Monday, 30 April 2012

The A-Z of Me.

I'm not gonna lie, I've led a very boring life the past few weeks.
Between being ill and revision for exams- it's left little time to be exciting and gain embarrassing stories for you all to chuckle at!

So I decided to take a little inspiration from one of my favourite bloggers, Etienne- Etienne is one of the most beautiful writers I've ever witnessed (and I read ALOT of books), she has such a way with words. You're gonna have to go check her out to see it for yourself, but seriously- she has such talent.
Etienne has an A-Z feature and does beautiful posts about her chosen subject beginning with that letter. 
Mine wont be the same, mine will be more random I suppose, more me. But the original idea came from Etienne and she deserves all the credit :)

So onto A

A is for acceptance. 
The action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered.
Acceptance is a massive thing in everyone's lives. 
We all long to be accepted, in our family, with our friends, with everything we do. 
Nobody wants to be the one person on the outside who doesn't feel part of it, but yet we've all felt like we are at some point or another. But when we're not that person, does that mean that we're making someone else be on the outside? 
You see, I live in a flat with 5 people, 2 we don't talk to my guy best friend, and my best friend in the whole world..and another girl.
At the start we were all best friends, us 4. We were family, but after a couple of weeks it seemed like I was on the outside of that, of the two girls anyway. I missed out on all the in jokes, somehow missed out on being one of them, I was outside.
After a few more weeks, one of the girls got a boyfriend, and spent a lot of time with him back home. So we got closer as a 3. 
Now we're a family of 3 and the other girl is on the outside, yes it was her fault (she acted in ways you couldn't imagine) but she's still on the outside. And nobody wants that.

Being accepted is a must have by human nature, if we're not accepted - then we don't feel good enough for them.
But you know what? We were made how we are and that's the way it should be. 
Maybe we have to find a few bad friends a long the way. 
But we sure are gonna find some amazing ones too, ones that we'll be with forever. 
As long as we're accepted by the ones we love, who cares?

In other news, I'm still trekking to and from the doctors in an attempt to get better.
So what did I do to try and make myself better?
I got peer pressured into dying my hair! 
My best friend dyes hers all the time and was re-doing it this weekend, and whilst I was chatting to her about it, she managed to convince me to do mine.
After hearing so many horror stories about allergic reactions and things I made certain that I did a skin test properly and safely before anything else.
I was so nervous too- I'd never dyed my hair before, and didn't want it to go wrong. But I figured I'm only young once, so what did I have to lose (apart from the obvious). 

So I'm not gonna lie, I'm quite relieved it's very subtle and in some lights you can't tell. 
Baby steps eh?

It's a very dark shade of Red. Which you can only see in certain lights- otherwise it just looks a darker brown. I'm pretty pleased with it, I've still got my hair, and my eyes are normal size (a side effect was swollen eyes!)

I'll be doing my A-Z sporadically when I don't have an interesting life, hope that's okay :)

Love, Elizabeth xx


  1. Hi lovely, hope you are feeling lots better. I've just awarded you the Sunshine Award on my page, post should be up in a few minutes. I thought that a bit of sunshine might be exactly what you need at the moment, to cheer you up! Just a shame it's not the real thing!:)
    Mel x

    1. Oh thank you so much, it really has cheered me up :) xx

  2. Your hair looks lovely, I'm glad you did a skin test. Better safe than sorry. And yes we will always have to meet a few idiots on the way to meeting amazing people, not everyone can be awesome like us ;)

    Hope your better

    1. Definitely! I was so adament of doing the skin test when my flatmate just did hers haha!
      Haha soo true ;) xx

  3. everything bad comes with something good i agree with that :) so good you star feeling better dear

    1. Oh thank you for your support during this time :) xx

  4. Love your hair, lady! I'm so glad you are feeling better! It's so scary to be sick and not know what's going on!!


    1. Oh thank you! Me too haha, it really is! xx

  5. your hair looks lovely, I used to dye mine that sort of shade.
    I hope they're making you better hun. x

  6. Your hair looks really good.

    Acceptance is so important. You have to accept that people are strange creatures, some we will love and some we won't. Not everyone will like me, and that's ok too.


    1. Ah thank you :)

      Definitely, as long as we're happy with ourselves and the people around us that's alright! xx

  7. Loving your hair and I'm glad to hear you're a little better.
    Thank you so much for following my blog <3

    1. I'm so glad I found your blog! I love it!

      thank you :) xx

  8. Great hair, looks so glossy!
    Would love you to stop by my blog & check out April's outfit roundup!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

    1. Oh thank you so much :) Just commented and followed your blog! xxx

  9. Your new hair looks fabulous! Hope you're feeling better Elizabeth :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Your hair looks fab! This is such a great idea, I read Etienne's and I'm looking forward to reading more of your A-Z. Acceptance is something we all have to deal with, but I think the main thing and the hardest thing is to accept our ourselves. We have to be this way and that way, we all should just try and be us. Hope you're feeling better! XxxX

  11. I'm so happy you are up and around and feeling a lot better.HUG!

    A is for acceptance. Being accepted is something Joan and I never thought much about. As you may know from our profile we are monozygotic twins with apparent telepathic links to each other. We always had each other and lived in our own little world. We had a lot of trouble understanding how other kids could be happy living 'alone'. We watched as girls formed small exclusive group of friends (clique)and we understood their need to be with 'like kind'. So knowing how bad it must be for the few girls who were not able to join a clique, Joan and I befriended those girls so they would not feel alone.
    A very interesting post. I really enjoyed it.
    Happy you were able to dye your hair.
    Much love from us.xoxo

  12. Your new hair looks cute! I've always wanted to get highlights.. but then I chicken out! lol Too much upkeep for me! lol


  13. Love the hair!! Super cute! I haven't dyed mine since high school but I've been wanting to lately.

  14. lovely new hair. and yeah we all want to be accepted one way or another but I do know what you mean by some people are just impossible to get along with!

  15. Your hair looks great and it is sooo shiny! Hope you have a great day! xoxo