Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Engagement conspiracys.

The world is full of conspiracy's and apart from the obvious (the moon is actually made out of cheese, cats really do meow in different accents- just me?) I'm sure that everyone getting together in relationships, breaking up, getting engaged and married happens AT THE EXACT SAME TIME.

Maybe it's the seasons, makes people want other halves, or to be alone. I've no idea, but one thing I do know, is that practically everyone I know under 30 has just got engaged, just got married or due to be married in the next year. I'm not kidding. I feel under pressure to meet someone, and I know everyone's looking towards my brother to reveal his mystery woman! (the fact I know her name and have done every possible investigation on her- ie facebook stalked, and still not met her is quite frustrating!)

This year I've been to one wedding of friends, 4 friends engaged, one wedding in 2 weeks and the other 3 are due to get married next year. Is everyone suddenly craving marriage?! 

Anyway, I went to an engagement party! It was a classic bank holiday Monday garden-threatening-to-rain-the-whole-time party. With strawberries and cream and everything, how posh! 

You know when you look back at photos and think "why did I pull that face, I look SO miserable"
I was happy, honest.

Shirt: Tesco (birthday present)
Vest: Topshop
Jeans: Primark
Sandals: Primark
Necklace: Primark

Does anyone else feel the same? EVERYONE getting together?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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  1. you look gorgeous :)
    i know what you mean about thema ll coming at the same time though! me and my friend both got engaged within the space of a month unknowingly! (a year a half ago now but still haha ) but its definitely catching, theres been about 2 weddings this year so far, another in a weeks time, and i tihnke very couple has decided to get engaged in the past 6 months! crazy! xx

  2. Two of my best friends are engaged, more recently at the beginning of the summer, and her brother has just gotten married!
    I've been with my other half just over 5 years, and I certainly do NOT feel any pressure to get engaged!!! I don't know why everyone is moving so fast, it's scary. xoxo

  3. I know four people who are engaged! It's crazy. Everywhere I look there is something to do with marriage. The exciting bit is that I get to wear pretty dresses to their weddings haha! The summer definitely makes people more lovey dovey but then again so does Christmas! Xx

  4. You are so so pretty. And I loved your outfit!

    I can't quite relate to your "everyone I know is engaged/married" situation as I am 15. But thanks for the heads up! At least now I know what to expect when I'm older :D

  5. I like this simple, casual yet lovely look.Jeans with blouse or T-shirt is perfect combo.

    xoxo Ra

  6. Well, I'm a wee bit older than you and I am the last out of my friends to do ANYTHING!! hahaha they are all married now and I'm not - not even engaged but happy nonetheless with my chappy, I do agree though, it does all seem to happen around ya sooo quick! Very scary!!


  7. I wouldn't worry too much I'm pretty sure I'm going to live to 100 and live with 20 cats, I repel men like the plague ;)

    Soo you won't be the last one, there will always be me behind you!


  8. Nice outfit! Don't worry about it too much...enjoy being single and fabulous! :)


  9. Looking lovely as usual! Blimey that is an awful lot of marriage going on! Just think how many outfits you can justify buying though! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  10. I love your outfit, very cute, comfy and casual! I'm your newest follower, check out my blog and if you like it follow me too :)


  11. just found your blog to follow after seeing your link on zoe-liannes blogger love tab :D i loved this post especially because i feel the same, in the space of just over 12 months i will have seen 7 sets of friends get married! its mad :P everyone keeps making (not very veiled) hints to me and the boyfriend lol. looking forward to reading more of your blog, i love the way you write it makes me chuckle :) x