Tuesday, 28 August 2012

One Year Older. (and a onsie)

As you know it was my birthday recently and I thought I'd share a few bits with you :)

Since I'm moving into my new university house in 3 weeks (scary..an actual house. Not so scary cause it's a pink house) my parents went down the practical route this year.
Some things I asked for, some that I've always wanted...and a toolbox.

So I asked for a jewellery hanger to put on my bedroom wall, as last year in halls I used a Tupperware box for most of my necklaces and bracelets. Cue half an hour untangling until I got the piece I wanted, only to change my mind. That happened a lot.

Whimsical Large Jewellery Hooks
So I got this beauty, it's actually bigger than I imagined, almost half a meter..I was definitely not expecting that. However it's ever so pretty.

(That's what I asked for)

Want to know a strange fact about me? I don't like sandwiches, unless they have bacon or sausages in them- total exception.
So there is one thing that my parents thought of to solve those many lunch times, a toasted sandwich maker.
Yep, I don't know why, but I <3 toasted sandwiches but not normal ones- and it's such a treat to go somewhere where they sell them.
But no more..I actually own a toasted sandwich maker!!
It's so exciting! I've literally been living off toasted sandwiches, I tried out some new recipes. Some not so great, note to self: don't put scrambled egg in a toastie machine, it spits out the egg and hisses.

(That's what I've always wanted)

The toolbox.
Last year before I started university, my mum told me that I must have a toolbox, as I'll definitely need it once I'm living away from home. Apparently it was essential flying the nest equipment.
However I disagreed. I thought "Why on earth would I need a toolbox?!"
Then one rainy day in Wales (is there any other kind?!), my printer broke and it wouldn't let me get the cartridges out to replace them.
What did I need? A screwdriver. Did I have one? No.
I took it upon myself to tell my mum this story, and guess what I got for my birthday?!
I should have expected it really.

FIXA 17-piece tool set IKEA The hammer can also be used as a rubber mallet; separate rubber casing included.
Isn't it pretty? A hammer that turns into a mallet, pliers, a spanner and a screwdriver with 13 heads.
Impressive, I shall never be in need of a screwdriver again.

(That was the toolbox, obviously)

I've told you how much I love red pandas.. they're just the cutest. I want one, I wish I could hand rear one and it would be my best friend. I have a toy one called Ming Carlos, and he's amazing. This fact isn't lost on my flatmates. They're also amazing, I don't necessarily want to hand rear them, (that would be wierd) but they are my best friends. Now I have actual, physical evidence to show you how awesome they are...ready?

 That's right...a red panda onsie.
I love it.
I keep on putting it on and then waiting for 10 minutes until I overheat and take it off haha.
Bear in mind that I live in Wales half the time, so this will come is handy SO much. Also, it's so so amazing, like beyond the scale amazing. 
It has a tail, ears, and is all fluffy!
The little story: In uni, onsies are really popular, mostly the Primark  tiger ones but so many people have them! So after a while I started thinking, wouldn't it be so cool to have a red panda one?! So one day me and my flatmate decided to have a look for one, we finally did..but it was £40, and there was no way I could spend £40 on a onsie, whilst at university, whilst I already buy 15p washing up liquid which makes no bubbles (it's rubbish, but hey- I'm a poor student). So gave up on it.
When I was camping, at the second festival- one of my future housemates (he's best friends with my flatmates too) came to join the fun..and bought my present. And it was this!!!! Words cannot describe how happy I was.
They're awesome.

Exciting birthday eh?

So I also got some clothes which I'm sure will feature in OOTD's  and lots of gift cards to buy lots of clothes! As well as little bits, but I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate seeing everything.

As well as me growing older..so has my blog!
This summer my blog is one year old, how exciting! It's been such a whirlwind and I've got to know such awesome people. I genuinely don't know what I did without you lot keeping me company. 
Thank you for everyone who's followed me, commented and generally been really really nice to me. I've mentioned previously, but having this escape in the bloggersphere helps enormously.

So the next couple of weeks are really busy for me, but rest assured I shall continue to blog- it just might be very sporadic!
This week I'm working in London doing some IT work for a couple of days, going to the paralympics for the day on Thursday (I'll be sure to blog about that!!), going to the zoo on Saturday, (eeee, red pandas.) then going camping again on Monday till Friday at a camp to do with my university's CU.
I'll be full of stories after that manic few weeks! 

Has anyone else had an exciting birthday recently?

Love, Elizabeth xx

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  1. Ahhh sounds amazing! Loving the panda onsie tooo! happy first year blog birthday :) and happy birthday to you too :) xxx

  2. Happy Birthday hun!
    Ha, it's so funny that you got a toolbox. It's one of those things you never exactly 'want', but will definitely NEED at some point. I'm terrible for avoiding getting things I need in favour of wants!
    Loving your onesie, I so want one to snuggle on the sofa in on chilly Autumn evenings!
    Hope you're well lovely.
    Mel xx


  3. No exciting birthdays so far, but definitely on the packing wagon for college again. That onesie is ultimately hilarious and ridiculously awesome. You know you should treasure your friends when they get you presents like that.


  4. Happy b day,love,you look adorable!;)

  5. sounds amazing. Happy late birthday!


  6. Happy Belated Birthday & that onezie is so cute.

  7. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great one.
    And I really enjoyed this post and the pictures were really funny!!

    Christina xxx

  8. Ahhh wow a pink house! So jealous. Loveee your onesie xxx

  9. I love my onesie! I don't have a panda one though, so jealous! Need to update my onesie collection! haha x

  10. I want a Pikachu onesie! :D My birthdays at the end of September, even though I don't like celebrating my birthday I can't wait to drink my teen years away to becoming 20, yikes!

  11. Just found your blog and I love it, you're so funny :) I've followed you too, love the red panda onesie! Looks like you had a lovely birthday :) xo


  12. I adore that panda get up, so cute! Look at you being all grown up! I love that jewellery hanger, it's so cute! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk