Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dreams Come True in Summer.

We all love Summer right?
The sun (apart from England of course), everybody's happy (except from when it's raining..see afore point), and nice summery clothes are tempting us in the shops!

I guess still being at uni, I still get summer holidays, they're not the 6 weeks that we all grew up with, but instead are scarily long! So my post today is all about summer :)
I love Summer, I have amazing memories of summer when I was younger. 
Back then my dad had a different job working for our church (who valued family and spending time with them, therefore let him go home at a decent time to come home to us :)) and my mum stayed at home to look after me and my brother, which meant we spent a lot of time playing in our garden, playing cards, making dens and forts.
I have a distinct memory of summer, when my dad came home from work every day, and we'd go outside and play football, or chase bubbles. Being happy, the thing we're supposed to do :)

Obviously things change, and we're still happy. 
My brothers doing a year long course away which means he wont be home until September, my dad's at a different job who work him to the bone, and my mums working too. But we're still a close family as we ever were :)

So this Summer, I'm gonna make it one to remember.
I haven't got money, so I'm going to improvise...bring it on.

What I'm looking forward to this Summer:
  • Weddings <3
I love weddings, who doesnt?
I've got two this summer, one this Saturday (I'll remember to do an OOTD!) and one in August.
It's such a privelige to see people get married; it's their one special day to dedicate their lives to being joined together...and we get to see it. How cute!
I go to an astonishingly large amount of weddings, when I was little I went to about 5 a year! I've got a massive extended family, and a big church, that's a lot of weddings! :)
The one on Saturday is for people that I don't know too well, but the Bride means a lot to me- she one of my Sunday school teachers when I was little, and I have the fondest memories of her being so understanding...she was definitely my favourite!
The August wedding is two of my good friends from church, they've been together for about 6 years and being able to grow up with their relationship blossoming was a pleasure to watch...will definitely be an emotional one!

  • Holiday!
    I cannot wait, I'm so excited :)
    Me and my mum have literally not talked about anything else.
    I'm so fortunate to be able to go with my parents, it's going to be so lovely!

    Google Images
    (yep, that's actually where I'm going...I can't believe it!)
  • My Birthday!
    I'm turning 19 this summer! I love that my birthday is in the summer, means I never have to do anything haha, bad thing that everyone usually forgets as it's in the middle of August! But that's okay, I remind the people that matter haha ;)
    The holiday is actually my present, as I said I didn't want anything else but to be able to chill out and get my dad away from work and his phone- so I'm a very lucky girlie.


  • Festivals!
    This year, I'm actually working at one festival, and then going to another straight after.
    I'm working in a cafe, which will be interesting being clumsy haha, but it'll be so much fun! I'm working with one of my friends, and then a whole loads of my friends are coming for the festival that follows.
    Mud, wellies, friends..what more could you want?

  • Adventures!
    Time to get creative :)

    What are you looking forward to this summer?

    Oh! And if you'd like to guest blog for me whilst I'm away, please email me :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  1. And I'm turning 18 this summer. ;) What a nice post! :*

  2. Sounds like an awesome summer :)

  3. Ahhh summer is definitely in full swing and like you, I am feeling all sorts of nostalgic. Nothing feels better than waking with the sun, sipping slowly on my coffee, and listening to the birds. Fabulous.

    Hope you're doing Lovely,
    That Girl in Pearls

  4. Make sure you cherish these long holidays. You'll never get them again!

    I'm looking forward to my boys being off school, no school runs and day trips to Cadbury World and other fab child orientated places!

    I've got 3 weeks off work, one of which will be spent in Spain.

    I'm looking forward to all my decorating being completed too. Hopefully with that pretty chair in my room.


  5. I love weddings too, all that food! And I love to wear fancy dresses, ahah.
    Summer is really great, the best is all the free time I have to be lazy as hell

  6. lots of lovely things to look forward too!
    I love weddings too, its always such an extra special day :)

    wooo hope you have a great holiday and birthday :D


  7. This is a lovely post! It sounds like you've got lots of fun planned, I hope you have a wonderful holiday! I haven't got anything planned this summer, I hope something fun comes up xxx

  8. Sounds like you have an exciting summer planned! :)

  9. Enjoy your holiday! Where your going looks absolutely lovely :)

  10. I hope you do have the best summer ever, Elizabeth!! :)
    A's Fashion Files

  11. Thank you sweetie, followed you too! :)

    Kisses ;*

  12. I like your blog so much!

  13. Love your blog!! Would you like to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?
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  14. nice post, I followed you dear, may you wanna follow each other? I'll be so glad :)

  15. Such a gorgeous post,I really enjoyed reading it honey!;)

  16. This is such a cute post! I LOVE summer and I cannot wait to go on holiday with the girls in 2 weeks time before we all part for Uni. Which festival are you going to? Im going to Leeds Fest at the end of August - so excited :)

    Claire xo

  17. Yay to weddings!
    Your summers when young sound amazing, I was having a remember all about summer with a friend the other day, and we said that you so rarely see kid playing outside these days! so sad! xx

  18. I really like your blog!! And the picture about blogging is so true!!
    Hope to make all you dreams come true!! All i want during summer is to relax because uni is waiting for me!!

    Christina xxx

  19. Sounds like a great summer, looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! Memories will never fade and it's great to have some great summer family memories! XxxX

  20. Sounds like a lovely summer! I love music festivals as well :)

  21. It sucks being in the real world and not getting a Summer vacation anymore, haha! But Summer is definitely more fun in general I think - because of most of the things you listed...enjoy your Summer Elizabeth :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  22. Loved it hahahaha!!

  23. A wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading it.
    I never worked in a cafe...unless the Ice Cream and Soda Fountain Joan and I worked at, counts.hehe It makes me happy you love your parents and can enjoy being with them. Parents are sad so many kids don't see it that way.
    Have a great summer and vacation.
    Love, Joan and Joann

  24. Looks like your summer is all planned out :) I am so jelly, I haven't even start planning yet

  25. I'm so jealous your birthday is in the summer! Mines in the winter and I was always at school for it, they'd sing happy birthday in class, so embarrassing! The only thing I have planned this summer is going to Leeds Festival I can't wait, it'll be my first one!
    Hope you have a fab time.

    Michelle's Treasure Chest

  26. this is a lovely post!!!
    I've just started following you on GFC and Bloglovin'!
    maybe yo Like to follow each other? It would be great, we can stay in contact!