Sunday, 20 November 2011

Creepy Tom, doughnuts, and chavs in our kitchen!

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages, I keep on starting posts and saving them, but never finishing them.

My blog's starting to be a lot more life based with little bits of hauls and Outfit's of the day/night..I hope that's okay?

So, a little update.
You know when it feels like you can't function anymore due to lack of sleep and you seem to just get through days? Well that's definitely been this week.
We went out on Tuesday night, and then again on Wednesday, difference being that on Wednesday night I had about 2 hours sleep and the most hectic day ever.
But I'll start with 'Creepy Tom', we were in Occy on Wednesday and I was sitting down with Zara as both of our feet hurt (killer heels!) and this guy came to sit next to me, so his friend went to Zara. My guy is now known as 'Creepy Tom', cause that's exactly what he was! He sat next to me, started stroking my chin and asked me for a kiss.. I quickly answered "er I've known you for 2 seconds, do you really think I'm going to?" He thought it was perfectly acceptable to then continue, and offered to take me to dinner so I could kiss him.. I said yeah, in the full knowledge that it'll never happen.
We then went to the dancefloor.. If anyone reading this can tell me why certain guys think it is perfectly acceptable to rub themselves on a girl that they don't know and think that it's enjoyable, I would be forever grateful. (He was also a good 2 inches shorter than me). And just kept grabbing me, ew. To rectify this awkward situation, I got my flatmate to pretend to be my boyfriend, that soon scared him off and he went home depressed. Well, he only has himself to blame!
The guy Zara ended up with turned out to be so nice, and sweet and even paid for a taxi for all of us (6 of us) to take us home because there was no way my feet was going to make it home!

So I eventually got to bed around 4, and what delights awaited me? A fire drill, of course. We had a fire drill at 5:30am, which is terrifying (it flashes red from our ceiling, and says something in Welsh), so of course we ran out the building, and waited in the freezing cold for 20 minutes, only to find out that we had failed again it because some silly person took 5 minutes to get out, and that we were going to have to do it again. Last time we failed, it was 3 weeks ago, but oh no, the next fire drill happened to be half an hour after we went back to bed. Laaavely. Thankfully, we passed that one, and we could go back to bed..for an hour, until I had to get up at 7:30am. Grr.

Thursday was as good as it started really, after getting up at half 7, I had lectures 9-5 straight, and then a doctors appt..then we did dial-a-doughnut with the CU. Dial-a-doughnut was were people on our accomodation site rang/text a number with a question about God or Christianity, and we went to their flat and delivered their answer as well as a doughnut! As you can imagine, we got some really stupid ones like "why did Jesus wear Sandals?", but overall the response was amazing, with some really genuine questions, with some people that were actually interested! But that just finished me off...I was asleep by half 10. I had spent the whole day just being a walking zombie.

So Friday and Saturday were uneventful, until we got to last night.
We went to Embassy, where Diana Vickers was DJ-ing...I'm sure she's a lovely person and everything, but was she any better than the resident DJ? Not at all, and we paid £5 entry.
It was an interesting night, including one of my flatmates saying 'I love you' to her bf for the first time (so cute!) another flatmate getting so so so drunk. And a visit from a never-happened boyfriend but he still likes her so much and wont give up for another flatmate! ...and then there was me.

Don't get me wrong, as I said earlier, random guys grinding against me makes me sick, as do those similar guys who only talk to you because they think you'll sleep with them. But sometimes It'd be nice if a guy (who wasn't a creep) actually stayed talking to me, instead of finding my flatmates far more attractive and ditching me for them. (which happens all the time, and I'm just fed up with it)
Sorry for the rant - blog seemed the best place to put it! 
Cue chav guys. As I said, flatmate with never-happened bf - they went for a 'talk' and left me under the charge of these 2 guys that we had seen earlier. They were friendly enough, apart from one was 17 and had snuck in, we chatted for a bit and the older one was quite nice. He got my number and things, and told me how whenever he goes out, he ends up sleeping in a bus shelter cause the cab fare's too high.. right.
Cue flatmate- now as I said, this happens regularly- they completely forgot about me, and felt she was far better to talk to and look at, and ignored me for the rest of the time. After about 20 minutes of this, we left.. we got to our building, looked at our phones and saw we each had 3 missed calls from Tom (yes, his name was Tom too!). Cut a long story short, they managed to persuade us to sleep in our kitchen cause they had no where else. We took all valuable things from the kitchen, gave them the floor, and told them they must be gone by the time we got up. (we have keys for our doors, they couldn't get anywhere near our rooms!) 
So all night, Tom was sending dirty messages to my flatmate (she wasn't replying) and all day. Again, laavely.

So that's how we ended up with chavs in our kitchen! 

I'm sorry for the rant for this one, I hope you don't mind my bluntness, and is totally the insecure 18yr old girl in me.

I had a photoshoot today- but that's for another post!

So... how about you? :) xxx

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