Monday, 28 November 2011

Procrastination at it's best.

I'm going to admit something...I should be doing something else.
Story of my life eh? And probably loads of yours too.
Yes, I have 2 assignments due. One of them in 2 weeks, yes I have notes to write up, and have exams...but am I doing any of that? No :)

Thursday evening, I witnessed my friend Phoebe do newspaper nails, and they look fab! Which inspired me to look at my own nails :)
On Friday, I was bored...surprise surprise, so I went looking on some blogs for some nail tutorials... until I decided to be a little creative and do my own. So I cut out the letters L.O.V.E out of a piece of paper and coated my nails with a base coat, I used my 'On Ice' from H&M and let that dry. Then came the more complicated bit of taping the letters onto my fingers without smudging them..interesting to say the least haha. Then I filled in the gaps of my stencils with Barry M 'Bright Pink' (imaginative name eh?) 279.. 
I have to say I wasn't that pleased with the results as it did still look messy, but it was going to have to do as I was going to go to a flat party in the evening and I wanted something a little different :) 

That's how they turned out! 

On Saturday, again, I was bored. I was the only one in the flat all day and it was pouring with rain outside, and lets face it..I wasn't going to do my assignment. 

So I took off my nail varnish..and started again. 
This time, I didn't do a base coat, just used my natural nails as they were looking kinda long and healthy for once (they've gone waaaay downhill since uni, blame it on lack of vegetables haha)
And just went wild! I was just playing really, seeing whether I could do it. But they turned out okay for once. I have the same pattern/flower on my thumb, middle finger, and little finger, and then different designs on the two others, but the same on both hands. 
I much prefer these ones, I'm going to play around some more soon, probably as my deadline gets closer and closer haha.

What do you guys think? Have you got any cool nail tutorials I could try?


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