Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Favourite Bloggers :)

I thought I'd do this post because I really do get a lot of inspiration for my blog from elsewhere - although we don't necessarily post about the same thing, I read them avidly and am a massive fan, so I thought I'd give them a post :) 

  • Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter - http://sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.com/
    - Louise's blog/youtube channel is amazing! And hilarious, her reviews are always really good and sound proffessional (mine certainly wouldnt!) Being herself is what she's best at, and along with Baby Glitter, she makes the most beaaautiful blogger/vlogger mummy!

          - Laura's fashion sense/ clothes are so fabulous, she always looks so gorgeous in all her photos with her outfits! She does some really good reviews on products and PR material and she's got such a lovely style of writing! With her life and her baking - her blogs soo good! :) 

          - Zoe is so gorgeous, I'm jealous! She has amazing clothes and photographs them so well. Her reviews of products and tutorials for hair etc are great and I take much inspiration from her! I love how she has such a following for being so nice and gorgeous!

           - Gemma blogs about such interesting things! Beit make up, going out, her hauls or her life, they're always written so well, and she comes across so lovely in it!  Her clothes and make up always looks fab and she always always always has such good nail varnish! Really love reading flutter and sparkle!
           - Danielle's blog is so lovely! I really love reading about her family and how she's getting on, she does fab posts about all sorts including her family, her new courses, being a beauty therapist and make up! Again, she has such a good style of writing, it's so easy to just keep reading!

         - Kim was the first blog that I started reading years ago when I wanted to find a review of a Superdrug face mask because I'd had an allergic reaction, and since then I've been hooked! Her posts about her weeks and things she's learnt are so nice because we really get let into her life which is really cool. Her make up reviews and reccommendations are so useful and i still go by her word eachtime! 
Those are a few of my favourite bloggers, I do love reading loads more but those are just a few :) 

I don't necessarily agree that wearing perfume makes you have a lovely day haha..but I thought it was cute.

Who can you not stop reading? xxxx

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