Thursday, 19 April 2012

She's had a mare

Yes Ladies (and I'm assuming there's no gentlemen haha), I am having what is technically knows as a 'mare'.
Urban Dictionary: Short for "nightmare". Bad luck. Unfortunate circumstances.
(not a horse, if some of you thought it was that one)
It's been one of those weeks, a mare of a week.
It's not been the best start to uni ever, and I dread to think what's to come if this is the start!
It's been total first world problems, so I shouldn't complain at all, but you know what? This is my blog and I'm going to haha.

So we'll start on Monday, I didn't have lectures -great. So I spent the whole day in the library with some pervy guy just staring at me allllll day, I would have moved, if it wasn't the only seat.
You know those hours where EVERYTHING goes wrong? I had that, whilst cooking. I dropped 2 plates of food, burnt myself twice, smashed a plate and glass. Wasn't great.
Unfortunately, I do suffer from an illness, which isn't a constant thing and doesn't generally affect me day to day - but it decided that this was the week to make my life a living hell.
I spent Monday night curled up eating my Easter egg and watching Hollywood7.

Tuesday, I felt worse. I know there are so many people in worse positions than me, but it still isn't nice. I had so many lectures and I'm pretty sure I learnt nothing, it was all revision so that just made me panic making me think I knew nothing! 
I also superglued my fingers together, it wasn't fun.
We were due to go out on Tuesday as a 'Pink house night out' (we're living in a pink house next year! :D) but as I was ill, and one o my other future housemates has the flue we called it off. To be fair, it was a hilarious night in every aspect. You see, me and Zara were curled up watching tv in her room, and then we heard some ridiculously loud yelling outside her window. So we looked up to see what was happening, and we saw Creepy Nick (Please comment if you're unaware of Creepy Nick, I will explain haha), he saw us, looked so bemused, staggered around a bit and fell over. He was the drunkest I've ever seen him and it was so funny.
One of our friends is an amazing baker, and to cheer me he invited us round for some chocolate shortbread. He has the funniest flatmates ever, so we sat around laughing and joking for hours. Until we made a booboo. Uh huh, in our banter, Zara just kinda screamed something about our friend that he promised us we'd never tell, especially to his flatmates. It is unfortunate cause the thing that we weren't allowed to tell is the funniest thing EVER. And his flatmates thought so too! We laughed so hard, whilst our friend got very embarrassed. We made a swift exit after that, after feeling so bad.
We promised we'd make it up to him (fearing he'd never even look at us ever again) and then went home to watch Bridget Jones. I'm not kidding, I have been tempted to sing 'All by myself' like Bridget many a time haha.

So Wednesday was yesterday, still feeling ill but now armed with lots of new medication, we powered onto lectures and got through the day.
We also made apology cookies for our friend, we even spelt sorry on them! 
The baking tray is disgusting I know, it wasn't mine- that's all I'm saying. 

However what I haven't mentioned is that throughout the whole week my Internet/laptop has been broken. It's been ridiculous. You see we have wired Internet in halls, and we've downloaded software to turn our laptops into a wifi hotspot (its called connectify if anyone's wondering), so we can have wifi on our phones and around the flat. But my laptop has been the hotspot, so as my laptop has't worked, neither has the wifi. Meaning our phones are pretty much useless cause of the lack of signal in our halls.
I'm not sure what the attraction about hitting the keyboard it, but apparently I do it alot to the 'f' key. My f has decided not to work, yeah. Unhelpful when you have assignments to write, when my laptop has decided to work this week, (very sporadically), I've had A LOT of wavy red lines cause I just miss out the f haha. I've had to copy and paste an f for the purpose of this little blog haha.

So with no technology, my phone was being stupid and freezing as well as not working with signal/Internet, feeling very awful, and lots of revision (and flat problems but this is neither the time or place). The only thing that seemed logical to me, was to dose up on medicine and go out and enjoy myself! There was a beach themed party in one of the clubs last night, and there was 7 tonnes of sand. 
Yep, 7 tonnes. That's a lot of sand. 
I was sensible and wore flat shoes cause I knew I would be the person falling over, but also ended up with half a beach within my shoes and therefore in my room last night. 
Despite all of the drama that happened  (isn't there always?) I had a really good night, it was so good to spend time with Zara and Dan again. I realised why they were my best friends in the whole wide world <3

So through all of that, of course I had to wear clothes, so I did a few OOTD's for you:

Just look at that fake smile eh!
So, shorts: Matalan
Tights: Tesco (aren't they cool?!)
Top: Varsity
Jumper: Primark
I did a close up so you could see the tights, they're proper stripey haha! Small things..

So these are my new jeans! I've always been a bit wary of turning up the bottom cause I always imagine you have cold ankles haha. But i'm braving it today. Saying that, I haven't actually gone out yet, so we'll see how long it lasts!
Jeans: Peacocks
Vest: H&M
My hair was wet, hence its wild state. 

That was a long, very ranty post. 

 You see, through all the illness, crappyness of this week, I shouldn't complain. 
2 years ago today, I lost a good friend. 
He's a very bright shining star in the sky now, and I know he was too good to be in this world, that's why God had to take him away. It doesn't get any easier as years go. But he'll always be remembered.
This little bit of space on the internet right now is for him.

Lots of love, xxx


  1. Those cookies look delicious. If I was your friend, I would forgive you in a heartbeat! Well, I could never be mad at you in the first place. I am really sorry about your friend, and you have paid him such respects in those few sentences. You're so genuine and lovely.

    Lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you :) He seems to have forgiven us now thank goodness!

      thank you so much, that means so much! xx

  2. Don't worry.. There will always be better days ahead :) I really like your two outfits by the way :) Very cute :)

    Kisses! xxx

  3. Aw for supergluing your fingers together! Totally something I would do. And don't worry about complaining- everyone thinks/knows that someone is worse off than them, but we're human, we worry, we complain, we move on, hah. You need a good moan now and again in my opinion.

    Hope you feel better sooooon xx

    Oh and Easter Eggs/Hollywood 7 sounds like the perfect remedy for a pooey day.

    1. Haha I've done it a lot of times, I was totally stuck for at least 15 minutes! Oh thank you, that makes me feel a lot better! Thank you very much! It totally was :) xx

  4. ooh i lovelovelove those tights! cute outfit choices


  5. A very interesting post.
    I don't know about Creepy Nick or a Pink House.
    I see a lot of pink things when hubby lets me drink
    to much wine......but no pink
    Really love,love your new Jeans. You look so sexy in them.
    Lots of love,xoxo

    1. Creepy Nick is a boy who lives near me and is also on my course who stares at me a lot, hence the name. He only really talks to me when he's drunk too!

      Thank you very much :) xx

  6. Aw, sounds like a tough week - but at least you have some great friends (and chocolate shortbread) to get you through :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. I'm very fortunate to have them! xx

  7. Like your outfits! Aww no I hate days and weeks like that when everything goes wrong! Bridget Jones and chocolate does always help! XxxX