Friday, 10 August 2012

Guide To Glamping. (I wish)

Glamping is glamorous camping. You may stay in a tent, but the facilities are generally five-star and go way beyond what you would normally expect on a camping trip.

However you dress it up, camping is camping.
I wish I was going glamping (from what I heard it's a lot nicer, warmer and cleaner), but alas, I am going the regular kind of camping; with mud, portaloos, cold showers and a tent with a broken pole*. 

But I am on a mission to make my camping as glamerous as I possibly much as one can in 5 inches of mud, the msot disgusting toilet/shower experience ever to be heard of.

Rule One:
Always look like you've just stepped out of a 5* tent. It's called 'Camping Chic', not 'Look like a drowned rat'
Like this, Millie Mackintosh T4 at the beach.
Google Images.
Not this.

Rule Two:
Be prepared for the weather. Wellies and not a bin bag a nice mac would do.
Like this
Google Images.

Not this.

Rule 3:
Go prepared to eat rubbish all week.

This happened to my cooker last year. Gas leaked, I turned it on and it burst into flames. 
I don't recommend it.

Rule four:
The toilets and showers (if there are any) are disgusting; be prepared to gag.

Guide to Glasto.
I've been mentally scarred by searching for images of this, I don't recommend it.

Rule five:
Have the time of your life.Tumblr_m52yosphwe1qev349o1_500_large
So that's how I see camping. 
I'm going to work at a festival called Soul Survivor in a cafe , then go on to another one, Momentum, straight after.
Packing is proving tough, it's hard to pack for every type of weather: Sun, rain, mud, cold.. my pile of clothes is getting bigger and bigger!

Whilst I'm away I've got 5 beautiful ladies to guest blog for me..and let me tell you now, the posts are pretty special! So keep an eye out for those over the next 2 weeks!

Have a lovely few weeks :)

Love, Elizabeth

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My tent does really have a broken pole, my brother used it last week and he said the whole thing caved in on them during the night, great.


  1. Haha love this post! Glamping sounds amazing :)
    Your blog is great! I love your humor

  2. Have a brilliant time babe! xx

  3. Sounds like so much fun - enjoy it and I hope you get some glamour in too.



  4. ooo, great !
    nice photo!

    kisses from Poland ;-*
    if u want follow me and write comment ;*

  5. Good luck with trying to be a glamper, I'm sure you'll be a lot more glamorous then most of us would! I hope you have a great time, I'm so grateful to be one of those five, eek! XxxX

  6. Haha, I laughed so much at these! The 'Not to do' ones will be me at Leeds. I'm so glad my dad was in the army he's giving me his boots and jacket thank god!!

    Hope you have a brilliant time!! Can't wait to see the guest posts.

  7. hahah so funny!
    great wee post

  8. Haha this made me laugh! Reminded me why I will never, ever go camping, not even glamping. Hope you have an amazing time though! xxx

  9. funny post, haha! Have a great time x

  10. haha such a cute post! Got to love camping xx

  11. Such a cool post,honey!;)

  12. There is no way to look nice camping, I reckon there must be private showers hidden somewhere for the celebs who claim they actually camped. Great post x

  13. hahaha omg glamping! too funny!

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie