Wednesday, 2 November 2011

When parents come bearing gifts!

So my parents have come to visit for a couple days, I spent the afternoon and evening with's SO good to see them :D 
I'm sure you know how much I miss them, and how homesick I've become over the past few weeks, so seeing them and spending time with them is just amazing :)
Over the 6 weeks I hadn't seen them, I made a list of the things that I needed and forgotten, and they certainly came bearing goodies :D

As well as milk, cheese, butter etc, they bought chocolate, biscuits and cake :) So so good.
They even bought me an advent calendar.. they know me so well.
Also, they got me a new hat and gloves, which I totally appreciate after how cold and windy it is here. Look how cute!                                                  

Also, a selection of tights and leggings which are much needed :)

Finally, an elf hat, which I need to dress up as an elf in a couple of weeks time..aren't my parents amazing?! :)

How is everybody else? xxx