Monday, 9 April 2012

The whole world and his dog.

So I finally caved in and went shopping again, I was again determined to go and buy things!
I even sold my old phone for shopping money, this could not be wasted!

Look familiar? That's cause the whole world and his dogs got this jumper.
I'm never usually one to follow the crowd and particularly buy anything 'in style', but for this I made an exception. Maybe it's just where I've been living, but these jumpers are very much a staple for many a wardrobe, and now mine!
I started lusting over other people's jumpers, and soon realised I must own one.
This one I bought from Primark, for £12, it's a guys one. They do sell women's versions for £8, but not in this colour and I had my heart set on it! 
Now I look like everyone else haha!

Whilst scouting Primark, as you do, I found the most gorgeous and for only £5? I had to buy it!
Yes, I am aware the two pictures are completely different colours! 
It's actually more like the left picture, technically called 'brick'. The bows are navy blue and the fasten at the back is a little button with elastic. 
It really is gorgeous in my opinion, I couldn't resist for only £5.
I will definitely be doing an OOTN when I wear this dress back in Bangor :)

So as I've mentioned soooo many times, I love the zoo!
And guess where I went on Thursday? That's right, the zoo :)
As I'm home it was my treat to go, and although it was freeeeeezing, it was still really good fun! 
I really am fascinated by all the animals, of course there was the typical mating animals eeeeeeeverywhere. Is it me or does that only happen when it'll make things awkward ha. 
Let's just saw those otters were having the time of their lives!
We saw the tigers being fed, and it was amazing to see how they used their (skip if you're squeamish) teeth and claws to rip open the chickens and get to their insides to the bits that they wanted to eat.
Anyway, this is what I wore :

Jumper: Primark
Top: Plain white 
Jeans: Primark
Scarf: Generic black pashmina 

Like I said, it was so so so cold, so the jumper and scarf came in very handy :)
A couple of pictures of the zoo
So as most of you will know that picnik is closing down (boooooooo) so I decided to redesign my banner whilst it's still around. I hope you like :) I used all my own pictures this time, rather than ones I found on the internet- so it felt more like it was mine! 
Has anyone found a replacement photo editing website/software yet? I'm sure gonna miss picnic!

I've stayed at my brothers flat this weekend, been introduced to everyone on his course (he's doing a Christian gap year course in Watford) and has such a fab time. I went to 3 church services today, now that's how you do Easter! 
My brothers going to Australia for 3 weeks tomorrow, jealous.
I'm ridiculously tired, and had very little sleep last night cause it was so light (no curtains) and the floor was veeeeeery uncomfortable.
This was meant to be a scheduled post, but I checked last night on my phone that is was alright, and found blogger had completely deleted it! :( 
So this was done in half asleep mode, apologies if it doesn't make sense!

My last post was about my blog awards, and I'd love to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog and comments, and especially left some really lovely ones about the awards. 
They make me smile so much and it still just amazes me that people find what I ramble on about interesting! 

One last story to leave you on, thankfully this didn't happen to me for once haha!
So the women who does the accounts for my dads company went to LA to work in some soup kitchens and in homeless shelters for a while, this women is very prim and proper, she's always immaculately turned out and thats the way it is. But whilst she was in LA, in her words "I'd been working so hard and getting so tired, sometimes I didn't have time to put my make up on." So one day she was working at a soup kitchen doing whatever she was doing, and a homeless man tapped her on the shoulder and said "hey! You've got to get to the back of the queue like the rest of us!" 
He thought she was homeless, priceless.
It's probably a lot funnier if you know her, but I still find it hilarious.

I hope that has left you with a smile on your face :) xxx

ps- 2 more followers to 100. Mind blown.


  1. that penguin is so cute! Absolutly luuurrrvve penguins!

    Ha, bet the prim & proper lady was a bit shocked!!! made me smirk a bit tho!!

    1. Haha I love them too, they're all so cute :)

      hahaa, I love that story so much! xx

  2. That dress is SO cute! Love the bow details. I haven't been to the zoo since elementary school, but I remember it being a blast :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Thank you :)
      Ah yeah I love the zoo so much haha! xx

  3. Oh man, that orange dress <3

  4. I love visiting the zoo, your pictures are really good. love that brick dress!

  5. That story about that woman at the soup kitchen is hilarious!
    Glad you had a good time at the zoo :)
    I am in love with that dress!! What a bargain aswell!


    1. Haa it made me laugh so much too! Ah thank you, I know right, it was such a find! xxx

  6. Funny story! You've gotta love the zoo and guys hoodies are always so comfy! Lovely coloured top XxxX

    1. They really are, I may own more guys hoodies than girls now haha! xxx

  7. Gotta love primark bargains! That dress is stunning!

  8. Great Post. I love your blog!
    Please vote for my dress at this link.
    Katie. xx

    Dreaming Of Forever.

    1. Thank you so much, I will vote now :) xx

  9. I love the zoo too! Which one did you go to? I really want to go to London zoo as I haven't been in years, but no one wants to go with me :-/

    I love your blog and now following :-)

  10. Can't belive that dress was £5! I know Primark is cheap but seriously! Love it! X