Saturday, 14 April 2012

Packing and the Mushroom/Beetroot incident.

So I'm back! Yes, back to the land of rain and sheep, Bangor. 
Packing was a nightmare. I packed to go home really well (I thought anyways) and my suitcase shut first time and everything, so I was expecting the same things on the way back. I didn't buy too much so I thought it'd be easier.
Boy was I wrong, either my clothes got 5x thicker whilst at home, or I ended up with more stuff than I thought, either way it took a lot of attempts to pack.
I did it yesterday morning, and after about an hour I eventually got my case to shut after a vacuum pack bag and me sitting on my case. 
So what did I think would be a really sensible idea? Yep, I went shopping. 
So I went shopping and bought a few bits, emphasis on the few, I was very restrained!
However when I came home with my mum started packing again, well, it took both me and my mum, some major reorganising and another 2 hours. But I was eventually packed! 
I didn't know packing could be so complicated, apparently it can!

So as I said I picked up a few bits, to be fair I'd had my eye on all of these, so I figured they were alright to buy.
 I bought these gorgeous electric blue jeans (the colour doesn't really come out) from Peacocks, they're regular skinny jeans, but I fancied something a little different for me. 
They were £16, but with student discount I got them for £14.40
I realise I just said it rained a lot in Wales, and its hardly even sunglasses weather, but they were only a pound and I couldn't resist! I love the star detail on the front and side, hopefully we'll have some more sun soon :) From Primark

 I love this top purely for the moustache, it's a little cropped on my when it's tied up, but I think I'll wear it with my more high waisted jeans/shorts so I wont be flashing :) £4.00 from Primark
And I bought these for £2.00 in Primark. I've been feeling a little uninspired in the earring department recently, but wearing the same ones over and over, so I bought these to try and add a bit of colour and sparkle into the mix. 

So as I said I was back, and I was greeted by my best friend in the whole wide world at the station which was lovely! And this was under my door!  
We've got a bit of a thing about the Yeo Valley adverts, one of the farmers is hot and the songs really catchy so this is now plastered on my wardrobe :)

I finally bought my USB fairy lights to uni, so now I have a colourful laptop, it really makes it seem a bit more homely and cheerful :)

Now, what's one of my blog posts without an embarrassing story eh? 
So I'd been back in Bangor for only an hour and me and Zara went to Morrisons so I could get some food, cause obviously being away for 3 weeks meant I had none. So we did all our shopping and then we went to the self serve checkout, and I had some sausages that just wouldn't scan through so I kept on doing a few more items and then trying them again..and it went on like that till I had 2 more items left. These sausages and some lose mushrooms which I had in a bag. 
As you do, I tried to find the 'Mushroom' clicky bit to weigh them and then continue, but for the life of my could not at all. I clicked loose vegetables, loose fruit, world foods, non weigh items - but I genuinely couldn't see Mushrooms anywhere. So I was clicking around, all the while a queue is forming and I was under pressure and I accidentally pressed beetroot! So I was like panicking, trying to cancel the beetroot but ofc you can't on a self serve. 
I thought about leaving it but then thought "if the beeper goes off I'm gonna have to explain why I have mushrooms instead of beetroot! I'll go to jail!" at which point Zara had joined me and just stood there laughing whilst I was trying to figure out what to do. 
So eventually the assistant (who was quite hot I might add) came over and I was trying to explain my beetroot/mushroom predicament but was laughing at the same time so it came out like "gjrkdshgjkdrbeetroomhahahjugkfngdkjmushroomhaahhaha". He looked me in the eye, with such sincerity, and said "You thought mushrooms were beetroot?" 
 I was at this point the colour of beetroot myself. 
He took a very large sigh, and tried to cancel my beetroot and enter in Mushrooms (I wish I was paying attention as to where he found the clickery thing) all the while trying to explain the different between a mushroom and a beetroot. 
Eventually he left, laughing in desperation and pity for me.
Guess what? My sausages wouldn't scan.
He had to come back over, look at me like I was an even bigger idiot than before, and scan in my sausages for me. 
Welcome back to Bangor.

Hope you're having lovely weekends!


  1. Your story made me laugh, bless you!

    I love the moustache top!

  2. Hilarious! It seems like the craziest things happen when there are hot guys around:( Still, sounds fun!



  3. I love your new jeans, such a pretty colour. I love all your stories, you remind me so much of me haha.

    B xxx

  4. aaah I bought really similar Primark sunnies too, but I'm at Uni in Belfast and we get as much sunshine weather as Bangor! Great when you pick a uni that gets absolutely no sun :| xx

  5. Primark is the best place for sunglasses! I have those fairy lights! But I must move around too much with my laptop as I ended up breaking them hehe! Situations are always made a lot worse when the guy involved is hot ;-D. I always make a fool of myself at work in front of hot guys. xxx

  6. As soon as I read the heading of this post I just thought 'oh dear!' Love the little pink bow earrings.Rx

  7. That moustache top is so cute ! Loved reading your mushroom incident, I am a dork when it comes to automatic self serve checkout, similar things happened to me as well and I got so embarassed, lol !
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  8. oh no!!! I bloody hate the stupid self checkouts, but sometimes theyre the ONLY option because the lady on the tills in the little tesco near me talks to everyone for ages so the self check out is the least of the two evils!!!

  9. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I love those shades and the earrings. I need to get some new earrings myself! Such a funny story about the mushrooms. Happy Blogging.

  10. Hi, I've awarded you a blog award, please check out my page for details! :) xx

  11. I love those earrings, they are so cute <3

  12. Haha/aww, gotta love your embarrassing stories. I love the new things you have bought and now want that little tee with the moustache! xx

  13. totally loving the top!!!

  14. Aww I think we've all had some bad situation with the self services checkouts, it's always good to have a hot assistant to help you! Love the top and the jeans, oh and the earrings are gorgeous! XxxX