Friday, 25 November 2011

Olive Oil and Popeye (not both in my hair)

So coming to university is slowly killing my hair!
When I was at home, I never used to do anything to my hair, literally (apparently I say this too much as I'm an essex girl haha) just used to let it dry naturally and it would be straight without straighteners!

But since 9am lectures, and the horrible weather of Wales, I've had to start using heat on my hair a lot more often. Obviously if i wash my hair in the morning, I can't really go to lectures with wet hair, so I dry it with a hair dryer, and then by the time I've been outside for 10 minutes in the wind and the rain, my hair is so frizzy it's I straighten it. And when we go out, my hairs either straightened or curled..just so it doesn't look like Tracy Beaker hair! 
I do use heat protection, I use this: Tressemme Heat Defense Spray
I'm not sure whether it works, my hair's not in bad condition..I just feel bad with so much sudden heat on it. What does everyone else use as a protectant?
But anyways, my flatmate has (so she says) really course and thick hair, and when she went home for reading week got a hair cut.. and the hair dresser actually found a dread. Yes her hair had actually formed a dreadlock! (I would be horrified) so now she has to use treatments on her hair more regularly. But because of this, she told me about putting Olive Oil in your hair to make it soft!
I have to admit, when I first heard this, I was like " yeah okay" But after drying, curling, and straightening my hair in the past 3 days, I felt I should try it. 
So this is what I did.
Before I went to bed, I got a handful of Olive Oil and massaged it into my hair (yes I did feel silly), then got another handful and worked it through my hair...and I did this until my hair was covered in Olive Oil. Then I covered my pillow with a towel so it didn't get everywhere and went to bed!
In the morning, I washed my hair as normal but used more than my usual amount of shampoo to get out all of the oil, and dried it. 
I'm telling you honestly, and truthfully... my hair has never felt so soft!
I cannot believe that I 've never known or tried this before!
It's such a simple thing to do, and it genuinely worked. 
So if you're in need of a hair pick me up or just want to treat your hair.. I would definitely recommend getting yourself some Olive Oil and putting it in your hair! 
Just make sure that you don't leave your room or let anyone see you with it in, it looks awful haha.
Has anyone else got any home remedies I could try? :) 

Now, not really connected but kinda. 
When i was in Malta in the summer, I went to Popeye Village, where they made the film set of the 1980's film of Popeye (with Robin Williams) into a theme park. And they had people dressed as the characters, Olive, Popeye, Brutus and other people walking around and taking pictures (we made a film with them, hilaaaaaaaarious!) And whilst on the theme of Olive Oil..I thought I'd share a few pictures of it! :) 

 This was the main film set (apparently, I haven't actually seen it..) and you could go into all those buildings
 A Landscape shot of the whole bay :)

Me with Olive! :)

I love looking at the pictures and remembering the sun haha! It seems so far away.

Has anyone actually seen the film? Does it look like that?



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  2. Your trip away looks amazing! <3 I am oh-so envious!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. @Jo - ah it was amazing thank you :) definitely recommend going to Malta if you ever get the chance! x