Monday, 14 November 2011

Scottish Barn dancing, serial killers in a tunnel, an elf and shoes!

So after my horrific journey home, which I blogged about here, I went home for the week! :)
Being at home was lovely, seeing my friends and family, and going to my church was so good!
Strangely enough, I did miss Bangor, loads. My flatmates were missing from my life, and that was hard haha.

But I had a good break, did (some) work, and came back again on Thursday!
And then I went away again on Friday with the Christian Union, we went away for the weekend at somewhere called the Quinta in Oswestry. It was incredible. Really bonded so well with people I hadn't really gotten to know yet, so that was nice, we had lots of meetings, so much cake. A ceilidh (scottish barn dance) which was possibly the funniest thing I've done in ..ever. My stomach hurt so much from laughing so much whilst doing it, my friend Phoebe was my partner and just made it hilarious.
After the ceilidh, we went on a night walk....we were so naive thinking it was going to be a pleasant walk. We ended up at at tunnel, being told to hold onto the wall, and to the person in front, not to use torches or phones, and not to fall into the canal. Cue mass panic. The walk through the tunnel ended up being one of the most terrifying experiences ever. It felt like hours, when in reality it was probably only 20 minutes through this tunnel. I was gripping onto my friends hands in front and behind, determined not to die. About half way through, to make it less scary, a couple of guys a while behind me (there were 60 of us) started singing. Now in my terror, I couldn't really work out what they were singing, and all I could imagine was men standing at the end of the tunnel with massive cloaks and hoods on with fire sticks chanting whilst we walked into their trap and we were going to die.
Clearly, this was very very wrong, but I didn't know that! So that made it very turned out they were singing amazing grace haha...but it took me a while to realise that.

We also dressed up, I was an elf! :)

Also, when I was home, I was fortunate enough to be bought some shoes! They were £19 (£5 off) from Select.

And then I came back to Bangor and was feeling alittle sorry for myself.. so I bought THE most gorgeous shoes from New Look, £24.99, but £22.35 with student discount!

How gorgeous right?!

When I went away, I left my room key with my flatmate Zara in case she needed to stay in there (other flatmate had bf staying, and we have very thin walls!) and I had possibly the greatest surprise ever.
It took hours, was so thoughtful (and an inside joke haha)

The post its are the lyrics to 'What makes you beautiful' by One Direction.
One line on each post it, I've never felt so loved hehe <3

This was so long, and major procrastination from revising for my Economics exam tomorrow.
Has everyone else had a busy busy week?


  1. those newlook booties are gorgeous!

  2. I've that bloody One Direction song in my head for weeks! Hahaha. Love the New Look shoes. The tunnel thing sounds terrifying, we had to do something similar when we went to see the trenches in Ypres with school. Blerghhh.