Thursday, 10 November 2011

Train journey from hell.

Sorry for the silence, I've been doing a little travelling :)

On Saturday I had the worst train experience of my life. It was horrific, and horrendous.. and all the other superlatives I could think of!
I got on the train at Bangor at 9:22, planning on making my train journey and then my parents were gonna meet me at Euston to help me with my stuff on the tubes (I had a lot of stuff). But oh no, virgin trains had other plans.
It was fine until we got to Crewe, where we were told there had been overhead wiring problems at Wembley, but they didn't really know the extent of it yet.. so we carried on going. And then stopped at Nuneaton for half an hour (we weren't supposed to stop there!) with no info, to then be told that it was severe problems in we waited some more. Then we moved! We got to Rugby, and waited there (a common theme of my journey) for half an hour, until we were kindly informed that the train was going to terminate there, and we needed to get on another one on another platform. Now, I don't know why people think English people are so polite, but when they're running to get on another train when there is a little girl with mountains of stuff in front of them, they are so not polite!
So we got on another one, which said we could go to Milton we went to Milton Keynes, to then be told we had 3 options:
  • Get on a bus to Luton airport (why this would be useful is beyond me)
  • Wait it out, which could take hours..
  • Or get on another train to Watford and see what's happening there.
Now, none of them seemed to make much sense, but I got on the train to Watford! 
Once at Watford, we were told trains on platform 3 and 4 were going to London Euston, and everyone get on those and you'll get where you want to be! So we got on those trains...and waited. 
We were then told, that all trains to London Euston were cancelled indefinitely, and to not travel unless it was I don't know about you, but trying to get home and not being stranded in Watford is pretty essential!

So I did the one thing I knew how to do, cried.
There I was, with a suitcase, 2 big bags and another small one, crying in the middle of Watford Junction Station. So my next port of call was ringing my parents, but as they thought I'd be going to Euston, they were underground therefore had no I called my brother. 
Now my brother was a hero in all of this, because VERY conveniently, his new flat is about 2 minutes from Watford station (I didn't know this, he moved after me!) 
He gathered his friends, and came to my rescue, and after a few teary voicemails to my parents, they knew where I was and decided to abandon all plans of London, and went home to get the car..and drove to Watford to pick me up! 

After 2 hours in my brothers flat (which btw, is so cool. I love his flatmates!), my parents came to save me and drive me home...

It was a very awful and emotional day, and I never even completed my journey! 

Anyone else had bad train journeys like this? xxxx

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