Saturday, 16 June 2012

Feeling like a spy and winter in June.

You know the feeling when technology fails you? Well, I've got that feeling.
My laptop (aka Larry) is very ill :( both the battery or the charger is broken which means that since it's battery has run out, it won't charge or even switch on, which makes me very sad!
Fortunately, I have a very lovely dad which after seeing me mourn the loss of my laptop for the past week and stalked him whilst he was on the main computer so I could get on there, he's set up his old work laptop for me hurrah!
So although this has taken me a very long time to type (how hard is it to type on a keyboard you're not familiar with?!), I am persevering haha!
Also, this laptop needs my finger print to turn on. How cool is that?! I feel like a spy!

So my instagram post as promised. Due to my blogging break, I missed an awful lot of 'week in instagrams' so I thought I'd start again from after my exams and the adventures beginning! Before that was only me moaning about revising anyways haha..
1) I got one very burnt arm! Not the rest of me, just that. It looked so odd it's unreal.  2) Bangor in the sun, celebratory shopping!  3) I watched the sunset, it was beaaaautiful!  4) Watching the Olympic flame, a little part of history.  5) Sunbathing <3  6) First BBQ of the year!  7) Aber Falls, one of the most breathtaking sights.  8) Us at Aber Falls :)  9) The state my room as I started packing.  10) That was only the stuff going home with me, I had no idea how I managed to accumilate so much stuff!  11) Once home, we went to a part I named 'White Deer Park' after a place in the Redwall books..they have deers :)  12) Imaginative name eh? Joys of Essex.  13) I had to take down my beautiful wall mural my flatmates gave me :(  14) I came home to a street party- we were so patriotic :)  15) My little indoor picnic, it rained outside. 
16) Erm, me :)

A little OOTD, I was dressed for winter- in reality, it was June. We have such weird weather in England.

Socks: Who knows
Jeans: Primark
Jumper: Charity Shop
(please ignored how messy under my bed is, its where everything gets dumped, inc my parents stuff!)

Now I've finally got a laptop and blogging facilities, I will definitely be getting back in the swing of it!
Unfortunately, I had a haul post and a couple OOTD posts planned but all the photos are on my laptop and this one doesn't have the right software. So eventually I will get them up!
Until then, my iPhone pictures will have to make do.

Last night I went on a little daddy-daughter date to the cinema! Something that never happens!
Don't get me wrong, I love my dad. But normally, we're just not on the same wave length.
But my brothers away and my mum had a meeting, so we went to see 'Snow White and the Huntsman', I genuinely thought it was really good! Despite what I usually go for, ie chic flicks and comedy, I do enjoy the odd adventure and fantasy film! It was a mix of quite a few films, like LOTR, Indiana Jones, Narnia and Kingdom of Heaven...but they were good films too! I loved how the film incorporated some of the fairy tale (and a few others too), esp the dwarfs... I have a special place in my heart for dwarfs haha!
Has anyone else seen it?

So, what have I missed in your lives? :)

Love, Elizabeth xx

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  1. Sorry to hear about your technical troubles - my laptop is an absolute nightmare, too! The screen completely cracked, got it replaced but ever since then it goes weird and pixel-y every so often, and overheats and crashes, and I even lost all my Uni work 2 months before I finished ahh!

    But it is very cool that your dad has lent you his work laptop, and wow I am amazed that it detects your finger print, very James Bond!!

    Your outfit is lovely, and I agree, English weather is not the best haha.

    I really want to see Snow white and the huntsman- I'm so glad I read this now as it sounds amazing that they tie other fairy tales in!

    Hope you are well lovely :) xxx


  2. Love your instagram photos!


  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    Awesome post, I just love it. Very entertaining.

    So happy you are ok. We were thinking maybe you were in the hospital again and we were feeling very sad. But we are happy now that you are ok. But sad Larry is in the hospital.

    The quality time you spent with your father will be something you will always remember.

    You have not missed much in our lives. We just work and work. But by reading awesome blogs (like yours) we can also live life vicariously.

    Love the picture of you in your bedroom.

    So happy your are ok.Hug!

    Lots of love, Joann

  4. Love your sweater!!!
    xx s

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  7. The weather is turning psycho everywhere - in New York it feels like winter one day, spring the next, summer the next and back to winter. My closet is crying in confusion.

  8. I feel for you about your laptop, I have seriously bad history with laptops, I currently arrange one a year [I don't know why but they just die on me!]. this one i'm currently typing on I haven't had it a year and the screens starting to go. Laptops hate me!

    sucks about the British weather!

  9. High tech blogging! I went through the computer thing and it's torture! Great sweater!

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  11. Glad you got your laptop woes sorted. I love that brown jumper it looks so cozy. Gorgey xxx

  12. Aww no poor Larry, I hope he gets better soon! Lovely photos and your picnic is so cute! XxxX

  13. Thanks for the comment!
    And I've uploaded two chapters yesterday. It'd be great for the feedback :)

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  15. Poor Larry! :(
    I love your jumper, what a find xxx

  16. Ha, The Only Tan Is Essex really made me chuckle.
    Cute jumper in the last picture and I hope your burns ok now.

  17. I just followed u, would u mind to follow me back? :-D

  18. thank u dear! x
    but I cant see that u follox me now.. maybe there is a problem?


  19. That's so cute you & your dad went on a little date! I REALLY want to see that movie - glad you liked it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  20. too adorable, i miss my dad. only a voicemail went through to him for father's day. :( anyway, please come to our new post too HIMandHERproject

  21. I hate being without technology, it freaks me out! I am wearing winter outfits at the mo, it's so upsetting!

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  23. wow!! that's so cute and fashion!!Well done honey

  24. Cute photos! Love your sweater! Glad you got a new lappy!

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  25. Absolutely gorgeous oufit!
    Follow each other? :)