Hunger Games.
How amazing are these books?!
I've read the first and half of the second in 2 days.. (when the footballs on, I turn to books ha)
I need to see the film!

Finally, a quick OOTD for you :)

Jeans: Primark
Top: Tesco
Belt: Who knows!
Giraffe Print feet...priceless.

Don't forget to let me know about guest blogging :)

Love, Elizabeth xx


  1. those are quite the sandal print hahah

  2. I would have been jealous of the princess and queen not having to walk too. A vacation sounds great! I hope you have an amazing time. Soak up the sun girl. Oh and I love your outfit. :)

  3. hello! your blog is great... follow each other'??? let me know ok!

  4. Oh my gosh, those ponies look amazing! Love the outfit too (:


  5. Our local carnival used to be amazing...not so much now :(

  6. I haven't been to a carnival in ages! I'm in love with those tiny horsies I so want one! How exciting you're going on holiday! Very jealous, I hope you have a fab time. xxx

  7. These horses are soooo adorable, jeez <3 Love your blog, would you like to follow each other to keep in touch? Let me know :)

    Kisses ;*

  8. Look at you all adorable!Love the top!Never been on a thing like this,it would be so much fun:)

  9. Simple but edgy! Love it!
    Your blog is really inspiring, it will be an honor for me if you can visit mine too, and if you want to follow each other, just let me know :) <3

  10. Aww! the carnival things was soo awesome! and if i got a chance i would like to join something like this.'s worth! hehe:) btw, thank you for such a lovely comment on my blogs. ^_^

  11. Looks like a great day, love the horses and your outfit is gorgeous! XxxX

  12. Lovely out fit love the shoes :)

  13. a) lovely outfit!
    b) you will LOVE GC, I went there when I was 18 and it was amazing.... lots to see and do!
    c) yay to being in the carnival and boo to walking 2.5 extra miles....
    d) oh my gosh I want a pony in a dress!

  14. Lovely outfit, the floral print is so cute. Giraffe feet? LOL.
    The Hunger Games are amazing and the film does the book justice!! Peeta and Katniss are exactly how I imagined them :D
    Personally, I hate the whole pageant thing I just want to scream at the parents.
    A holiday?! Gran Canaria is a great, you'll love it!

    Michelle's Treasure Chest